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    Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 01/10/2018 New Life Skills Fishing/Cooking Fishing and Cooking are now available at level 55 once you complete a series of quests from the Fishing Master at Terles Lake and the Tavern Chef at Ironfist Tavern. Once you have learned these skills you fish at all sorts of locations throughout Milura, and cook delicious dishes that provide buffs! Team Assist System Team raids can now include up to 2 additional team members of lesser power, to help get them geared up and ready for harder content. Players who are eligible for this role are shown in the UI. These assistants do receive drops, but are not able to bid in auctions. All Team Raids now utilize the 40 person Raid UI. For 40 person raids, the maximum number of participants remains 40. Windwhisper Survival A new map has been added to Windwhisper Survival in addition to Cloudburst Forest; do you have what it takes to battle in out in the badlands of Surgewind Wilds? The “Reach top 50%” Quest has been made into a weekly quest requiring 7 top 50% finishes. Rewards have been adjusted appropriately. Team Raid adjustments Decrease the difficulties of Kothas' Foundry, Core of Rock Essence, Fort Desolation, and Fort of Desolation. Heroic Skyblaze: Heroic Skyblaze Village Pulrik Plague Spike rotation speed decreased by 33% Heroic Skyblaze Village Pulrik Diseased Mutant HP decreased by 33% Heroic Skyblaze Village Pulrik Poison Bite Being HP decreased by 33% Heroic Skyblaze Village Pulrik Mutant Being HP decreased by 33% Kothas Foundry: Kothas Foundry 2nd boss Leray Kothas and monster HP and damage decrease Core of Rock Essence 1st boss Todt and monster HP and damage decrease Increase Turtle Whirl skill duration Decrease the damage of Turtle Whirl Core of Rock Essence 2nd boss Sam and monster HP and damage decrease: Decrease the effect of Enhanced Sever Soul Decrease Beacon and Hostile soul HP Star Circle Level 7 of the Star Circle is now available, and provides a new skill upon unlock. Skills Forest Guide Path bonus damage for Blessed Arrows reduced to 40% from 80% Quality of Life Changes You can now polish multiple gems at once. The number of available gems for purchase now rolls over, up to 3 days worth. One-click dismantle for normal and rare gems and blueprints. Players can now discard multiple items at once. Illusionist Lord Illusionist Lords now have special buffs that can be countered by use of the correct Star Circle. Quests Adjusted the level requirements and difficulties of some quests in Sardar Highlands, including Demonic Influence. Faction events. The tasks Mining Crystals, Gathering Intelligence, High-Energy Crystal Nucleus will now only reward the same quality or better of the items collected. For example; if you pick a blue crystal, you won’t get lower than a blue level crystal from further mining attempts. PVP “Batch Matching” function has been added to Windwhisper Survival, Arena, and cross-server battlefield. Players can register for multiple battlefields when they are available. Daily Quest adjustments: Reduce the experience and talent rewards of single player reputation tasks. Increase the rewards of trial quests. Agitated Elementals has been removed, its rewards have been rolled into Lords Invasion. Minor changes and Bug fixes Players can now earn different frames for their avatars. Players can purchase gender transfer potion from Madlen at Aerial Island Fort Plaza. Improved PC visual quality. Self-cast is available on PC in the Settings page. Alt、Ctrl or Shift can be set as the button for Self-cast. Press and hold this button to target yourself while casting. Festival items can be dismantled and exchanged for a certain amount of Gold. Star shaving and star flowers can be purchased in Altruism Medal store. When the limit of guild hunts has been reached, players will receive silver in place of tokens. The Arena award requirement changes from participating in Arena 10 times to 5 times per week. Battle for the Relics: If players do not finish picking up after waiting for 1 minute, the event will be completed automatically in the final process of picking up the chests. Fixed an issue where the new rune skills did not increase your HP. Sardar Exclusive Package returns to the store at 50% off! You are still limited to 1 package. Lucky Draw Updated
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    Last updated: 29/6/2017 3:12pm (UK time) Aerial Island: Map: Monster: Surgewind Wilds: Map: Monster: Cloudburst Forest: Map: Monster: The guide above is subjected to changes.. If there is any mistake, do let me know The Surgewind and Aerial seem to be fine but it seems that there are a few things that are odd when I wonder around the Cloudburst Forest. For example: 1. When I flew to the Jungle Cave, and walked along the route, it said that it was 'Surgewind' instead of Jungle Cave. 2. At the bottom left, the is a place called ' Ancient ruins' which I marked it as '?' since ancient ruins might be a quest name and not really the name of the location. 3. When I wonder around Surgewind and Aerial, the name of the places pop up but not in Cloudburst Forrest. Thus, Cloudburst Forest might still be a developing map?
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    Hello team! I'm here to talk about Raid Loot Distribution. What's wrong : As we as players are progressing in raids and forming core groups with guild members and friends we see that people are having to bid against their newly formed friendships and guildies to get gear they they all equally helped in downing and achieving. What we can do right now: Core groups are now realizing and sharing the loot as needed. We find people let one person bid on said item that way to not cause a bidding war between guildies and needlessly spending gold. As with our guildes and core 10 man what we like to do is use a "ROLL" command on a program such as Discord. This way lets say all the rangers that need the item, all roll for it, highest one then bids on the dropped item. However, the timing of of the auction goes so fast its hard to be organized and quickly find who needs what and have the people do their rolls in a 10 man let alone getting 40 guildes in larger raids. Suggestion: I understand a big way to get money is in these bidding wars with random groups. But honestly it just seems wrong, we fight and work together to progress and to down a boss together then after fighting and accomplishing the raid. We then have to have the gold to spend to get an item, oh and hope no one has more to out bid you. (farm everyday and hope those materials sell) Though I understand its part of the gold sink in the game. My suggestion is we keep it to randoms and that's fine. However if you have a group of players all in the same guild there should be a master loot option where the party leader can then distribute the gear to the correct players. You would all be in the same guild and trusting of the leader. No gold would then be profited, but then also no gold would be lost. ( if master loot is to much, at least add a guild roll option on the gear where players that need it roll for it. Highest roll = item in bag // Think guild bonfire end event ) If your guild has a better way to gear distribution on a timed fuse to make sure correct guildes get the right gear without battling each other with gold please share! Thanks for reading! @RedPanda
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    New Features New Two-seated Mount - Flaming Gorghana Flaming Gorghana, a new two-seated mount, is coming to Milura. Players that own Flaming Gorghana can invite a nearby teammates to ride with them. Gifting System You can now gift each other certain items such as the Renaming Card, Potential Elixir and the Surgewind Boar Token. Equipment Swap Set Feature We've added a new feature called Swap. All qualified equipment can be swapped. If swapped, equipment set attributes can be exchanged with each other without changing basic attributes and additional attributes. This means you’ll keep your basic attribute bonuses but you can put your favorite set bonus on your strongest item.The rules for swapping Sets are as follows (L for Legendary, G for Divine, and D for Normal): L/G/D1/D2/D3 equipment set attributes can be swapped to Common equipment. L/D1/D2/D3 equipment set attributes can be swapped to Legendary equipment. G/D1/D2/D3 equipment set attributes can be swapped to Divine equipment. D0 equipment set attributes cannot be swapped. Equipment will be labeled as D0, D1, D2, etc. Training Piles We’ve added some wood piles in Aerial Island for players to test their DPS. Active Skill Cap Increase Character skill level caps have been raised from 40 to 45. You need to be Character Level 45 to upgrade these skills. Gear Higher Upgrade Cap for Equipment The upper limits for upgrading Legendary and Deity equipment have been increased. Legendary equipment can now be upgraded up to 9 times, and Deity equipment 6 times. The value of upgraded attributes will be further increased as well. In addition, Deity equipment's 6th upgrade will cost Deity Essence, which is obtained by dismantling Deity equipment. However, this is not available yet. Equipment Chamber You can now purchase some set items from the Chamber of Commerce using courage medals, located in the medal store tab when you go to the Trading House. Set Adjustments The Armillarion's Poison, Noctisidious's Protection, and Electric Field sets have been changed to D3 grade. Other Adjustments to Equipment The bracelet blueprints purchased with Honor from the Faction Store now guarantee the Two Hearts set effect. This effect has been changed to "increase max ATK by 25% and reduce min ATK by 20%". Mara's Power can dismantle powerful Divine equipment, producing Divine Essence for upgrading Divine equipment. Heroes can exchange 3 Divine Essence for 1 Frozen Legendary Essence from Yearnstar City's Estalde to upgrade Legendary equipment. Blue and purple blueprints can now be dismantled into Silver. The proc chance and hatred value for the Blade Counter set has been increased. To optimize Blade Counter set performance, the effect duration and the triggering intervals have been slightly increased without changing the total damage. Lv. 40 unidentified Mystic equipment purchased from the Reputation Store can now be Grace Set once identified. HP Bonuses for Apocalypse 2-Piece and Heavenly Mandate 3-Piece sets have been raised to 500. Demon Lord Arunas has invaded Milura. Defeating Arunas will be the final challenge in the Pit of Desolation. A New D3 level set "Badel's Destiny" can be obtained by killing Heroic Arunas. Class changes Mystic The range of Aurora has been increased by 50%. The maximum range of heals from the Nature's Blessing set has been significantly increased. Players with the lowest percentage of HP will be automatically selected. Rune Upgrade: Reliability will additionally offer a damage bonus effect to normal attacks. The rating of each Diamonds' "Healing" attribute has also been increased. Rune Upgrade: Academic: During the duration of Virtue, Mystic Galaxy will heal an additional 2 targets with the lowest percentages of HP. Ranger Scout Starblade Volley: Cooldown is now 8 seconds, casting animation has been optimized Now deals extra damage when target's HP is below 20%. Each use of an active skill has a 25% chance to gain a charge of Starblade Volley. You can have up to two charges of Starblade Volley. Starblade also now increases the damage Starblade Volley does to targets below 20% Forest Guide Two-Stage Moonlight and Three-Stage Moonlight are now instant cast, you can also cast them when other skills are being cast. Guilds The amount of dividends that can be claimed by guild officers have been increased, higher ranking in the guild means you can get more dividends. EXP Adjustments To help new players, the Gift from Karen City will be adjusted for lower level players to catch up faster. If your Path level is also a lower level, you will also be blessed with the Gift of Karen City The Gift from Karen City will be affected by the total EXP gained as well. Gaining too much EXP on one character may disable this gift or cause an EXP penalty. Players’ Path Levels are now capped at 5 above the server level. Daily Events Adjustments Trial Quests and Supply Delivery Quests now reward more benefits and supplies. Jewelry Boxes will no longer be among the rewards which can be found using Light of Dawn. Extra essences can now be exchanged for Rune Stones. Offerings to Ancient Gods can now be completed in Heroic mode dungeons as well. Guild Battle Adjustments To let each guild's commander better command their Guild Battle, team size is no longer limited to 5-person teams. Team Raid Adjustments The Heroic Chimeria and Everlush Valley raids have been changed to 10 - 20 person raids with flexible difficulty. The Team Raid’s difficulty will adapt to the number of players at the start of each Boss battle. The drops will also vary with the number of players. Heroic Chimeria and Everlush Valley's raid bosses have lower difficulties now. The drop rate for the Noctisidious and Armillarion sets has been increased, and Frosty Heart, Blood of Titanus, and Fire Spirit have been added to the list of guaranteed drop sets. Among them, Fire Spirit can be used to upgrade Legendary and Deity equipment. The default animation for the Mara Befalling skill has been removed from battles against Pulrik. Heroes may choose to watch the animation or continue to fight in 3D battles as they wish. New Events Champion Trials are a new event. You can complete these tasks via the adventure tab or by simply clicking the icons on the world map. These vary in difficulty so choose carefully! The Rebates Event for Light Versus Shadow Preparation Two new rebate options have been added to the Top-up Rebates event. Heroes that have reached a specified accumulated top-up amount can now claim rewards directly via the "Welfare - Top-up Rebates" panel. New Achievements Some new achievements, including some hidden achievements, have been added. Players have to find out for themselves what these hidden achievements are! Other Changes Altruism Medals can now also be obtained by helping other players complete the Elemental Leader event. Boss battle camera and PVP battle camera's on/off options have been added to the Settings panel. Fixed an issue on Facebook Gameroom where typing could sometimes unintentionally open maps, attack monsters, etc. Rules for Final Challenge, Glorious Championship, Guild Battle and Champion Showdown have been optimized. The winner is determined by most damage dealt before time runs out. Additionally, PVP targets can now be preferentially selected by the TAB button in PVP battles.
