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  1. I just tried rerolling my helmet today and keeps getting L-Executioner even it's already like it. Fml
  2. +1! Wasted 40 dragon scales the last time trying to reroll my tunic to L-Gladiator but always ending up with L-Executioner.
  3. The 10 skills UI needs a rework!
  4. I would prefer to only slot Heart of the Sea Gems on Defense slots while keeping all 14 HP diamonds with dodge.
  5. The book for that skill can be bought for 10M silvers once you hit Worship Rank at the reputation in Sardar Highlands which will only be available if you're level 55.
  6. The vendor doesn't really have a level30+ sets since you can loot those in normal raids.
  7. You need atleast 1 person who won't die from aoe and that would be a tank. In my own opinion it would be better to get 2 tanks than 2 healers, 1 semi-heal will do. Just respawn immediately after you die.
  8. In my opinion going full spell defense is just ideal for dps since they don't take normal attacks from boss while for tanks it's your own choice whether to go defense only,spell defense only or mix. I'm a tank with mix diamond gems and switching those depends on situation. For example I go full defense only when facing Mystica Goblint's first boss.
  9. +1 to this. As a tank I don't really see any point of rerunning it unless if friends need some help but just like helping killing gylfi there should be something we get out of the silvers we burn. By this way both side will benefit.
  10. Oh I see, never encountered this type of bug but you can try sending a report ingame to the Light Elf. They have records of what you've done.
  11. There's a limit of stamina you can get per day if I'm not wrong.
  12. You got accuracy in your diamond? If yes, then it's completely normal. You can get either crit or accuracy in firework diamonds but if you didn't like what you rolled you can dismantle it and exchange what you got to NPC with other diamonds with stat of 1.1%.
  13. They are really annoying. The best solution would be banning them but I highly doubt they will since I already reported some months ago but can still see them until now. The minimum 10 people would be bad for players who are lagging maybe a minimum of 1 other person would be fine or a minimum of 5 but give us an option to disable all the visual effects of procs and attacks.
  14. The solution I have in my mind is to add more spawn spots of every mobs and also atleast make some spots where mobs are near each other so melee can kill more of it faster. Would also want to see higher drop rate of materials.