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  1. Could not have been better stated!
  2. That's kind of the problem don't you think? If it is a required set for progression raiding for tanks don't you think there should me a more defined way toward this progression goal?
  3. Forgive me if this is a repost but I have tried searching and did not come up with any related topics soooo HERE WE GO! Monolith was a D0 Set to my knowledge you could get this from forging rep "furyflame" gear and hope REGsus was on your side or it COULD (but hardly ever) dropped as a rare from the basic raids (maybe just goblints but that's neither here nor there) but the Monolith set as a D0 is gone, replaced only in name as "Rock" and is now a D1 set. According to CoLhead you can only get this from forging legendaries or level 40 blue prints. Is this true? It seems kind of a tug on the short hairs to have one of the few essential progression raiding sets behind such an elusive pay wall. Can anyone pay credence to this? @RedPanda Thoughts?
  4. I have one piece and don't know where it drops from. Any suggestions?
  5. This is true but you would have to concede that there would have to be some sacrifices in order for it to be playable on a mobile device.
  6. I honestly am baffled by the OP's opening statement. If you don't like a game stop playing it. Not to discredit his criticisms the game, it is fairly basic, there are ways you can make 4 out of 8 skills feel more impactful. The essence upgrade is a more grindy version of a talent tree, and while I don't love the sheer grind of it all I don't hate it enough to not keep playing. Which leads me to my point. If you don't like a game don't play it. Don't like micro transactions? Don't buy them. Sure we can make suggestions to improve quality of life, game play, balance, but I find any Developer hard pressed to pay any attention to you by using descriptors like "NOOBISH" If you like the game enough to come on these forums, make and account, and air your grievances do it in a more constructive way. I can assure you will get better results by doing so.
  7. Is there a way to some how improve the quality of life when using my stamina to mine it seems like it takes me an entire hour to use my 200 stamina, and that's with out having to fight for gathering nodes. I can think of several ways of improving this, increasing the number of nodes, increasing the yield while also increasing the stamina cast, get ride of the size range of the nodes to make them all the same. Far be it from me to tell you how to run the game but this aspect of the game is in my humble opinion is FAR more time consuming/grindy than any other aspect (outside of gear not from bosses) /my 2 cents
  8. Also If anyone could clarify the difference in legendaries you buy with Leafs, find with Light of Dawns, or buy on the Item Mall for gold?
  9. I thought of another quality of live upgrade for those of us who PVP regularly it would be a huge bonus not to have to worry about equipment repairs if we die because of another player. It makes things like world PVP and the rarely played battle grounds quite expensive.
  10. Or maybe have it be where you are not in combat some kind of trigger that would prevent exploitation
  11. Only thing I can add to this is to make sure not to clip your basic attack. What I mean by that is make sure that if you hit your basic attack that you allow it to finish to the last hit which does 2x(it could be 3x not exactly sure) damage and then weave your abilities accordingly.
  12. While this would be the case in world pvp, I believe the battle grounds are instanced and you won't be able to switch so freely there. if it were the case then what you are afraid of is already possibly just takes 1-2 extra steps I don't know I think there are ways where you can make this feature work.
  13. I would love to see a path skill set swap in the game. I play warrior and will changed active paths pretty frequently though the day depending on my needs for what ever I am doing. It would be awesome to say have a set of 5 skills associated with each path, favorites if you will, that will swap when I change paths. Like a memory button if you will.