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    Hi Everyone, One of the most common requests we've heard is "What does each stat do?" So this post will help explain it, please feel free to use this information in your guides or your sites. Overview Strength Increases Warrior Physical Damage. 1 Point of Power = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Rangers and Mystics Vitality Affects Maximum HP, 1 point of Endurance = 15 HP Agility Increase Ranger Physical Damage. 1 Point of Agility = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Mystics and Warriors Intellect Increase Mystic Magic Damage. 1 Point of Intellect = 1 Point of Magic attack. This stat has no effect for Warriors and Rangers Spirit Affects Maximum MP, Physical Armor, and Magical Armor. 1 Point of Spirit = 50MP + 1 Physical defense and 1 magical defense Movement Speed Affects movement speed when not mounted Physical Damage Affects Physical attack attributes for Warriors and Rangers. Weapons, Leggings, Boots, Wrists, and Acessories can increase your Physical Damage Attribute All gear will have a chance to roll the attribute for increased Physical Damage For warriors 1 point of Power = 1 point of Physical DAmage, for Rangers 1 point of Agility = 1 point of Physical Damage Defense The higher the defense the less damage you take from Physical Attacks Piercing This value counters physical defense Crit Affects the Critical rate for physical attacks and skills. This stat can appear when reforging an item. Weapons, Secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings can have this stat. Fireworks Diamonds can have this attribute. Physical Crit is countered by Physical Crit resistance Crit Resist Reduces the rate of Physical Critial hits from happening Hit Rating Increases the chance of hitting with Physical Attacks and Skills. This affects Warriors and Ranger skills and attacks. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, neither Strength nor Agility increase Hit Rating. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Hit Rating to have all attacks hit. Against targets with attributes such as dodge or parry, it will vary. Dodge When targetted by a physical skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Hit counteracts Dodge Accuracy When attacking with a Physical attack or skill, this reduces the chance of a Parry, the higher this value, the lower chance of a Parry happening. All heroic mode bosses have 15% Parry. Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessoires, and earrings can have this stat Parry When targeted by a physical skill, a sucessful Parry will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Parry, not the amount parried All bosses and monsters in raids and team raids have a base Parry value Skills(Spells) Spell Damage Affects Magic attack attributes for Mystics. Spell Defense Reduces the damage taken from Spell skills and attacks Spell Pierce Counters Spell defense Spell Crit Affects Magic Attack and Magic Skill use critical rate. When reforging this can appear on Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings. Moonlight Diamonds can have this attribute. Increasing Spell Crit Resist prevents Spell Crit from happening Spell Crit Resist Reduces the chance of Spell Crit happening Spell Accuracy Used for Spell Attack hit rate. If the target has Evade your attack may miss. This stat only affects Mystics. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, Intellect does not affect this attribute. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Spell accuracy to have all attacks hit. Evade When targeted by a Magic skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Evade counters Spell Accuracy Spell Resist When targetted by a magic skill, a sucessful Resist Skills will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Resist Spell Penetration When attacking using a Magic skill or attack this helps negate any Resist Skills your target has.
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    1. Spellcasting bug and lag during guild hunts as well as when attacking elites. This bug is also occurring in Team Raids during boss fights. 2. Server lag, it is not just our networks and devices. NetEase servers can't handle a high capacity of players in team raids even when players viewed and resolution are lowered in the options setting. Logging in again doesn't always solve this issue. Sardar lags the worst out of all the regions in the game. 3. When in a team the other players lag behind the team leader on follow. This issue causes failures in Trials Quests, Lord Invasions, and Illusionist Lords because the other players are outside the area or boundary at the moment. 4. When doing Supply Quests there is a bug where you travel by your personal mount instead of performing the quests with the dragon. Another bug is that the game can freeze and crash during Supply Quests. 5. When doing Mystica a little after reset time on Tuesdays and Saturdays there is a bug where the team leader is unable to enter the Mystica, while the other players on the team are able to enter. I don't think you realize how frustrating and game breaking these bugs can be NetEase.
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    So, many of us have been wondering why nothing has ever been done about ppl abusing the game market and running many alts to farm gold, crystals and legendary gear. Well there you have it boys and girls, Netease official response to the community is "MAKE MOARRR ALTSSSSSS" for every alt u make u gonna get a free legendary at the end of the month! hurray! ohh you want more? np, refer 10 of those alts to your main charecter, farm some achivements points on them and in a matter of weeks u will get 2 sparkling diamonds, loads of silver/gold lucky tickets 5 legendary essence and more. still not convinced? no problem, buy a 3 month goblin membership and we will even throw in 5 lvl up potions so 5 of ur alts can hit lvl 55 insta! im sorry but this is no bug, its not a glitch, its not a mistake, its deliberatly rewarding ppl who are abusing the game and this is seriously the last straw for me. i give up officially on netease this has been the worst managment of game and community, i feel like netase has done all the wrong moves handling this game. im out of it as soon as i find something else half descent to play, this is a huge fuking joke.
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    Allow users to view beyond page 2 in auctions. Allow users to control market economy. Placing a gold max on an item is fine but do not enforce minimums because items like Legendary Essence become difficult to sale without doing gem trading to compensate for undercutting market. Account-wide achievements. A user should be able to complete achievements in all categories including class/profession/faction based as well as achievements for alternate subplot outcomes Inspect player from team applications screen Display path depiction icon on players in team application screen Expand damage meter to show filterable results with detailed logging similar to Recount DPS Meter plugin for WoW. This will give players an accurate way to evaluate the effectiveness of set bonus and path configurations Eliminate the need to create secondary accounts to stimulate market with obsolete blueprints by allowing the now rare level 55 patterns to sometimes create level 30 variations of this equipment which can be upgraded and then emerged. Allow players to transmog new dungeon, divine and legend items. Improve UI for chat interface as typing in game is often frustrating. Allow users to advertise the difficulty of party requests such as "Lord Invasion (Hell 3) [Request to Join]" Reduce difficulty of level 55 Mystica by tuning the damage of RNG elements (Chef Skar'vid Hook 1-shot for example) to eliminate the need to manually scale these instances with secondary accounts. As a player in the top 100 rankings I still find myself being a victim of RNG even with the aid of food buffs and flourish circles. The fights are not mechanically challenging. However, the damage is not proportional to the difficulty of the overall encounter and requires team compositions which include a minimum of two mystics in most cases. Completely remove the in-game voice chat features. It's a UI nightmare and would free up memory in-game Integrate PC controls into emulators such as Bluestack so that OSX users have access to the game via desktop/laptop Release a public facing API to gather real time data to allow community to build robust tools such as item databases which include titles, achievements, server progression, etc. This will really boost client immersion Provide more transparency for success rates on crafting legendary items to eliminate useless rituals and speculation within the community Please review the entire list of achievements currently available in-game. Adjust any achievements which are unobtainable by hiding them or correcting the requirements. (Example: Obtain items from the [Malum Crystal] set in all equipment slots. This item only drops for specific slots) Implement a system similar to transmog for "enchantments" which unlock set bonus swaps for slots once you have obtained it for that slot. For example, If I roll D1 - Secret set on a vambrace then Secret is unlocked for vambrace in the enchantment panel. If I obtain a new item upgrade which has a set bonus, D1 - Grace attached to it, that set bonus is unlocked as well. From the enchantment panel I can choose to swap Grace with previously discovered Secret set. The price to "Unlock" these sets could cost currency such as 3x the amount of the normal swap (4 scales for D1-D2, 6 scales D3-D4, 8-12 scales for G & L sets) More to come
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    This game is new. It's also awesome. If you are taking the time to complain about bugs, it's because you still care. If you didn't, you would have deleted the game and moved on. I'm sure some have. We have given @RedPanda a lot of grief over the past few weeks. We complain when we feel the devs have ruined our lives. What we don't do, is say thanks as much as we should. So... Thanks to Panda for answering the same questions over and over again. Thanks for being our voice to the developers. Thanks for being our ears as well. Thanks to the developers for creating, maintaining, and upgrading our game. It's fun, and in a class of its own. You should be proud of what you have created, and the enjoyment your player base gets from it. I can't wait to see how the game evolves over time. Thats all I have for now. I simply wanted to carve out a space to show my support for this game. If you like the game, feel free to add your own two cents... but let's keep this positive.
