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  1. Seriously, This guy is still speedhacking. People are complaining about it in Faction chat right now. @Ocho Care to "step up enforcement" on this guy?
  2. This guide is intended to help new Elementalists either after hitting 45 or using a level-up potion. Admittedly, I am not the best player in this game nor am I the foremost expert on Elementalist theorycrafting. If you are the best player in the game or an amazing theorycrafter, feel free to correct anything written in this post. Path Selection When choosing a path for your Elementalist there are a few things to consider. The first question is do you PvE or strictly PVP? If you PvP then you'll likely want to use the Cryomancer path - It has a lot of a CC's. If you PvE then you'll want to choose between Pyromancer and Conjurer. Pyromancer is generally considered to be the highest DPS path for Elementalist while Conjurer is a DPS/Support mix. However, at lower combat ratings you will find that Conjurer will surpass Pyromancer in DPS. My recommendation is to play Conjurer unless you have 30% Magic Crit (40% with the Pyromancer Path buff) AND you have the Legendary 4-Piece Pyromancer set bonus. This guide is intended to explain the Conjurer path. If you have 40% Magic Crit and the 4-Piece legendary set bonus then you probably don't need this guide anyway. For that reason, I won't be writing a guide for Pyromancer at this time. Conjurer Skills to Level: Level everything to max except Crystal Storm and Elemental Breath. Crystal storm is a DPS loss when compared to Dragon Breath (and they share a CD). Elemental Breath is only a DPS increase when fighting multiple mobs. In single-target fights, it is a DPS loss because it consumes a Global Cooldown. Rune Priority: Below I've provided my recommended rune progression for the first 3 of each type. After that, you should know your class well enough to make your own choices. Dragon Soul - Darksparks - Abyss Mana Convergence - Scorched Earth - Blazing Fire Deep Breath - Ash - Energetic Incantation Rotation/Priority: Conjuring Force - Cast on CD unless you have to move Elemental Matrix - Cast on CD Burst Glacial Spike Wind Wall Dragon Breathing Descending Inferno Fiery Magma Ice Bolt Auto Attack In case that's not obvious enough, here's what I mean by the list above: When entering the fight, everything is off CD. You should use Conjuring Force -> Elemental Matrix -> Burst (Glacial Spike followed by all DPS skills) -> Auto Attack. You would then auto-attack until Glacial Spike is off of cooldown. Once Glacial Spike is off cooldown, you would use all available skills listed under "Burst". You would then auto attack until your Glacial Spike is off cooldown and then repeat your Burst again. Always use Elemental Matrix on cooldown. Use Conjuring Force on cooldown - except for when you'll have to move within the 6.5-second buff. Skill Explanation: Elemental Matrix A single-target DOT and a very small AoE HOT. This DOT will follow the enemy upon which it was cast (it is not location-based). Upon expiration, EM will explode and do AoE damage. This skill does extra damage based on your current mana pool. Upon use, this skill returns a small amount of mana back to the caster. EM also provides a percentage-based intellect buff to the player and other Mystics/Elementalists - the percentage depends on the level of path skill Magic Feedback. The buff, DOT, and HOT all last for about 5.5 seconds (the same amount of time as the graphic that appears under the target). This skill has a 9-second cooldown. Conjuring Force Summons a circle under the Elementalist that remains where it was cast. CF enhances damage dealt by allies while they are in the range of the circle although it's not known exactly how the damage increase is calculated. CF also applies a buff to the Elementalist who cast it - this buff adds raw damage to any spell cast (the amount of damage depends on the level of Path Skill Magic Efficiency). The skill's graphic is not accurate, the actual range appears to be about 50% greater than the graphic. The buff and graphic both last for about 6.5 seconds. This skill has a 20-second cooldown. This skill has a chance of being reset by Glacial Spike - See path skill Resonance. Glacial Spike A glacial spike erupts from the ground underneath the targetted enemy. This does AoE damage and knocks effected enemies back. GS has a chance of resetting the cooldown on Conjuring Force depending on the level of path skill Resonance. Glacial Spike does extra damage based on the current mana pool. Glacial Spike also applies a debuff to the target that increases incoming elemental damage - my math shows about a 10% increase to elemental damage for 5 seconds (it is unclear if this percentage increases with path level). This skill has a 10-second cooldown that can be reduced by the rune Abyss. Fiery Magma Summons a fiery boulder from the sky. This does initial damage and then applies Incandescent Combustion for 3 seconds (1 tick-per-second). Once Incandescent Combustion expires, it explodes and causes AoE damage along with applying Incandescent Inflammation to the surrounding enemies. This DOT lasts for three seconds and does NOT apply to the original enemy. If Incandescent Combustion crits, there is a chance of reducing the cooldown of Descending Inferno. The chance is determined by the level of the rune Darksparks. This skill has a 10-second cooldown. Ice Bolt Shoots an arrow of ice at the enemy. Ice Bolts does extra damage based off of your current mana pool. The damage of this skill can be increased with the rune Chill. This skill can also apply a slow if you use the rune Bone Piercing (typically not recommended for PvE). This skill has a 6-second cooldown. Descending Inferno - Shoots three fireballs at the target. DI does extra damage based on the current mana pool. The damage of this skill can be increased with the rune Ash. This skill has an 8-second cooldown that has a chance of being reduced with the rune Darksparks. Dragon Breathing Summons a dragon to breathe fire on the enemy. This is an AoE attack that leaves a location-based AoE DOT for 5 seconds wherever the flame hit. If you use the rune Scorched Earth then Dragon Breathing will apply a second AoE DOT as well that lasts for 5 seconds. The initial damage of this skill can be increased with the rune Deep Breath. The skill has a 15-second cooldown that can be reduced with the rune Dragon Soul. Wind Wall A self-shield that also has a small reflect. The quantity of HP shielded can be increased using the rune Favor. The reflect can be used during unavoidable AoE damage to reflect some damage back to the boss - the amount of reflected damage can be increased using the rune Recoil. When using path skill Echo, if Wind Wall is shattered it will apply a small damage shield to you and nearby allies for 3 seconds. Most importantly, Wind Wall reduces mana costs with path skill Mana Shield. In most situations, Wind Wall should be used to prevent excessive mana drain prior to using high mana-cost skills.