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  1. he is not replying it means noo event in june
  2. he can't @TheUnknown
  3. man better to leave this game no event nothing i was waiting from april man srsly its hurts
  4. this is joke or really ??
  5. lol no event man @TheUnknown
  6. you mean that last event ?
  7. can you tell date ?? @Ocho
  8. hahahaahahahaa! i guess they are trolling us
  9. no he said earlier in june
  10. Who told @TheUnknown
  11. Event date?? Seriously i am waiting from april for event but you Are postponing please tell us a event date
  12. Seriously they dont care about us
  13. Lol where is event
  14. Event about? New hero are comming or any old hero?? Which hero please tell me
  15. When is next event? And who's event?? Rasha bane or oya??? Who's event?