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    My wife says the same thing Panda.
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    something something can neither confirm nor deny something something warlock something something druid something something demon hunter something something paladin something something rogue something something monk something something burglar something something cleric something something enchanter something something <insert class name here> something something
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    I normally avoid these conversations like a mosquito at Charlie Sheen's house, but as of recent, the amount of rage being spread across multiple threads is getting to be a bit much. Many of you probably won't make it through the first parts of this because bias/feels will get in the way, but hear me out if you will. Do I think classes are balanced? Not really, not at all. The disparity between them isn't this massive insurmountable gap that people would make it out to be. There are so many variables to account for when you say, "This is Bull manure! X-class out dps'd me on X-fight, nerf them! buff me! I am supposed to be top! I picked the class to do that!". Lets be clear about 1 thing, just because you role a DPS class/role, does not mean you have to be, or that is guaranteed that it will be the TOP dps. There is a reason there are 3 classes and all of them have 3 options, DPS, PVP and Support. If a game is to show real balanced, no matter the "perception" of what that class should be, if it is to fulfill the role of the PATH it chose, it should be just as viable as the other class who chose their equivalent path. As for the DPS comparisons, there are legitimate arguments I have seen constructively put up, but far more post of "This guys/that girl.. whatever.. beat me in damage.. that shouldn't happen" As any long time MMO player, your output is impacted by fight mechanics, your knowledge of fight mechanics (positioning), your playstyle, meaning your choice of path, runes, gear & stats, gems, load outs, and last but not least.... team composition. Something that may seem as insignificant as that guy over there making sure he is glued to the healer/Magellan's side so he is constantly getting the increased damage passive rune effect from the sigil the Mystic drops, or positioning between the Exe warrior and Magellan... so he gets all the external buffs, can impact his overall output. Meanwhile the ranger/mystic/whatever... who is running all over the place away from group, outside of the "buff zones" is wondering why he is being out damaged so badly when he is avoiding all the bosses damage and doing his rotations perfectly... I mean, he knows the fight.. he is doing everything right... right, RIIIGGGHHHTTTT? This is not a jab at rangers, just a simple observations, so don't take it personal... just take it I will not discredit the ranger class, but I personally feel, as many players do on MMO's, many people (not all.. but many) pick the class they think will be the most "OP", "L33t D33ps", "PvPeen King", and all in hopes to coasting to glory on it. In the beginning of CoL, that was exactly what happened. Rangers were king of the hill for damage and the magellans & warriors were left to play rock-paper-tears to see if they could get their spot in the raid. With the latest few patches, the tables have turned. (at least for Mystics. Poor Warriors have been getting the Macaulay Culkin treatment since release. Btw, I am Sheppard and have always been Sheppard) The reason I know Mystics have gotten a little too much love, is those same minded people I mentioned earlier, you know, the ones who only wanna play the flavor of the month, coast to glory EZ-mode class... well they all saw the buffs and re-rolled faster than Snoop Dogg's joint distributor. Now Rangers are outraged because they were used to being the non neglected, the go-to for raids. That's right, pre-release, it was the norm to see a 1 tank, 1 healer, all the rest ranger team composition, with the only exception being maybe 1 Tamer for buff..(Still a ranger) and 1 executioner for buff...maybe. But for the most part, everyone sat on the sideline like the red headed kid with braces and acne at prom, waiting for some girl to ask him to dance. Now That being said, as you can see, I also agree that Mystics have been over buffed, putting them now in the same position Rangers were at release... with no real reason to bring another class except the "support" path ones for their buff... welcome to the grass on other side. I have 1 of every class, all level 45 now, I have only ever really invested in my Sheppard and Gladiator. If there is one thing I know and can rely on from years of playing MMO's, there is one thing you can depend on, a tank and healer will be needed... and the more noobs/bads/whatever you want to call unexperienced or ignorant players to make yourself feel better, the more tanks and heals are needed to keep the group from failing. I do sincerely hope they find an amicable balance between the "DPS" classes, but am Happy that it in no way really heavily impacts the roles I play as I will always just stick to Support roles like Tank and Heals. As an end note... there are 10 Ranger Rage post/topics to about every 1 Warrior post, and Warriors are the ones in the worst state for the "DPS/PvP" paths... not that they aren't/can't be viable, because they are and can... it just requires a much better knowledge of fight mechanics, positioning management, a higher skill, gear, gem, path investment to achieve than the other classes. yet... But from what I have read, those who play warrior tend to approach the request for balance a lot more calmly in hopes of consideration for balancing to their roles. To me, this speaks volumes to they type of people who chose that class.. as well as the other's who chose theirs Well, this will probably get locked because I doubt a civilized, constructive debate concerning class balance can be held without someone going full "Cash me outside, how bow dat"... But It would be good if it could, because we could then use this forum, and our great and wonderful moderators who have a direct line of communication to the Devs to relay the information. Dreaming big... Cheers
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    Hey gang, I've compiled from my experience what I think the best-return routines are, both for not-so-super-hardcore-but-still-want-to-compete players and the full on crazies. The guide assumes level above 40 (since this is where the game really starts) with a Guild The minimal viable routine For those with limited time on weekdays (maybe also weekends) but still would like to not be left behind, total time is a bit over an hour per day, takes 3-4 weeks to reach level cap (45). The difference between the minimal and the complete routine would be the amount of gold/talent/gear accumulated and how soon reputation gear can be accessed, in terms of purely levelling there is probably only a ~20% difference. Daily: Use up Stamina in Guild property levelling Life Skill ( <5 minutes ) 3x Goblint Camp ( ~20 minutes ) 20x Trial Quest ( ~20 minutes ) 5x Irritable Elementals ( <10 minutes ) 2x Elemental Leader ( <10 minutes ) Delivery Quest ( <5 minutes ) 2x Reputation Quest ( ~10 minutes ) Weekend: Hard mode Raid Team Raid The complete routine For those who want to maximise gains and progress the fastest, it goes without saying you need to do everything and this list is more focused on the order of how you do it. The 'full' routine can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, depending on how the runs go - so there is almost always something to do. Daily: Use up Stamina in treasure chest hunting or life skill on world map Reputation farm to limit ( Priority is Cudina first, then Lunarian ) 2x Reputation Quest 3x Goblint Camp 1x Ancestral Altar 1x Dire Galleon 1x Scar Plains Other dailys (delivery quest, elems, tournament etc) 80x Trial Quest All daily events (demon invasion, protect relic etc) All PvP scenarios Guild Hunt Any incomplete Hard Mode Raids Any incomplete Team Raid Any available map events (BBQ, protect the elems etc) Original post is on the wiki here https://crusadersoflight.info/index.php/Levelling_routine, happy for contributors to discuss and make updates
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    IGN: MicoMeex Server: Asia Rank: Platinum II I came across with a program named "SHIFT WINDOW" as I searched online of how to adjust application size manually to adjust my screen to small size so that I can play while I do some work on my pc my 1st game I got DC due to connection lost I got back and burned and died so I start another game I ride some vehicle then game crashed then when I login again account was permanently banned. hope using program to adjust screen size is not illegal or something... if it is... then my sincere apology but hope its not cuz its the only way I can play comfortably while I do work stuff in pc and play a little while getting bored the game is great and loved it. looking forward to unbanned my account and I start playing again. Best regards, MicoMeex
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    In Reavedge Village, many ppl complain the clone ppl ruin the game since weeks ago, hundreds message were sent to elf with screenshot, name and character ID, however, nothing happen. Those clone ppl won all the battle, took all the 1st kill and kept using clone until now. so I decided if NetEase doesn’t care Reavedge Village, I will release the method to everyone for how to clone. Yes, everyone can learn after this week reset if no consequence for clone. lets meet again at Thursday 05/07/2018.
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    Updated time: 3/7/2017 UK time 1:10am Hi guys! These are the locations for all 16 elite monsters that are currently in game. (Thanks so much to KhaiXd, Pit, Gewehr, Myik, BabyJoy, BluSpark, Aoura, Skye for the help ^-^) What's elite monsters? (Don't mix them up with the guild bosses / rulers) Most of these monsters don't have any level shown when u click on them at the first time. After attacking them, you will be asked to join the elite event. (It is recommended that you are in a party of 3-5 players.) Note: The level of the elite monster will appear after you entered the event. (If you encounter an elite monster with a level beside it when you click on it at the first time, there is a chance that it is not a real elite monster..... so far, there is only one fake elite monster in this game, which is 'Ferroc Elite'.. but not all ferroc elites are fake.. so do look carefully ) Spawn time: Random What's the use of the elite monster? For achievements. You will be able to obtain achievement points together with the titles. Location for the 16 elite monsters (Overview): Aerial Island: Surgewind Wilds: Cloudburst Forest: Clearer insights on the locations and in-game pointers: Aerial Island: (Deathcap Elite, Corrupted Dryad Elite, Caulder Crab Elite) 1. Deathcap Elite (a) Location 1 (Deathcap Elite 1 in overview map): (b) Location 2 (Deathcap Elite 2 in overview map): 2. Corrupted Dryad Elite (a) Location 1 (Corrupted Dryad Elite 1 in overview map): (b) Location 2 (Corrupted Dryad Elite 2 in overview map): (c) Location 3 (Corrupted Dryad Elite 3 in overview map): 3. Caulder Crab Elite (a) Location 1 (Caulder Crab Elite 1 in overview map): (b) Location 2 (Caulder Crab Elite 2 in overview map): "It's advised to use auto-attack mode throughout this event" -- by KhaiXd. Surgewind Wilds: (Earthshock Elite, Reavedge Bison Elite, Barbtail Elite, Armored Crocodile Elite, Titan Elite, Razorfang Wolf Elite, Ferroc Elite) 4. Earthshock Elite (a) Location 1 (Earthshock Elite 1 in overview map): (b) Location 2 (Earthshock Elite 2 in overview map): 5. Reavedge Bison Elite: (a) Location 1 (Reavedge Bison Elite 1 in overview map): (b) Location 2 (Reavedge Bison Elite 2 in overview map): 6. Barbtail Elite: 7. Armored Crocodile Elite: 8. Titan Elite: (a) Location 1 (Titan Elite 1 in overview map) (Either one of these two areas): (b) Location 2 (Titan Elite 2 in overview map): 9. Razorfang Wolf Elite: (a) Location 1 (Razorfang Wolf Elite 1 in overview map): (b) Location 2 (Razorfang Wolf Elite 2 in overview map): 10. Ferroc Elite: Cloudburst Forest: (Arachnent Elite, Hawkbill Elite, Shadowling Elite, Boar Elite, Nightmoth Elite, Bristle Bear Elite) 11. Arachnent Elite: (a) Location 1 (Arachnent Elite 1 in overview map): (b) Location 2 (Arachnent Elite 2 in overview map): 12. Hawkbill Elite: (a) Location 1 (Hawkbill Elite 1 in overview map): (b) Location 2 (Hawkbill Elite 2 in overview map): (c) Location 3 (Hawkbill Elite 3 in overview map): 13. Shadowling Elite: 14. Boar Elite: 15. Nightmoth Elite: 16. Bristle Bear Elite: If there is any mistake, do let me know If you encounter any new location for these elite monsters, do comment below , ty ^-^
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    We have no plans to bring back these blueprints.
