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  1. I just don’t know the secret to people getting them so fast.. I should be at 50+ cr I’m stuck around 30
  2. Hmm what am I doing wrong? I mean I really don’t know how people accumulate hundreds of thousands of gold when the dailies barely give you anything. I’ve been told it’s easier to sell LoF to buy mats for crafting for legendaries. What do you mean by using Alts to buy exquisite legendaries? I understand we can’t trade gold through characters so how would I save for 750k items?
  3. Hey there everyone! So I’ve been playing this game for about 6 months now consistently and I am having an incredibly hard time finding ways to get my cr higher. I just crafted my first legendary the other day and it seems like it is nearly impossible to catch up to other players. I am constantly kicked or removed from raids and mystica’s due to my low cr. I farm everyday! Doing my dailies and normal/team raids and it seems like I can NEVER! Get ahead. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and I don’t want to spend real money to advance. I’d appreciate any advice on getting legendaries or gold farming. It just seems like I’ve been playing this far too long to see no improvement. There should be a drop rate for legendaries in raids not just by crafting and I feel like everyone would be a little happier wouldn’t you agree? I could use some hope right about now. haha