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  1. All the map that have yet to be unlocked in the world map are probably just static image and have yet to be designed or coded. Probability of them adding it is highly unlikely I assume. What's more likely possible is them adding more events and maybe a new class or lvl cap rise.
  2. more bugs and more OVER compensation from NetEase I hope. Lmao
  3. The point would be adding more levels for more achievement. e.g reaching level 50 grants an achievement. Not everyone have the time to sit on large ore all day to use up the 200 stamina. Some people just wanna clear it asap and still can get achievements done.
  4. the LEAST that could be done is to increase life skill level. From what I've noticed people just stop mining anymore, they just go to the guild hall and waste all the 200 stamina. and I see why people are doing that. The sense of achievement isn't there after reaching level 40 life skill. Make it have some insane exp cap like level 99 or something ( aka runescape ). Easiest way to do the above as mentioned compared to adding new life skill or new items etc.
  5. @RedPanda make this happen please
  6. Why isn't there anyone that already did the achievement is coming up to clarify?
  7. How much have u spent on the game to reach 15?
  8. could it be due to all the recent refunds from players ?
  9. @RedPanda any updates on this?
  10. You're thinking too highly of this game now. Lets be real here 100,000 sounds extremely exaggerating after the over compensation which had led to many players quitting. The server I'm on now only has like 100+ players online during peak hours.
  11. Doesn't matter so long as the server class talent level is the same across all servers. I've checked the top player in most of the server and they're all around the same ratings. lmao that's easy. Event timing just have to adapt to it. As for Server first achievments, the current ones can be changed to like example First Blood : Liador [ Blazing Plains Server] , and the newer ones will be back to normal. I feel that the more people compete for Server first acheiv the better. Mat farming is definitely not a problem, first come first serve, you have 24 hours to use up ur stamina, besides mat farming is not the only way to use ur stamina. Sometimes you just gotta see the bigger picture that's better for the game rather than your personal gains.