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    Crusaders of Light May 30 Patch Notes Battle for Karanvale - Part 2 Highlights CoL’s 1 Year Anniversary is approaching! By participating in raids and other game activities During the Ascension of Heroes Event, you can get exclusive anniversary gold, platinum, and diamond chests. These chests contain valuable items such as a Heart of the Sea, Star Circle tokens, one or more Leaf of Eternity, up to 200k gold, and even exclusive mounts! Anniversary chests can be unlocked starting on Crusader of Light’s One Year Anniversary week: July 16, 2018. A new Team Raid, Dawn Cathedral - The Choral Courtyard is now available on all servers! Shadowveil Assassination now has a Role system, making combat more strategic and dynamic. Team Raid Kothas Foundry is now available on Heroic difficulty. Ascension of Heroes Event CoL’s 1 Year Anniversary is approaching! By participating in raids and other game activities, you can get exclusive anniversary gold, platinum, and diamond chests. These chests contain valuable items such as a Heart of the Sea, Star Circle tokens, one or more Leaf of Eternity, up to 200k gold, and even exclusive mounts! Anniversary chests can be unlocked starting on Crusader of Light’s One Year Anniversary week: July 16, 2018. Chests drop in Scar Plains, Dire Galleon, Ancestral Altar, Goblin Camp, Fort Desolation, Ash Fort, Everlush Valley, and Chimeria. Heroic raids have higher chances to drop chests. Fort Desolation Heroic and Ash Fort Heroic guarantees a chest drop when you are eligible for loot. You can also get them from the Heroes’ Gathering Event on the Reward Page, and special weekly bundles in store. Login 7 days during the event to receive free daily anniversary chests, including a Diamond chest on Day 7! Raids Dawn Cathedral Choral Courtyard A new Team Raid, Dawn Cathedral - The Choral Courtyard is now available on all servers! The Choral Courtyard is the first part of Dawn Cathedral to be released. Requires Character level 55 and Path level 70. Lansel, can drop pieces of the Sacred Oath set, a three-piece set for Paladins. Yeon and Yeo, can drop Yoe's Splendor and Yeo's Ruin set pieces. Pair the effects of these two sets for even more power! Drop cooldown is shared with Skyblaze Village - Smoldering Remains. The first player to get the first kill crown in each server will be awarded an exclusive "First Kill" achievement and title. Heroic Kothas Foundry Team Raid Kothas Foundry is now available on Heroic difficulty. Teams can include 7-20 players, with boss HP scaling based on team size. Requires Character level 55 and Path level 70. Kothas Foundry, Chimeria Island, Everlush Valley, and Wind Bluff Prison share a drop cooldown. Skyblaze Village Burning Skyblaze Village will be adjusted and broken down into two separate raids: The first raid will be called Skyblaze Village - Smoldering Remains. Its boss is Lord B'lique. The second raid will be called Skyblaze Village - Camp Darkhold. Its bosses are Baatimius and Pulrik Plaguespew. Raid Prerequisites Wind Bluff Prison, Mad Laboratory, and Kothas Foundry (Heroic) raids will have multiple prerequisites as follows: 1) A server progression level requirement 2) Server progression having reached a given raid for 42 days Raid Assist Adjustments Unlocked Mad Laboratory Raid assist and Mad Laboratory level assist corresponding attributes. Players on servers whose raid progress has reached Mad Laboratory or higher will be able to assist on Mad Laboratory raids. Crush Chance Adjustments Boss crush rate has been increased 10%, from 50% to 60% or 60% to 70%, depending on original crush rate. Warrior and Paladin Crush resistance has also been adjusted. Mystica Hellish, and Insane difficulty Mystica are now available. Hellish Mystica is unlocked once a server has progressed to Core of Rock Essence. Insane Mystica is unlocked when the server reaches Wind Bluff Prison. Impossible difficulty Mystica is unlocked when servers reach the Mad Laboratory. Torturous difficulty Mystica has been made easier. Timed Events The Invasion of the Tribes A new 4-team Invasion of the Tribes is now available. Players will have a chance to join every 15 minutes in the Sardar Highlands. Defeat the Tribal Lords for a chance at talent blueprints, iron meteorites, and glyphs. Win on Psychotic difficulty or higher for a chance at a brand new holy talent blueprints, holy iron meteorites and high-level glyphs. Updated the boss navigation window, making it easier for players and teams to find the Invasion of the Tribes event and set difficulty. Class Warrior Crush Resistance The Crush rate provided by the Warrior's Gladiator tree was increased from 20% to 30%. Warriors naturally have 30% crush Paladin Crush Resistance Paladin Crush Resistance from Path selection was increased from 50% to 60%. Elementalist Glacial Spike Fixed superimposition issues that could occur when the Elementalist's skill changed to Glacial Spike. All players who had builds with Glacial Spike will have any equipped Legendary equipment skill level reset and compensated with a skill level voucher. This voucher can be taken to the Karanvale Weapon Merchant Pierce Nipheau to replace skills. This will apply to all PvE legendary equipment with skills enhancing Glacial Spike, and can be used to reinvest into any other Elementalist skill. This operation can be carried out twice. All players who had builds focused on Glacial Spike have been given extra silver coins and/or bound crystals after the server maintenance as compensation. Gear Sets The following sets can now be used as upgrade materials for Divine and Legendary equipment: D7 Wild Missile, D7 Thunderstorm, D8 Sword Dancer and D8 Malum. As of this update, D7 and D8 sets can also be swapped. Blueprints Normal 5-player raids no longer drop Lvl. 40 or higher blueprints. Lvl. 30 blueprints now only drop from raids. Lvl. 30 blueprints dismantle for more silver (equal to Lvl. 50 blueprints) Gems Lvl. 50 Diamonds can now be exchanged. Players can go to Joaquim in Karanvale and exchange Sparkling Diamond Fragments for Lvl. 50 Diamonds. If needed, 1 Sparkling Diamond can be exchanged for a Sparkling Diamond Shards Chest containing 6 Sparkling Diamond shards. Equipment Swap Equipment swap allows players to swap one piece of set equipment for another, with the following rules: After this update, all set equipment acquired by the player at any time (including any currently equipped) will be selectable options for equipment swapping. When swapping for a set item of a certain type (head, legs, etc.), any set item you have for that slot can be used with certain other materials to exchange. D0 equipment cannot be used for swapping. The following can now be used as equipment upgrade materials: D9 - Dawn Covenant, D9 - Yoe's Splendor, D9 - Yeo's Ruin. These sets can help players enhance the attributes of Divine and Legendary equipment. They can drop from Team Raids at Dawn Cathedral - The Choral Courtyard Inscriptions Unlocked at Path Level 60 Applied as upgrades to Mythic Charm Two types Essences Up to ten embedded at one time One active Glyphs Number inlaid based on Shadowveil Assassination progress Outfit System Outfits which have been transmogged will be moved from the Transmog Dye window to a new Outfit window. Specific class outfit boxes (unbound) will be changed to tokens for bound specific class outfits. These can be redeemed for outfits, and do not require players to expend any additional resources. Any outfits/headwear which have not yet been used to transmog equipment can be exchanged with the Karanvale Transmog Merchant for cost class outfit tokens (bound). If redeemed for the same kind of outfit, no other resources need to be expended. Outfits which have already been transmogged will be converted to materials such as leather, cloth, and thread, and sent to players by mail. Outfit Individuality Workshop Allows Sacred Oath Set to be upgraded Select between two color schemes Three upgrades possible for each Gives Heartrain, Illuminated, or Gallop effects PvP General When a team leader enters a cross-server instance, the entire team will be taken along as well unless they are incapable of entering cross-server. All cross-server prizes will be sent via a single in-game mail to the player upon their return to their home server. Fixed a problem with cross-server transactions in which players would not receive the system message confirming a successful transaction. You can now quick-match from the prep area of Final Challenge and Glorious Championship. Adjusted Faction Balancing to be more accurate. Players can now earn titles and more rewards by switching to the weaker team. If Teams are balanced all players earn significantly more rewards. Aldor Colosseum Fixed an issue with loading PvP attributes for 5v5 Aldor Coliseum Honor Group (5v5) matches. Players should not have to manually switch equipment loadouts before entering Honor Group. When entering the Aldor Coliseum Honor Group (5v5) map, the current attributes in use will now display correctly. Currently Peak and Honor groups have added penalties for leavers and toxic players. If a player is being extremely negative or leaving the game early, they will be marked by the system and unable to join a new match for 5 minutes. Players with a history of leaving games will no longer qualify for weekly 5-match participation prizes. Aldor Colosseum Season Season 3 of the Aldorr Coliseum has arrived! Place in the Top 10 to earn exclusive out-of-circulation mounts! Prizes are as follows: The Top 10 Peak Group players on each server will get an exclusive War Tiger (Peak) mount. The Top 10 Honor Group players on each server will get an exclusive War Tiger (Honor) mount. Military Rank is reset to level 1, as will related titles and PvP bonuses. Faction reputation level will not be affected. Unspent Honor was converted into Silver. Season 3 adjustments: Military Rank Shop items will be adjusted as follows: Lvl. 120 and 144 PvP Equipment will be available for purchase using Honor after reaching a specific Military Rank. Stock now includes the Battlefield Weapon Kit, the Battlefield Tunic Kit, and the Battlefield Talisman Kit, available to purchase for all Military Ranks. Each can contain a full set of Lvl. 116 PvP Equipment (including Talisman). The Lvl. 100 and 116 PvP Equipment sold during Season 2 will not be available during Season . The Aldor Coliseum Shop's items have been adjusted as follows: Honor Group players who achieve a certain rank can use Honor to purchase Lvl. 120 and 152 PvP Equipment. Honor Group players who achieve the rank of Champion or better can spend Silver to purchase the Season 3 exclusive mount, War Tiger. The Lvl. 100 and 124 PvP Equipment from Season 2 will no longer be available. PvP Equipment bought in Season 3 can be dismantled into Honor for 100% of original value. The Lvl. 100 and 116 PvP Talismans that could be acquired through Guild Battle, Rob the Tramcar, etc. have been replaced with Lvl. 120 and 144 PvP Talismans. Shadowveil Assassination Role System Shadowveil Assassination now has a Role system, making combat more strategic and dynamic. Role Descriptions Seer: An inquisitive investigator. Skill 1: Reveal. Reveals the true nature of its target. If the target is an assassin, it is exposed and the cooldown is reset. Has no effect on other units. Skill 2: True Sight. Reveals up to two Assassins in the target area (size 200) for 5 seconds. Assassins are only revealed to