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  1. I think the Vengeance system really needs to be looked at. Here is my last 24 hours: 159-141 141-158 158-173 176-186 186-856 Almost a 700 position drop from 1 defensive loss. I would like to see something like if you are at 186 and you lose your defensive battle it looks like this: 186-187 Basically only losing 1 position for a defensive loss. I also believe that this would make arena a little bit more competitive.
  2. My game is not loading this morning, any ideas? I'm stuck at Starting....
  3. is this possible if you spend your guild points for level 30-39 equipment?
  4. Why not remove the taunt from chains completely, and reconfigure Gladiator Heart a little and give it an AoE taunt
  5. Which is better to do? 3 Goblint camps Or 1 Goblint Camp, 1 Ancestral Alter, 1 Dire Galleon
  6. How can you gain enough experience to level just your paths without gaining the experience to level your character?
  7. Are there specific sets that are better for certain classes? If so, does anybody have a list?
  8. I'm level 45(31) and still gaining character experience. 45 is the cap. Is there something I'm missing?