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  1. How to gathering fast like some ppl?
  2. @RedPanda, We can get legendary equip from bp lvl 40?
  3. I got a legendary acessory with passive for warrior, and only warrior can worn then. I can change it?
  4. But the real game only starts at level 45, as many have already said in the forum. Now the novice player just needs to choose his route, the easy route from our difficult route to level 45. The difficult route of work will be rewarded with a good level of patch, but may perhaps discourage you from playing the game. When I started, as I had no deep knowledge of the game, I chose the easy route, now I'm behind in the patch for some time, but the game system was made to balance the players at a certain level. But players who have been there since the first week, these if they use intelligence have not lost top patch level ever.
  5. The faction title reward was made to phisical damage.
  6. The reward of the faction's title to the magic dps and the healer is almost useless compared to the same reward to the damage dps and the tank. As, Golden Flame Major Reward: HP + 75 Crit Resist + 1% Crit + 1.5% Attack + 5 Parry + 1.5% It has no configuration for magic, other than defenses and HP.
  7. The time that you will waste creating and leveling an new character you can farm news runes mate.