the Seer. Berserker: A fighter for hire. Skill 1: Gory Assassination. Initiating attack. When you kill a target, your attack also hits a random additional unit near the target. Skill 2: Massacre Feast. The Berserker instantly refreshes their Stiletto's Kiss cooldown and removes its cooldown altogether for 8 seconds. After the 8 seconds, they will be exposed. Defender: A defensive specialist. Skill 1: Reflect Melee. Once activated, any incoming damage from skills is 100% reflected back on their respective casters. Lasts 2 seconds. Skill 2: Taunt. All assassins within 150 yards are forced to attack the player, with 100% of the damage reflected back on the attackers. Has no effect on ordinary citizens. Deceiver: A seasoned con artist. Skill 1: Puppeteer. Summon a puppet assassin that moves at random. Lasts 6 seconds. Skill 2: Scheming. Hypnotize a random citizen near the target and order them to kill. The Shadowveil Assassination Shop now features Essence and Runes, which can be used to greatly enhance a Mythic Charm. Windwhisper Survival and Shadowveil Assassination drop Inscriptions and Arena Medals, which can be used to purchase Essence and Runes. The Shadowveil Assassination reputation shop also carries Gold and Platinum Glyph Chests. Server and network performance has been improved. Weekend Login Rewards Players who log in once from Saturday to Monday will gain a Royal Celebration Pack. Players who log in on two days in that range will get a Superior Royal Celebration Pack. Players who log in on all three days will get a Deluxe Royal Celebration Pack. Additionally, players who log in on Monday will gain additional rewards to welcome you back to the work week, including Glyphs, Light of Dawn, Divine Essence, and other rare items. These Login Rewards will reset weekly. Shop New Items Dazzling Boxes:Dazzling Boxes can contain a variety of arcane items, including the Arcane Cube and tradeable outfit boxes. Starshine Vow Giftbox: Lucky players can find two rare items--the "Sacred Heart" and the "Oath Ring"--which can be used to upgrade the Sacred Oath Outfit. Lucky Draw A brand new pendant, "Chicken Soup", can now be found in the Lucky Draw. Other Changes and Bug Fixes Fixed an error in Normal/Heroic Burning Skyblaze Village in which only Pulrik's Magellana Purge or Magellana Barrier would occur. Resolved an issue in which Elementalists might leave the preparation area early. Fixed display issues in the equipment forging window . Fixed an issue where Thunder Runes would not take effect when the Warrior's Deadly Forge skill would heal a target. The Faction channel can now display chat in "Bullet Screen" mode, wherein all chat will float across the screen. Quick Team can now be used for a new "Offerings to Ancient Gods" quest. The cooldown for changing faction has been reduced from 30 days to 1 day, for a price of 5 million silver. Once the Faction Hunt event ends, players who receive Guild Auction prizes will be prompted to start bidding with the corresponding item. In order to help players participate in Escort/Rob the Tramcar, it has been moved to Surgewind Wilds in the Battle menu. Enter the battlefield by the Tramcar in the World. The Tramcar will move towards its destination. Protectors win if it makes it to its destination, but the robbers will win if it is knocked down. Defense Gems: Lvl. 50 Jade Stones, Aquasource Diamonds, Riverheart Stones, and Elemental Diamonds will be available for purchase on your server once Wind Bluff Prison has been completed. The Surgewind Wilds (PvP) map does not show Faction Trade Merchants by default, but players can tap the trade icon in the bottom right corner to display the trade merchant. Added pop-up messages and a Faction channel message for Rob the Tramcar. Once all players have knocked down the Tramcar, it will no longer display. Changing Factions can no longer restricted by bounties. Removed the restriction on 40-player teams for Highshard Valley. The Star Circle Shop is now called the Star Circle/Glyph Shop, and as the name implies, it now also sells Glyphs. Glyph Chests are now in stock, which contains a Lvl. 1-2 Hunter\'s Glyph, Support Glyph, or Protective Glyph (chosen at random). Optimized Shadowveil Assassination UI to fix an issue where kill information displayed would interfere with target selection. Added a feature which in which players can allow their mount to be chosen at random from among the mounts they already own.
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    Crusaders of Light April 18 Patch Notes Battle for Karanvale Karanvale, Capital of the Sardar Highlands and all the Human realm, is now available! Venture forth into this bustling metropolis, and see what opportunities the city holds! Charms of Mythic power, ancient relics from battles fought long ago, are available for enterprising Crusaders to repair and utilize. Cunning killers stalk the city waiting to strike in Shadowveil Assassination. And powerful experiments run amok, in the Mad Laboratory Team Raid. Are you fully prepared? The Battle for Karanvale awaits. Highlights Karanvale: Karanvale, royal city of the humans, is now available. Explore its majestic palaces, holy temples, and seedy underbelly. Mythical Charms: Ancient relics that need repair, these potent items are available from the Mythical Charms Quest line. Further empower your charms with Karanvale Crystal Cores, acquired through Shadowveil Assassination. Shadowveil Assassination: New PvP mode that puts you in a battle of secrecy, rooting out assassins while remaining disguised. Use your guile, eliminate the competition, and emerge victorious! Mad Laboratory: Peaceful experiments have gone mad in the latest Team Raid. Ratcheting up the difficulty, Mad Laboratory will test your abilities as never before in Milura. Can you pass this most difficult of challenges? Zones Karanvale Sardar Highlands Quests Mythical Charm Quest Line: Unlocks after talent level 40. Phillipa asks you to gather 3 items (Astrology Tablet, Moonlight Jade, Elemental Stone) for her. Upon the completion of the delivery, a new trial quest opens requiring participation in Shadowveil Assassination. Team Raid Mad Laboratory: Peaceful experiments have gone mad in the latest Team Raid. Ratcheting up the difficulty, Mad Laboratory will test your abilities as never before in Milura. Can you pass this most difficult of challenges? Requires Lv. 55 with Lv. 70 Path Level Shares a reward limit with the Core of Rock Essence raid. Wind Bluff Prison Decreased Wind Bluff Prison #1 Boss Samofir's attack power. Decreased Wind Bluff Prison #2 Boss Balian's attack power and HP. Added Extraordinary Talent equipment blueprints and iron to possible drops from Illusionist Lords on Hellish difficulty and higher. Wind Bluff Prison now has Assists enabled. Any player on the server that satisfies the level requirements for Wind Bluff Prison can now Assist with this raid. Raid rules adjustment: Players who have not completed Fort Desolation can participate in the Ash Fort raid. Items Mythical Charm - New gear slot and the first Mythical item in Crusaders of Light! Obtained through the questline “Mythical Charm”, this item can be powered up by acquiring Karanvale Crystal Cores. Gems - Adjusted Lv. 50 Sparkling Diamond dismantling results. Lv. 50 Mountain of Light can be dismantled into 10 Sparkling Diamonds and 40 Sparkling Diamond Shards. Lv. 50 Heart of the Sea can be dismantled into 10 Sparkling Diamonds and 20 Sparkling Diamond Shards. Star Circle System Added Motivation and Mystic Star Circles. You can get them by exchanging Prophecy Compasses or Flowers of Torannis. The Star Circle Shop and Merchant now have Uncut Starlight Stones for sale. Use them for a chance at Starlight Mirrors or Starlight Lenses for Motivation and Mystic Star Circles. Dismantling Swiftness, Roar, Flourish, and/or Dexterity Star Circles to get a set amount of Star Shavings. All Star Circle effects are now usable, adjustable and/or take effect in cross-server environments as follows: Restraint relationships and effects between Star Circles take effect Auxiliary Star effects, including self-buffs and auras take effect Unlocked Star Circle abilities can be swapped and installed (any changes made while in cross-server environments will carry over after returning to original server) Team Star Circle Cores can be swapped Star Circles can be locked and unlocked. (Any changes made carry over upon return to original server) Passive Star Circle status effect sharing can be toggled on/off in the settings menu. Any changes made will continue to take effect upon return to original server. PvP New PvP Mode: Shadowveil Assassination: New PvP mode that puts you in a battle of secrecy, rooting out assassins while remaining disguised. Use your guile, eliminate the competition, and emerge victorious! Play solo or in teams, earn reputation, and climb the leaderboard while earning great prizes! Each contest consists of up to 8 players, and lasts for 15 minutes or until a kill score of 15 is reached. If a player chooses wrong and attacks a normal citizen, they will be taken over by Desolationist magic and respawn as an assassin. Players can use daggers and bows to attack. Daggers can be used against any target, while bows can only be used to attack exposed assassins. The accelerate skill can help players swiftly maneuver around the battlefield. Day and night will alternate. During the night, Desolationist magic has no effect, so players will not be exposed as assassins. If a long time passes without any Assassins dying, the Council of Light will channel lightning to expose their targets. Watch closely and act carefully. While you need to seek out your targets, take care not to become a target yourself! Prizes for Windwhisper Survival and Shadowveil Assassination are shared, including daily quest reward limits. Once the daily quest reward limit has been reached, completing quests will not reward players with prizes until the counter is refreshed. New Legendary and Divine PvP equipment has been added. Lv. 100 fixed attribute PvP equipment is available for purchase at the Aldorr Coliseum Shop, and can be combined with certain Legendary and Divine equipment to get randomized Lv. 100 attributes. The Lv. 116 Fixed Attribute PvP equipment at the Aldorr Coliseum Shop can be forged with certain resources into Lv. 116 Purple Tier equipment. Legendary and Divine equipment can be upgraded by expending fixed attribute PvP equipment above their rank. Said fixed attribute PvP equipment can also be used to reforge and/or refine Legendary and Divine Equipment. Purple Tier equipment can only be reforged. General: In order to preserve balance, character attributes on cross-server maps will be adjusted as follows: Default attribute values will be based on Class and Class Talents. Attribute bonuses from equipment, gems, Star Circles, and achievements will be unchanged. Non-attribute bonuses from equipment, gems, Star Circles, and achievements will be adjusted in cross-server battles, but will still have some impact. The Quest interface can now be opened while in PvP maps, allowing players to view quest details, autopath to quests, and abandon quests. Movement speed bonuses from Riding Books now carry over to PvP maps while on flat ground. While in PvP maps, PvP Set bonuses can now be viewed from the "Arena Gear" window. A large number of Elite creatures have entered Surgewind Wilds (PvP). Heroes can now go to the PvP maps to hunt them down for prizes that