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  1. I wanted to recap this to the top, to see if anyone else has anything to contribute as to a solution
  2. I don't mind points being reiterated because it emphasizes how stagnate the market is and while my solution isn't "perfect", better to play "hot-potato" tossing ideas around and hope the dev team comes with an idea than to sit back and ignore the issue.
  3. That's where it get juicy, the trade rate could be in the ballpark of around 10 leaves per legend ess. since you can trade 30 leaves in for a legend ess from the blacksmith in fort plaza, a cut of 2/3 wouldn't hurt the market as much. each piece of gear that requires legend essence will cost you around 5 total give or take for any non-weapon and 7 for the weapon which still doesn't exactly solve anything rather long-term
  4. If you're good at PvP, nothing will change... much; just keep grinding if pvp is your thing.
  5. Ever since the end of the Call-at-arms event, there is such a huge saturation of legend essences in the market that seeing any transaction out of them is going to be a long-lasting endeavor so may I offer somewhat a solution that can benefit everyone in some way: why not include the ability to trade in legend essences for leaves of eternity. It would have to be a sufficient quantity to keep the cycle going and it would make legend essences more valuable in the long run.
  6. @Ocho day 2 of this issue, any word as to if this will be resolved?
  7. skyblaze has that covered with our lot and I still say there's so much to learn especially with conjurer path
  8. Any chance the devs can maybe do something about our issue? everyone is doing their weekend events and there's nothing triggering them to kick on. I don't know if any of the other servers are seeing any issues but this definitely needs to be looked into if possible.
  9. When I used 5 skills, i used all you said above but i switched out ice bolt for windrush to move around.
  10. I got my legend on my old main but i have been hearing about this, is this a thing that will happen to all elementalists?
  11. may I refer you to an old family I hung with here's the forums of a game that has gone through similar if not worse stuff than this one the community was so outraged with the series of "actions" that were taken, a few made it a mission to create a community, a channel and a face who otherwise had nothing to gain out of this but cared about his colleagues to hopefully steer the developers in the "right" direction bottom line I'm no stranger to this kind of stuff I am will continue to be unshackled and will speak my mind with the experience i learned
  12. CS is an entirely different entity from this game and this is normal when there's a lot of concerns.
  13. I gave up on my warrior to go to elementalist
  14. I definitely would like some form of communication and as clear as it's going to get
  15. That's an easy statement for one to make: I'm currently 15th among my warrior kin in the server I'm at and with the current meta taking 2 glads and 1 fang at most (I'm fang and that's still a huge competition just for the 1 spot) and unlike the lineup for mystics and rangers, the pick for warriors are extremely tighter as most raids tend to see them as a lackluster class. If you're in discord for CoL, most of the warriors there are feeling the same as I do.