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  1. the end game tome of the sun
  2. I think you should upgrade the game to level 100 or add more events. We look forward to it
  3. I need you, no friends I feel not interested
  4. thank you! Nope, but I have evidence every time he dame boss, I still save the photos, and I do not slander someone, I just need a clean up with everyone playing the game. ok
  5. I'm not good at English! But I have something to say, in the game there is a hacking world in the world, a character swordsman named Cochise in the Na-Dragoon server do this, because he hit a 10 million times hit
  6. Dame boss world? Sever Na Dragoon. class duelist (name in game: Cochise) Dame boss World 1 turn = 10m How do? hic i think hack dame boss 1 Duelist do not