will help boost their PvP capabilities. When players enter cross-server modes, any equipped abilities not supported in cross-server modes will be replaced at random with an eligible ability. Players can see their teammates' locations on their minimap in real-time. Escort the Tramcar: In order to make this mode more exciting, we have added a points system. In this event, players can kill enemy faction members or attack the tramcar to earn points. Guilds will be ranked by points, and top guilds will be rewarded with generous guild auction items. Participating players can earn Lv. 116 quality PvP Necklace shards, which can be combined to make a Lv. 116 Necklace (Arlenspark Klungs'n). Guilds who perform well in this mode can earn great Guild Auction items as prizes, including Lv. 116 PvP Necklaces, Starlight Stones, and Uncut Starlight Stones. After each battle, your Guild's current points and rank will be announced in the Guild Channel. Smaller amounts of points are earned by the losing team. When participating in Escort/Snatch the Tramcar, rival faction players killed near the Tramcar will not increase kill count. Merlin's Stones, which are used to reforge PvP equipment, can now be earned In all Faction and PvP events/game modes. Extended the cooldown on changing Factions from 1 day to 14 days. In response to player feedback regarding cross-server Faction balance issues, we have re-adjusted the faction balance constraints within the cross-server area. When one faction in a cross-server team is strong, other players will be restricted from joining or transferring to said faction. Added a score display for PvP equipment for evaluating/comparing the overall rating of different loadouts. Arena: The Arena has been adjusted to only allow the use of Arena Equipment within. Because of this change, any non-Arena equipment you had equipped to your Arena loadout has been removed and sent to your inbox. Arena Gear will now only be able to use Arena Gems. Old-server Potions can now be used in Arena battles as they are in cross-server modes. When competing in Arena PvP, you must deal some damage to an enemy to get a share of the bounty when said enemy is killed. Final Challenge and Glorious Championship matchmaking area has been changed from single-server to cross-server. Final Challenge and Glorious Championship preparation and competition areas have been changed to cross-server, and attributes will be adjusted according to cross-server battle rules. Original server rankings for Glorious Championship and Final Challenge will affect cross-server rankings. Windwhisper Survival: Increased Windwhisper Survival completion and daily quest reputation rewards to help players increase their Survival Camp reputation faster. Windwhisper Survival quests are now daily quests, including kill two people, matchmaker once, and place in top 50% in a match. Added the retrieve reward function to Windwhisper Survival. Players who do not use all of their Windwhisper Survival attempts will have missed attempts added to their recovery list (up to 4 tries). Players can retrieve unused attempts to earn some of the competition reputation prizes. Cancelled Windwhisper Survival total prize requirements. Current totals will not be erased. Faction Hunt Upgraded event capacity from running one battlefield per instance to running two 60-player battlefields per instance, allowing up to 120 total participants at once. Prize awarding method changed from awarding on event completion to opening chests after killing monsters. Chests dropped by monsters have a set chance to drop Titan Relics, items which can significantly enhance a player's power in PvP. Added token rewards for Bakan the Executioner and Samoyin the Lava Hound. Acquire enough tokens to earn PvP attribute bonuses. In each Hunt, players in the winning faction have a chance to get Bakan or Samoyin tokens, as well as other prizes. Guilds with outstanding performance in the Hunt can earn a bountiful set of Guild Auction prizes, including Faction Hunt tokens, Starlight Stones, and Uncut Starlight Stones. In order to encourage more players to participate in the Faction Hunt event, we have adjusted the HP of the first hunt. To keep Faction Hunt balanced, small adjustments have been made to the HP of Bakan the Executioner and the Lava Hound. When heroes kill a Faction Hunt leader, it may drop Titan Relics containing enormous energy. Heroes that have acquired Titan Relics get a huge boost to their PvP capability. Two Titan Relics have been added, as described below: Titanic Edge - Increases PvP damage by 50% Titanic Grip - 25% chance to stun with normal attacks in PvP Heroes with these effects will have a special appearance. This visual effect will only display in PvP Environments. When a character with these effects dies, they will lose these effects, and the corresponding Titan Relic(s) will be lost to them. When the Titan Relics are dropped, they will be marked on the map, and collectable by any Hero. Once a Titan Relic is dropped, it will stay on the ground until someone picks it up, or for 1 week otherwise. Titan Relics claimed in PvP will remain in the player's inventory until dropped on death. Events Flowers of Life - Through May 2, collect seven Flowers of Life and Blooming Gift Boxes by watering the Tree of Life. Once a player has all seven Flowers, the Tree of Life will sprout a Fruit of Life (exchangeable for a Harvest Gift Box). Mad Laboratory Raid Competition - Be in the first group in the game to clear Mad Laboratory (game-wide) and get 3 Month Goblin Elite Club Membership, the Crimson Pig Mount, Lucky Pup Back Pendant, and the “Lab Escapee” in-game Title. See the Forums for more details! Store Captain Festival Packs - Fabulous Packs available from April 11 to 22. Chance for huge amounts of gold, Water of Life, the Dragon Trainer frame, the Prosperity frame, the Star of Karanvale frame, the Angel's Touch frame, and many different mounts. Kingdom Ceremony Top up Deal - Now through May 16, get extra bonuses when you purchase gems. See the Top up Menu for more details. Quality of Life New field bosses and leaders have been added to the Sardar Highlands. Happy hunting, heroes! These new enemies include Leon the Vivid One, Bellicostro Ironhorn, Moo the Hammerholder, Eschar the Jumper, and Rose the Growler. Item drop/reward messages for cross-server battles will no longer be sent separately for each item, and instead will be combined into one message which will be sent when the player returns to their original server. Guild member faction affiliation is now visible on the Guild Info and Guild Member List pages. Players following a team leader will follow said leader into cross-server preparation zones and stay together (Glorious Championship and Final Challenge). Silver can now be used to pay for the Dragon in PvP environments. In light of player feedback, the Turbo Shop Magellana Emblem, Frost Heart, Blood of Titanus, Flowers of Torannis sale schedules have been adjusted to the server's Foundry. The sale schedule for Fire Spirits has been adjusted to the server's Core of Rock Essence. Additionally, Hunt Token fragments and season 1 faction reputation will no longer be sold in shops. All bound Purple Equipment (not including Legendary and Divine) can be dismantled in bulk through one-tap dismantling. To ensure the best player experience, we are merging the Thundercall Forest and Skyblaze Village servers. The resulting server will be named Thundercall Forest and the new maximum Path Level will be the same as Thundercall Forest. Added in-game recording function on iOS. Bugs Fixed a bug in Wind Bluff Prison #2 where after Balian's Cage Nightmare was destroyed, some of the trapped soldiers remained trapped. Fixed a bug in Wind Bluff Prison #2 where after Balian was chained, he would sometimes continue to roll forward. Resolved an issue with displaying DPS in PvP environments. Fixed an incorrect Arena Gift Bag description. When leaving a raid boss battle, the Arcane Contract skill cooldowns of Mystic characters will be reset. Fixed the issue in which Apocalypse set effects were not being granted to Elementalist characters.
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    Crusaders of Light 3/21 Patch Notes Refer a Friend Rewards Return You can once again collect your earned rewards in game for spreading the good word about Crusaders of Light! Like us on Facebook Low Level characters will once again receive an invite to like us on Facebook. Lucky Draw UI Improvements The UI for Lucky Draw has various improvements. PC Client Optimization UI elements for mobile have been removed on PC versions of Crusaders of Light.
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    imho , they keep making the game harder and harder for new players. I kinda like the idea of legendaries being semi hard to get as u want it to stay "rare" in a sense and not so easy. But , its so unfair to new players. Those people that purchased so many blueprints so cheap and had time to wait to store up alt meldals to use em. Now for new players they can expect uber scaling of mobs 46+ // hard to find bps // nightmare @gylfi lol // harder mystica now (some had chance to enter when all players were 45ish and got higher gear easier) // and more.. i understand that, admin says "once u hit 55 everything should balance" ok sure but the journey getting there??? its not just about cap level.. dont let it feel like hell to get there for newbies. sure its ok the time it takes but they must suffer low cr and low items and lack of legend until then? They know they need to fix these things.. thats why in some other posts they said "wait till everyone is 55 so we can assess the issue better". i mean heck, it be nice for a "new player" to have a way to get atleast ONE legendary "NON-weapon" to feel happy and ok" but dang haha. i have a clannie that he played since 5-6month ago and still has no legendary lol.. But tbh legendary is not that big of issue to have now as the lvl items from mystica and 55 are pretty strong to match a low level legend. lets just wait for server to hit 55 and them to see how player base looks for new players.. if new players keep leaving they will know that they need to change things up for new players. simple as that.... dont let the gap of old / new player so big, its so discouraging to go mine crystal and get one shot by a 60k rating. and u are what 25k average new player rating? after few week. i know one game that the gap of old vs new player IS SOOOO huge that the game died out LOL.. its actually a known game.. the game is just run by "old" rich players that have kept the game going...(new players see it impossible to catch up to a year + to get what max players have so end up leaving) but not all games have this fate... Note to developers: The game currently is in a trial stage. sure. but please be careful and think so much about new players as they will be the life of the game. in creating content dont keep making content high level player friendly only and buffing old players even more and leave new player in the dust. Game is not in a critical place now but be careful on future game design in this sense. right now u have ppl with legend around 320 grade all happy and dandy pking noobies.. man...... and high gems etc.. but new players what? gonna have to wait some weeks / even month to get gem and even harder now to get legend.... so yea guys, with new content BALANCE / make it fair on new players... keep this in mind..
