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  1. Thanks for the reply ocho. Do you have access to the specific code for the random number generator (RNG) in forging, chests, lucky draws, etc? Can you show us the formula? Does it have any condition that if a = b, then forge rate = c. What's the percent chance of forging a legendary for every blueprints. I have 11 alts, and I have been trying to experiment. I'm really positive topup value is a factor on forge rates and other game elements that has RNG on it.
  2. I tried crafting legendaries in bulk and 1 by 1, nothing woked for me until I just ended up just buying them off of trade, because it's more cost effective for me considering my luck. I think the RNG's formula has something to do with topup value or topup history. I just see my alts with 0 topups get more with anything than my main with much topups. And after that x120 unlucky ticket spins on the video I linked above, I also tried more tickets, it costed me about 300+ tickets that day to get a sparkling gem, while my alts got 1 in x15, x20 tickets. I just uploaded the video of my x180 lucky ticket spins. video: x180 lucky ticket spins more screenshots: 323 spins screenshot 7,984 crystals spent for x1 sparkling gem
  3. Happy to know that Im not alone, hope it's all fair. Anyone have same experience?
  4. Dear Netease, I have a feeling that there is a formula in which forge rates, lucky draw rates, goblin merchant pops, etc are calculated. In my 2 months of playing this game, I have a few alts and few friends who played together with me. I observed these events and came up with a theory. 1. Forging legendaries have less proc with players that have higher topup value. - I know that RNG is a thing, but it is quite obvious, atleast in my case. This game seems to favor forge rates with players that have less topups than those that have more topups. My friends get atleast x1 legendery every x25 blueprint. I tried x25, x70, x40 level 3x blueprints and never had a legendary proc. The only difference is the topup value made. I forged with my other alts who have never topped up and successfully forged a legendary in less than x10 blueprints. It seems to me that the more the game sees that you are prone to spend, the more the game wants you to spend more. That is how it seems to me the game is programmed. Atleast in my experience with chinese made games. (But I might be wrong). 2. Goblin Merchant trickery. - The more you spend, the higher the price of goblin merchant popups. On my alts with no topups, I get a lot of $0.99 lucky tickets, gold goblin popups. In my main with more topups, the least goblin merchant value I usually get is $49.99. The usual items I used to buy with just $9.99 became $49.99 with just a tiny bit more added into it. And I also observed that whenever the lucky draw gives good items, for instance, the one right now (04.22.18 update) that gives level 30, 40 diamonds, and sparkling gems. Players, atleast in my case, that has a higher topup amount gets a way more pricey goblin merchant deal than those with a lower topup spent. I can observe this because I have alts and they get more value for the buck. (But I might be wrong). 3. Lucky Draw rate less for spenders and makes you spend more crystals when the game sees that you can. - I spent x120 lucky tickets and got about x12 diamond gems. On the other hand, a friend who never topped up spent x15 lucky tickets and got x3 diamond gems, the other x25 lucky ticket and got a level 40 sparkling gem. The only difference I can see is the amount topped up. I have more topups than them. (But I might be wrong). This are just my theories and again, as an experience with chinese made games. I feel a lot of trickery happens. I hope that I am wrong and I am just unlucky and that everyone really has a fair chance in this game. I am attaching videos of the forge that I recorded and the last lucky draw that I made. If you want to know my topup spent just pm me here. Please comment below with what your experiences are, this is only based on mine, and I want to know what the other players experienced about this. Link to recorded videos of forging with x40 blueprints and lucky draw with x120 blueprints: x40 Blueprint Forge x120 Lucky Draw