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  1. IGN : SenseiWeaboo Server :PC-Asia Rank : Gold 3 - Elite Hi NetEase I'm here to make an appeal. My account is banned but I have not been using any cheat. I've been playing ROS fairly before even the season 1 started. I'm using public computers on internet cafes, I was shocked to see that my account was banned I was not even doing anything. As I looked through the files in the computer I saw a file of ROS cheats and thought that someone might've downloaded it and the cheat might've been automatically activated when I logged into the game. Please ROS. I was Platinum and then on the season reset I became gold, I am now part of the Elite and I will not waste that Title of mine and now my goal is to become a grandmaster!I am really determined to gain that rank, I've been aiming for it since the pc version is released!! Please NetEase unban my account on the PC Asia server.