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    Was really hoping to see some nice changes here. Even with fang being about the only viable option there’s not much point in bugging the team anymore since rangers just saw a 30% increase in over all damage. This is downright depressing and makes me want to quit. And hell even switching to tank is almost pointless, give it a month and paladins will be able to tank everying anyways. The one buff we did get, the horn...it’s not even available yet and won’t be for quite some time. Thanks for listening to our concerns....
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    I suggest you to take the server down before you do more damage!
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    Hi NetEase, Thank you for creating a great game but unfortunately you have gotten too money hungry and I think you're shifting to a bad state. There has been so much feedback into what the player base needs so that the game can survive. It feels like you don't care. It is great to see that RedPanda is very active in the forum but you guys are making his job extremely difficult. In fact I feel sorry for the guy because he listens to all our complaints and feedback but nothing is ever done about it. This is actually demoralizing and it seems this has effected a lot of players. Every update is all about a new goblin package. In fact the new goblin packages are terrible.... these chests are just more gambling and RNG. I've been holding onto a $100 gift card for over a month now because non of the packages are actually appealing. I think a meeting is needed so your company can rethink the future of this community. This is not an attack on NetEase because attacks get you no-where. This is purely a perspective of a customer. P.S. Thank you @RedPanda for your increasing activity within the forum. I just wish it wasn't for nothing.
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    So, having supported this company since I started playing (by paying for crystals just to play lucky draw, not to gain anything as it's only a visual effect) I have decided to, as well as a large number of my guild and fellow server members to stop playing for a while. There are a number of easily fixed issues that the developers are failing to address or their community support person is failing to deliver. 1. The strength of mystics. This is bugging a lot of people and I highly doubt it will ever be corrected. If it is, removing their damage won't fix anything, you would have to make severe upgrades to rangers and slight ones to warriors. Otherwise you will have one messed up competition for that 400k prize with teams running OP mystics. 2. The inability to code in a simple if, else statement relating to the chat textbox disengaging hotkeys. This is highly annoying, something that should have been addressed long ago. 3. The optimization of the PC port is still highly poor. Your coding team should know better. I could go into detail but honestly, even an intermediate coder can tell you what's been done wrong. 4. Too many restrictions. I have never seen a game where it locks you out of everything daily. You have an option not to do this and several ways to stop the whiners who think it's not fair (this makes no sense because you choose how long you play, noone forces you not to or to) by making the gains smaller after X amount of runs, then smaller after another X amount etc. 5. The RNG is absolutely terribly for refining. Gaining refinement stones is also completely garbage. I watched a dude get about 400 stones in the space of 5 minutes the other day and I have not gotten more than the basic 10 or so each day for a very long time. Only to slowly save 20 and just get crap rolls on already crap equips. 6. The effects of item sets do ranger scouts nothing whatsoever. That is probably the least thought of path and class in the game. 7. PvP here is a joke. Stuns are guaranteed as is chain pulling. Evasion rates are the same for all classes unless your level over 9000 for a ranger and have 2 billion % dodge and evason. All you have to do is noob, I mean, stun over and over and theres no way a ranger can win in a properly fought fight against an adversary of a seperate class in a non AI assisted fight. 8. It's been said already, and I will say it again, just like a huge chunk of your player base. Boosting mystics for NO reason was the single most stupid, unintelligent thing I have ever, ever seen from a gaming company and I have witnessed some wild things before. As a programmer of several successful games and two about to be released within the on coming months I have to say, I have learnt from your massive stuff up what NOT to do. Listening to the community is the ideal path. If the people who play the game say it'snot right, then it's not right. Just because you have a few elitist Mystic supporters running around the game, acting all pro now and posting in the forums knowing that barely anyone from the game really posts here, and being recognized as a large part of the community does not do this game any justice. All they have achieved is slowing down proper class and skill balancing that is in serious need for mostly Rangers, to be upskilled in terms of damage, item sets for scouts, dodging attacks, defense increase, damage output and crit. Warriors also need some work while mystics, well, since you have a competition up you cant NERF them, you can only bring the other 2 classes up to meet or excel that class, just to see how funny it is when the game is on the backfoot on their side. So with that said and done, good luck @RedPanda and hopefully this game is a lot better in the coming weeks so that those of who that have decided to leave, around 40 will come back to our server and continue playing what started out to be a really hopeful game.
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    I have been playing since Android release, and even though us Android users started one week later, I am the Nr. 4 Mystic on my server. Of course this doesn't say much, and my knowledge is still limited, but here are some tips and tricks for those that are struggling. First, a two part statement. First of all, your character score (Assessment) is not everything. Yes, you can show off on the ladder and compete with that one dude on and off, but Assessment is just assessment; the games way of calculating how much power you have. You should never choose gear/rerolls just because you see a little green arrow. Read the stats carefully and make an informed choice. That being said, Assessment is a fair way of judging someones general power. What this means is that someone with 30k power will almost always DPS/heal/survive better (given equal player skill) compared to someone with 20k power. However around a 1~5k difference, it all boils down to how well the player is performing. In short, you should aim to get a higher character score but it should not mean the be-all and end-all measurement of your characters worth (Also as the old saying goes, a dead DPS is no DPS. So learn your raids!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that's out of the way, let us begin. We'll start by a brief explanation of two different values; Item Grade and Item Quality. Item grade: You can think of this as Item level from WoW. For those unfamiliar, this determines the range of available stats. An item with 160 grade can roll in the 10-20 STR bracket, however an item with 200 grade can roll in the 15-30 STR bracket (numbers are made up). However, this is actually further determined by Quality. Item Quality: Available from SS-S-A-B-C (best to worst). This determines whether the stat bracket will be on the high end or low end. For instance, a 160 grade item with SS quality will always roll between 18-20 STR, while S quality will roll between 16-18. Again the numbers are not representative (It may very well be that S quality can reach 20 STR, but it may be very rare. This is an assumption). So you can have a 160 grade SS quality item with 20 STR roll, and this may even be better vs a 200 grade A quality item with 19 STR. Assessment is the games calculation of the all available stat bonuses on a given piece. Higher assessment raises your characters assessment. Note that this is only an estimation by the game. I have had occurrences where the item with lower assessment was actually better for me. So, how can we increase those numbers and hit the juicy 30K+ scores? Get better gear. Not only better gear, get gear with higher item grade and item quality. I recommend never to waste reforging the stats on sub-level 40 epics. Save them all, as you will need a lot to reforge your better and/or legendary gear (One exception would be set pieces when it comes to rerolling. You can reroll them as level 30-35-38, since the bonuses are very relevant when you are still gearing up). In addition, do not bother rerolling B-C grade epics. You will eventually get an SS-S-A grade epic, so save them. Get level 40 gems in all of your sockets (your accessorry will most likely be lower level for a while, which will not allow level 40 gems to be socketed. Check the item). These gems should be all blue (rare) quality. This should be your #1 priority when spending your silver. Recommended gem purchase order: Attack or magic attack for weapons, off-hand, necklace (if available) >> HP gems (so you do not get oneshot by unavoidable mechanics) >> Magic def gems if you do not PvP >> Defense gems (Defense gems are higher on the list if you are a PvE tank). Recommended gem rarity order: Get the highest quality ones you can afford for offensive gems. Rare level 40 gems cost 1.6m silver, epics cost 9.6m silver, diamonds cost 57.6m silver + 40k gold. Note about diamond gems: Do not sell your level 20 attack gems! You can make a diamond grade level 20 gem a lot cheaper compared to a level 40 diamond gem, and they can still give you up to 2.5% crit or penetration! Amazing stats for 1/4th of the cost. (If you do end up selling them, don't worry - you did not lose anything. The sellback price is the same as the purchase price) Level your main path. The agreed consensus is that your main path should be level 35 by the time you hit level 45. Stop leveling either at 40 (100% xp bonus) or 43 (50% xp bonus, but has access to better gear and more reputation schools) and reach path 35 first. Level your runes. Once they reach level 25-30, it takes a lot of essences to level them up. You can level runes that you won't even use and level them up to 10-15 by the same amount that it takes to up from 30 to 31. You will get an HP bonus for each rune you level. It may be small, but it all adds up! Participate in guild (boss) hunts. These give you tokens which can benefit permanent bonuses to your stats such as HP, Mana, Def, ATK. Do achievements. Many people overlook this, but achievement points actually give you permanent stat bonuses! Spend some time in the menu and try to complete the ones that are easy to do so (eg. gift 10 items). The "kill 10000 of X mobs" can and should be done in auto mode. Just set your character in a nice place before you sleep, and you should get about 4k-8k kills overnight.
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    https://loveproblemsolutionamitkumarji.blogspot.com/2018/09/love-problem-solution-baba-ji.html L O V E P R O B L E M S O L U T I O N B A B A J I +91- 9 6 0 2 8 4 0 3 7 2
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    since weeks ago, I can see there are some characters with the same name in the faction, I thought it maybe a display bug however, I just realise it wasn’t. Those player are: Henrywinkler Bratitutwo MadMaxi Macross THC TickleMyBum Theye all from Reavedge Village and same guild “trinity”. Using clone bug to earn 17 medals from one body, we hope they can be ban bcoz their behaviour really ruin this game.
