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  1. Not following only works when the squad leaves the map and not enter a new one. One the leader enters a new raid, you have no choice but to get teleported to the new raid and auction from previous raid ends. Best resolution is to start your own raid.
  2. Bye then Anarkuz. I don't expect you will get anything from here.
  3. yeah.. bad luck too.. i was on auto-pilot doing TQ and got banned for 30 mins due to "speed hacking" lol..
  4. you need to upgrade it several times
  5. maybe its just me but I think PVP is not good in this game. it will take a long time to get matched and some modes don't even get matched at all.
  6. That's what I always do. I'm a mystic shepherd so the compasses have no use for me other than to trade them for starlight boxes. I stopped mystic and dex star circles at tier 3 and motivation at tier 2. Our server can't do the double reset so that's not an option.
  7. Okay I get your point. I don't have enough resources though to work on multiple star circles at the same time. Highest I have at the moment is tier 5 which will probably take me a long time to upgrade cuz of all the stardust flowers and divine essences needed. Even the star shavings are hard to come by.
  8. When the cat is away, the mouse is sad.
  9. What is their best use then if its a waste to use them to buy Flourish or Dex? Stardust flowers? I don't think they can be used to buy Swiftness.
  10. Question on the conjurer rotation. Why is glacial spike at 5th? Does it only work on descending inferno and ice bolt? From the path description, glacial spike increases elemental damage received. Don't all elementalist skills deal elemental damage?
  11. Aldorr medals can be used to buy star circles Roar, Flourish and Dexterity so I can't see how these are subpar.
  12. Ban

    Speed hacking is when you get banned so fast without needing to do anything.
  13. Is there any specific action needed in order to get double rewards or is it as simple as run it at 00:00 and then run again any other time? If there are no specific actions needed in order to get double rewards, then I don't think it is an issue if @Esrun get double rewards since his run is normally at 00:00 and people ask for help after he did his run. However, if there are certain actions needed to be done in order to get twice the rewards, then that's a whole different story.
  14. Hi guys, Any suggestions on which server has the most number of active players? I'm thinking of starting over.
  15. so the cloned body will gain 34 medals per clone? all medals going to just one character?