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  1. What will happen to server first titles and talent level difference?
  2. So its not server first? and is it 14 man or 20 man title?
  3. you get that by clearing sky 4?
  4. Would be great if we can just buy the set bonus we want for maybe like 10-20 scales. Instead of spending 50 over just to roll for 1 set bonus.
  5. This game is P2W only if you're willing to spend thousands of dollars. at least 2-3k. spending a couple hundred bucks wont get you anywhere mate.
  6. Theres like 5-8 people in the top warrior ranking that already quit the game. please clear them so new players can get into top 20 for achievements.
  7. You'll still be able to receive reputations from farming mobs in faction area, EVEN AFTER the notification pop ups stating that you're already capped. Enjoy getting to max ranked in a day.
  8. bloodthirst set swap, is it coming tmr?
  9. Makes me wonder with such incompetency with updates in the game. Did the giving out of 400k USD really happened? or just hype? lmao
  10. Problem would be easily solved with a cool down time of like 3-5 months. Means after changing class a CD timer will start and that user wouldn't be able to class change for the next few months. Pretty sure it will work well, just like how it works when u buy something from the trading house and u cant resell it.
  11. Please bump Bloodthirst to D1. After completing faction dailies we only get 1 chance to roll for it. Those medals can be used for other stuffs.. Spent over a week of doing faction quest and still unable to roll blood thirst on my legendary..
  12. please make it happen just like how you made Samsara able to swap.
  13. All the map that have yet to be unlocked in the world map are probably just static image and have yet to be designed or coded. Probability of them adding it is highly unlikely I assume. What's more likely possible is them adding more events and maybe a new class or lvl cap rise.