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  1. After like 2 weeks into the game I personally find that things are getting repetitive and kinda boring once u hit lv 40 + all you do is the daily quests and events and after that there's nothing much else you can do except to wait for the reset, rinse and repeat that everyday. I do understand that there's the challenging and fun part of the team raids where each individual has to learn the mechanics of the boss during the boss fights etc which is good, but still it has a limit of ONCE a week which i find it too long of a time frame to actually wait. A few suggestion would be : 1. Adding a housing system where people can purchase a land area and build their own houses etc 2. Adding more life skills like woodcutting, fishing etc instead of just limiting to 1 lifeskill. 3. Adding multiple guild territory where guilds are able to pvp to occupy and defend the territory. 4. Open world pvp, instead of just pvping in faction world or worst the 1v1 areana where 90% of the time you're fighting bots with a limit of 5 per day. 5. Remove or reduce the rewards limit for raids, by removing that and reducing the drop rate of rare items in my opinion would actually allow players to farm these dungeons more often and learn it well at the same time, also new players wouldn't be lacked behind in terms of rune upgrade compared to more veteran players. For now I'm gonna take a break off the game till it has some new updates and contents.
  2. Good way to fix it is if they make the system in a way where, if you applied for example trial quest, the system only allows the group to do trial quest and negates all other raids or events. problem solved lol
  3. So if i complete it with lets say 38 members i'll get it?
  4. I've purchased countless deals from the Goblin Merchant deal but I didn't get it. Or are you talking about another deal which im missing out?
  5. What about titles like Death blow, first blood, Assault: Gorghana?
  6. Well I've looked everywhere and apparently there's no guide or proper answer to my questions so i guess i'll have to ask it myself. Any kind souls are willing to share how to get Purple titles like "Elite Goblin" , "Cutie" etc etc? And even orange titles. Would be very grateful if I could get a detailed guide on how to get these titles ranging from the easiest to get to the hardest.