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  1. This will encourage gold sellers even more. More gold sellers -> less income coz people will just buy golds instead of top-up. Don't forget this game is a business. Also the current system is already balance imo and makes this game unique compared to others.
  2. I have $180 total top-up and rolled 120tickets this week got 0 sparkling while someone with $10k top-up rolled 120 too got one. So it's just pure RNG and I hate it lol
  3. You can only get 50 Cloth/Leather and 4 Cotton/Silk per day. Crocodile : Leather + Cotton Desolationist / Goblint : Cloth + Silk Ferroc : Leather + Silk Will add more info once I tested the other mobs.
  4. It only decreases your minimum and increases your maximum Basic attack. Which is your stats when you are not wearing anything. So better get something else rather than spending for this set.
  5. I need to know this too >.<
  6. I'm fine with Fair Battle the only thing that piss me off is how unbalanced the classes are. They should have work on class balancing first before they even put this so called "Fair" Battle. PS: I agree for more customization coz if it remains this way it will be boring soon.
  7. I actually think it's 100% chance rate. Maybe you tried fearing a warrior that's why sometimes it doesn't work since warriors have fear resist in rune upgrade.
  8. I have a paladin guildmate who doesn't have a single legend and a descent set he also have around 15k CR lower than mine but can put my hp down to 50% before I could kill him lol btw I can kill other class with a lil higher CR than me except pally and I'm always saving my chain to remove his shield so don't tell me I'm just playing my class the wrong way. I also have another guildmate who have 300-400 atk lower than mine and have more tank set effect compared to me but dealing higher dps than me on Lords. I'm confused whether pallys are just too OP or warriors are just too weak .-. PS: They are both Templar.
  9. Check the date. It was posted before fg was changed.
  10. The legend essence you could get from dismantling it is also bound, isn't it? Also are the 5 Level Boost Potions from 3 months goblin membership the same with the one you can buy for 1280 crystals that can boost another toon instantly to level55?
  11. Bump for this. I relog and lost around 40k probably and switch to another character then lost 10k again. Seriously what kind of joke is this?
  12. Definitely the worst advice you could ever imagine.
  13. That's exactly what UI I had in my mind before but I already got use to the current 10 skills UI. Adding that as another option for 10 skills would be a +1 indeed.
  14. I just tried rerolling my helmet today and keeps getting L-Executioner even it's already like it. Fml