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    Net Ease thinking they have 10k ppl in every server but the truth is barely 1k ppl active plays in any server during this time , Thats why we must wait hours and hours to gather 20 ppl for Fort medal run thats just sad and this company should accept that problem in order to protect whats left but seems likely they dont give a fvck all the care about their new class and new content ..
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    dont nerf anything.. buff other classes
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    I believe no one plays them now. Basically gotta be in a guild that will get 2 teams up and que at the same time to play it. Kinda sad huh. Lol
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    ─░ts not about only paladins , all classes should be balance together like i seen a mystic tanking nm3 lord not even needed healer or i seen paladin can run sky normal, i seen archer can kill almost everyone with bursting all skills once, warrior tank too weak to tank anything not a chance against paladin Have a alot survival chance during dungeons , MJ can boost heal almost like healer , these things broken and they Must be fixed not only paladin
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    If it's a fair fight across all servers like survival it won't take long, but the amount of players playing surv will decrease.
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    Should also see the faction events they are also dead. Might see a couple just sit there afk to gain that 1 medal you get. I remember how that place used to be live back then for couple months. Now its very rare for the server to actually do that event.
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    @CreoN the 1-10 in the star (Core star as we call it) contributes in your passive stat, thus if you invest on leveling up that regardless if its activated or not you will get the passive growth. For the auxillary star (the foot image after the core star that is lvl 2 on your vid) thats the one that gives you passive stat once you activated it.
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    The map always shows you the level that you have, just like with plants/ore. Since you are already at level 30 fishing, it shows level 30 fishing spots. If you need to catch level 20 fish to cook level 20 food, they are available at Soulsee Lake. But I would just recommend buying in Auction House. Usually people have opposite problem - high cooking skill but low fishing skill.
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