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  1. Thank you Tinydragon! Not much details I can give just that when we attempt to Switch Account via Google Account the game will pop up the "Cancel Google Account Login" message and the user has no choice to switch. Seems like the game auto cancelled the request to login to google account. Here's a screenshot of it. Really nothing much.
  2. I'm facing same issue as well. I tried reinstalling and now I can't even login to my main account (stucked with a guest account) Please help! @TinyDragon @Ocho
  3. Oh nvm for some miraculous reason I can match again! I think the developers helped (managed to get in touch with someone from support). Thank you!! =)
  4. Hey all, I spent a good 20 minutes yesterday trying to match for a 5V5 Aldorr pvp. I didn't get any matches so I logged out of the game (while it was still matching). Came back later and realise I could no longer match any of the Aldorr pvp or even the Windwhisper survival. The error is "Registration Failed: Reason: A member already has a battle to enter." Does anyone have a workaround for this? @TinyDragon will really appreciate it if you could help look into this please