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  1. who are the ones whining about this: the ones who have put a lot of time an effort into their guys and now you want to cheese your way to another class Why should a person like me who have made the choice to make the change get screwed because you guys choose to whine to get your way instead of making the choice to work hard on the new class? I will say this: if class change gets implemented at this point on ward, I will not only walk away from the game but I will ask for a full refund off both classes and if that closes my accounts; so be it I hope everyone who has done the same follows suit should this be a thing cause if a company has to cave in to whiners for something like this, how far will this company stoop to keep the whiners happy
  2. yet there are confirmations of ele's (who are indeed F2P) who are as high up in lords as hopeless with a few teetering on hellish which is close to the impossible lords and that one itself cannot be doubted no offense but whining about class swap just so that one can get your 80k+ character to another class just to cheese one's way to doing more damage is about as sad as it gets
  3. credits go to falcon
  4. then you might as well recommend players the idea of trading in 3 divine essences for 1 legend essence; then you have the option of not wasting gold at all
  5. most of the ones whining the most are the 80K's and up
  6. that's soooooo 2017, 2018 is assassin
  7. if anybody buys legend essences for 250k, it's because they're desperate to upgrade legends or have the crappiest luck If that's the case just invest to star circles instead cause gear compared to stars you get more value out of stars; don't be a fool as waste your gold on that garbage
  8. yet you think class change will bring out the better that's hilarious let me know how snuff out flames with gasoline works for ya
  9. and your argument is to whine whine whine til you get what you want and the irony is that if types like you get your way, you would think everything will get better but sorry you're as wrong as it gets if class-swap is implemented, that would further destabilize what is already unstable and guess what, you would be in a worse off state
  10. Then think about the repercussions of implementing class change as it stands. classes that are struggling now will completely die out and players who are busting their ass to get stronger will be left behind of course you can think about yourself and your needs and finally if you have friends like that in your circle, better ditch em now and find a group that caters to your needs
  11. But you have a PC right? If you think it's that much trouble for your friends to lend aid, then any chance at a new class is doomed from the start thank to a mindset like what you're showing and the level of excuses you're making.
  12. With all the arguing that's going around I want to talk about the key pieces that summarize the current events and state my opinion in my viewpoint to said arguments: 1. mystica "bug" versus team raid "bug": can we simplify this- if it looks like a poop, smells like a poop and god forbid feels like a poop; It's probably a poop. Same goes for this "bug". It's, no questions asked, an exploit; plain and simple. don't play sides if you favor whichever 2. Class-changing: I honestly have a good idea who's begging for this and frankly it's a joke entirely annoying; it will not happen. If should such a thing come into game here, it will break the classes of old and screw the players who made the transition already. if you went head-first into the warrior, ranger or mystic and want to play the other classes. You have the choice to by playing the new class and practicing it and if you hate it, then stop further; if you like it, then get into it bit more and use your class of old to work on your new class. this is for now where I stand on these points
  13. Who says you can't help others with their runs; that's one thing. Getting an additional reward within the same session period however is not justifiable.
  14. and it's not limited with this company, it's seems like a trend with most buisinesses
  15. wouldn't you term it as an exploit then cause it seems like one why defend the argument @Esrun?