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  1. Ouch.. I discarded old gears too and some of them gave few silver, others gave high honor pts (10k a piece i think? my memory is poor)
  2. Thanks for this. Good thing I haven't upgraded my emerged gears yet.
  3. What the hell is wrong with this game? We just killed 1st boss in Core then all of a sudden the game closed and when I tried to go back, I got a message saying I am banned for half an hour due to speed hacking behavior? I even died in the middle of the fight so my character is just lying dead on the floor so how the hell can it speed hack?! Now I won't be able to bid again until next week's reset and it's so hard to find a good party for core.
  4. I like the new version too especially when the random role I get is not berserker. I'm not good in playing that role.
  5. Depending on your DPS and how many players you have in the team. For us, we do 500 story medals in 3-5 mins max. Sent you a message @God Like
  6. We have a warrior in our server doing over 100k+ DPS in heroic team raids. I assume he is on Executioner path. Add the fact that warrior exq legs are very cheap makes you wanna create a Warrior.
  7. I have forged divine pvp gear. Maybe they become legend after upgrading twice? I'll see when I get there. Still need to farm lots and lots of honor points to buy more pvp gear.
  8. I have already mentioned in other posts but will post here again if this is where we should consolidate to help Netease identify possible cause of these erroneous suspensions. I play on IOS. I have 5 characters under the same account. My main account (IGN: Tranquility, Cloudburst Server) is the one that got suspended. I was doing dailies on my elementalist (under the same account) at the time it happened. I saw the suspension notice when I tried to go back to my main to attend a guild event (bonfire). This happened just this Saturday.
  9. I have just sent them a note regarding a suspension that I got due to speed hacking. I want to see how your CS can prove to me that I used speed hack while my character is offline and I'm playing on another character under the same account. I want to know as well if there will be any sort of compensation for this unjustified suspension.
  10. I don't get this double Mystika. Is this not available to all servers? I do mine during midnight and help others with theirs but I only get rewards once.
  11. I also encountered the same thing last Saturday. I was playing on my alt which is under the same account. When I tried to switch back to my character to attend a guild event, I got a message that I am banned for 6 hours due to speed hacking. I was like WTF.. how can I speed hack when the banned character is offline and I'm playing on a character under the same account? IGN: Tranquility Server: Cloudburst Forest
  12. When you join as assist, you get rewards but you can't bid.
  13. Is the level potion bought from daily loot also gift-able?
  14. Are they different gears or same? If same, dismantle one for legendary essence; If different, then keep both.
  15. And then you get cursed by RNG again in refining and reforging your legs once you finally get them lol.. I have a few legs myself and I've already consumed all of my faction medals trying to get the grade to S or SS.