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  1. When in doubt, I heard face-rolling the keyboard is pretty effective
  2. That's the effect of mixing P2W with PvP. Doing well will only get you so far versus someone who's willing to top up to be the best. Either accept the fact you will not be able to best those guys or simply don't waste your time with the modes. It's that easy
  3. a new class has come and you're in a position where you want to be relevant: choose wisely
  4. literally any of the modes you can get something from other bits outside of roar then again star circles are still a giant money pit
  5. I'm seeing lots of players resorting to grinding gear for modes that seems to be "fun to play but eventually it's another borefest to be put down". Aldor had it's initial charm but quickly fell down to become an unnecessary grind for subpar prizes.
  6. which is the first class to get a class swap though?
  7. i prefer to save my silver for stuff that's more long-term
  8. From an elementalist's perspective, rangers are just as important as ele's. Remember ele can nuke targets and shield but our MP drops like a stone where rangers as long as they survive, can keep up with the fight by using blessed arrows on themselves for extra MP.
  9. I went from my 66k cr warrior loaded to the brim with legends to my ele and I'm seeing gains like no other. If it's that easy for me to make the change, surely you should entertain the idea
  10. you need to log on through gameroom itself; if it's taking you to the main hub, you need to uninstall then reinstall and that should fix the issue
  11. issue is gameroom itself is down, not the game
  12. and it is getting worse by the day I did the very same with windwhisper because I knew I could gain rep from mystica but with the reliance of those medals and the rank buffs combined with the fact you need a minimum of 5 kills just to progress a bit take a game take can take up to 40 minutes and turn into hours of extraneous labor that makes you wonder why you bothered. Also you taking odds into factor is laughable as best as was mentioned above you have players why resort to running alts galore to clean house as fast as 2 minutes flat and little has been done to combat that; in fact the new changes promote the idea to run alt more so. Then we can continue on how imbalanced the classes are: go and ask anybody and they'll tell you seer and defender are the absolute best with beserk being punishing to the user (kinda contrary to the style of the game) and deceiver being as half geared as it gets with the spawn being a dead giveaway that a deceive is in the area I absolutely enjoyed the game mode before the add-ons because it played to the style i liked in a game; being covert and and quick to think twice, act once and I have every right to complain over a bad decision that was made as hype; if it were originally was set with the classes, I'd have no complaint I just wouldn't have bothered to play.
  13. do the stats have any effect on me raiding, if they do then I'll grind em out otherwise I'll do just fine
  14. playing with the new changes has gotten tiresome with the one-sided fights with alts and defenders ripping specials left and right time to stop playing it seeing as it's not fun to play anymore
  15. then they should have saved those BP's or start buying some