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  1. Good Day Ros Developers, I humbly beg to unbanned my account for doing misbehavior, the main reason is Im just jealous of other players who keep using cheats and enjoying the game, while me , keep dying and not enjoying anymore cause they can kill me easily, so I decide to try cheats to, and this is what happened, begging for you to unbanned my account. I promise I wont doing it again, and btw my rank is Grandmaster, I didnt use any cheat to achieve Grandmaster, and I m already Grandmaster when I use the cheat. I hope that you will unbanned my account and I promise I wont do it again. Thank you Ros Developer, More POWER! IGN: Cheeeeeeeeng Rank:Grandmaster Server: PC-ASIA
  2. IGN: Cheeeeeeeeng Server: PC-ASIA Rank: Grandmaster Good day ROS Developers, I commit the Misbehaviour Act, and I didnt Deny it, Please Give me anothe chance and I will be a Good Player, more power ROS!