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  1. I me rely apologize to what I've done. I was used a wall hack but suddenly I regret my decision. I want to unbanned my account, I want to play further in Rules of Survival, I felt so sorry. I don't want to use that wall hack again promised. Please, I am begging your earnestly cooperation and consideration to my commitment. My IGN:FukerSquad iD:56560145 rAnk:Grand Master PC- Asia... Please ! More power and God bless please please please
  2. Good Day my IGN: FukerSquad I was banned using wallhack and i dont have to do with it coz i was playing on a PC which wall hack program is running i dont have any idea about it.. I was surprise i was ban after that game... i hope i can unbanned my account.. hoping for your kind consideration..and also my friends account IGN: PlayerNøtFøund and GødIV, Asia Server T_T