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    Hello everyone, I started playing this game little over 6 months ago , When things were cool grind was acceptable and to me feels like fair to play. Now i feel like its a huge disappointment just because everyweek and every content involves more and more pay to win content to this game. I wish they sell only cosmetic items with minimal bonus n stuff in order to keep the balance. Sadly this is not a thing we can talk about it anymore. Here we go this week there's going to be a MOL at Lucky Draw and many other things for star circle( These are seriously important items for balance ). On the other hand now there's a thing called Diamond Chests contains gracious mega box which is free legendary inside it. There's a large amount of people who plays this game free to play and mayb if they like too much paying $10 between $50 which was fine but not anymore because no matter how much u grind as a really good player even if you're the best on your class. If you dont have $10,000 to pay for this game. You dont feel like you own something. More you give a chance more you lose eventually , Its really hard to stand against that much p2w content anymore. Here's an example ; When i was at 65k CR people around me was like 70-75k non p2w or small payment accounts . When i try to grind for 70k which is not happening , i'm still at 69k and i'm doing every single dungeon or what matters in this game so far Whoever was at 75k today they almost passed 100k. There's no point how matter you grind its just literally impossible to catch up or competetive with p2w characters in this game anymore. Which is sucks and eventually people will notice that grinding pointless and quit this game aftera all , if you dont feel achieving something in game. its simply pointless to play it anymore. Many friends quit for this unbalanced over powered p2w content. Seems like end of the road really close to me. I started this game with huge potential and hype. Now all im seeing is a company who wants to robb everysingle player who plays this game. what is left its just unncessary for long run this game will be like any other p2w game in the market this just feels sad for such a nice and huge potential game going to be a huge waste... I hope DEV's and company consider this topic as a warning to keep their costumers and players . I hope they will make it more fair for everyone else. Otherwise its just huge disappointment.
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    I enjoy aspects of Fair Duel (now PvP Battlegrounds), but to make PvP more or less exclusively Fair Duel has rendered PvP in general obsolete. What's the point if everyone has the exact same everything, everywhere? There isn't enough class/path customization to provide any sort of real variety in play, we can have all but two of the exact same skills on, and most of the time classes have the same exact layout when it comes to PvP. To make matters worse, none of the PvE gear can be used in PvP now save for maybe Aldor 3s and weekend team arenas. To make PvE gear exclusively for pushing PvE content is a HUGE MISTAKE. I have spent too much time, energy, and money grinding on legendary gear for it's sole purpose to be to continue to grind for more PvE gear in upcoming raids (which on the whole, have not been very good or interesting either). You can't even use your set bonuses in any of the PvP... what is the point now? This exact same update happened in China and it was met with a lot of resistance. I can't believe the same update was carbon copy implemented on our servers as well. I would have hoped the real devs for this game in China would have learned from that mistake, but apparently not. To say that I'm unhappy with this update is a grave understatement. I've spent over $10K on this game between characters and I'm ashamed now. I love supporting game development when I think there is a lot of potential, but this update was a spit in my face. The gear that has been the focus of our grind up until this point is now nearly worthless, good for bragging rights alone which is not nearly enough. Sadly this might be the final straw and I know I'm not alone on my server, and I'd imagine many share the same sentiments elsewhere. I don't really have anything constructive to offer even, I don't know how you can fix this besides undoing the majority of this update. If this is the direction the game is going, I think you're going to lose a lot of your player base, and unfortunately for you it's the portion of your player base that has bank-rolled this gaming endeavor.
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    Razor, relentless, rallying cry, blessed arrow
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    Like most of us I'm waiting and hoping that someone will reply to a post, email, phone calls, private inboxes to no avail...!!! Im shocked by the fact that your partnered with blizzard and have such a disgusting management team that can't even respond months later even though there active everyday on the forums. Aka @RedPanda Aka @Ocho Care to take the time to explain how you supposedly have 15k staff and can't reply or the fact your 2017 3Q Financial Results state. Online game services net revenues were RMB8.1 billion (US$1.2 billion), an increase of 23.5% compared with the third quarter of 2016. - Advertising services net revenues were RMB631.4 million (US$94.9 million), an increase of 12.1% compared with the third quarter of 2016. - E-mail, e-commerce and others net revenues were RMB3.7 billion (US$561.3 million), an increase of 79.5% compared with the third quarter of 2016. But you don't have the resources pathetic and yous have no excuse. https://imgur.com/a/Le15s
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    * Poor execution of compensation * Botched "Up Dates" rendering some devices "No longer compatible" or no longer downloadable product * Non responsive "Support Team and Forum Mods * Game mechanics made impossible or excrutiating to perform tasks or upgrade items etc... * Little information of ingame features/mechanics etc... Nah, I don't think the game is dying. I believe its dead.
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    Crusaders of Light - Guide to MAXIMIZE DPS
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    I've been playing CoL since the beginning and really enjoy it. Just so people understand where I'm coming from: many would consider me a whale, I've spent a small fortune on a handful of different characters, and our guild is currently working on hero Baatimus and Handy Hammer. We're stuck in-between the difficulty increase between hero sky 1&2 and sky3&foundry, which will just take a bit of time. I'm not a huge fan of P2W elements in any game, although I obviously participate in it, but overall I want to see people starting or continuing to play this game. Our server population is shrinking and I know it's not an isolated problem. I will continue to play despite the fact that the problems this game faces are common problems for both MMOs and mobile games in general. I've been trying to think up some ideas to keep people playing and/or get new players into the game, but I think it helps to start with some consensus as to what the general problems actually are. Here are the problems I see/foresee: MMOs are grindy (and get to a point where there are so many dailies to do it feels like more work than it's worth) The Pay-2-win elements of mobile games (although this is a pretty standard business model for games in general atm) are a turn-off to many players There aren't enough things to do for fun (partly because many log in just to do dailies, which takes a long time to complete) I think survival was a great addition to the game (although it has it's own issues) in terms of adding something that people can just do for fun. Spenders have a pretty big advantage in the game, although Fair Duel levels the playing field for some of the new features which is pretty nice as well. This game isn't the worst in terms of grinding, but every new update includes a new something to add to your daily to-do list. Here are some of my own suggestions for addressing some of these general problems as they apply to CoL: The daily grind: consolidating loot on the daily regular instance runs was a step in the right direction, but there are other areas where daily chores can be consolidated as well Lump up faction/reputation quests into a single quest similar to Trials, maybe even for groups to run together Increase the benefit/bonus/existing cap for XP or reputation if someone misses a day or more of quests - give those people a chance to catch up without penalty, and ideally not just an increase on the cap. I don't want to run 150 Trial quests, maybe the 20 I run just count for more XP for example. Allow people to make up the missed normal raids & loot as well, or increase the amount of loot dropped for people that missed out Same with daily guild hunt regular/ruler caps Increase the amount of silver we get daily! Gems + star circle upgrades are a nightmare right now. I don't have enough silver to do anything. My paladin will never catch-up to current players on gems or star circle as the game currently stands. There are also few P2W methods for accumulating silver (aside from lucky draw, converting gold) but I would rather not give P2W any additional advantages here. In general, I don't want to spend more than 1-2 hours max per day on stuff that I would consider a daily task that would put me behind if I skipped. I would also like to be able to skip a day or two of dailies without feeling like I'll fall substantially behind. P2W/F2P and getting players back or new players involved: bringing back champs for lucky tickets was a good start here, but there's more to be done to level the playing field: I think making the daily quests easier and removing the penalty for missing dailies will keep people coming back. If I take a day off right now, I know that that will put be behind, and the longer I take off the harder it is to catch-up. I think this is a huge contributing factor to the shrinking server populations. I like that there are little things in-game already that give players a chance to hit the jackpot without spending money: 50K gold on DI, legends from regular instances or Weekend Party boxes, reforge stones from champs, etc. I would like to see more of these type of events (or login rewards like we had during Halloween). In general, something to bridge the gap between day1 players and players who are looking to get into this game. I know that I rerolled on a different server once I found out there was a newer server available than the one I initially started on. The XP buff for players significantly under the server level cap helps, but there is still a LOT to keep those players behind the rest. FUN: adding Survival and Aldor Coliseum were steps in the right direction here as well, but I would like to be able to spend my time on CoL outside of raiding doing other things for fun People still aren't participating in battlefields. Personally there are so many other things that take up a significant amount of my time on CoL that I don't usually have time. In addition, the queue is still unbearable and I'm often waiting for a match that never actually happens. I would like to see some organized 15v15 or 25v25 cross-server battles, but I think the daily quests issues need to be addressed first. I'm still not sure if cross-server is even working, we only match we two groups on our server coordinate to play each other. Fix cross-server if it's still broken, aside from that maybe increase the rewards for completing BF? I'm not sure. Aldor Coliseum is great, but matching is still broken. Starting around Gold rank, it's very difficult to find a match most of the time. Our guild ends up having to trade wins among similarly ranked players to complete the weekly quests. I would suggest widening the matchmaking parameters so that higher teams can match lower teams, but increase the penalty/reward to compensate. Let higher rank teams farm easier teams for +1 point, but risk losing a lot of points if they do manage to lose. WoW had similar problems that were solved in a similar way when areans were first introduced. Fix people teaming up in Survival. Couple of possibilities: (1) hide player names (although doesn't stop people from finding each other). (2) put a poison-like debuff on players that are close to each other and not attacking each other (or something similar to encourage attacking/dissuade teaming). (3) punish players for teaming up (lolz). In general, add something that I can look forward to doing on CoL besides raiding. I understand that there will probably some sort of reward attached (and thus, some sort of obligation to do it), but something to keep me playing that doesn't feel like work. There are a handful of things I really do NOT want to see happen as well: Server merges - happens in nearly every MMO I've played, same problems continue to exist and the merge just delays the inevitable decline Character transfers (especially if they're paid) - too easy for whales to dominate a particular server, eliminates the point of cross-server anything Class changes (especially if they're paid) - eliminates the need for creating new characters, makes group composition pointless if you can just min/max through class change Thanks for listening and I look forward to feedback. Again I'm just trying to come up with some ideas to keep people playing and ideally get new people involved. It's an uphill battle for new players when everyone has a 4-5 month headstart. I think this game looks outstanding, plays smoothly, has tough mechanical PvE content, and decent PvP, especially with PUBG-esque survival mode. I know that server merges will most likely happen at some point, but I'm trying to find solutions that don't necessarily require that. I think the same problems will exist after the merge, where guilds will slowly fall off until only one or two major guilds are left. Merging servers just addresses the symptom of the problem (shrinking population) and not the root cause (the increasing number of daily chores and substantial penalty for falling behind or starting fresh).
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    The Paladins arrive October 25th! Crusaders of Light's next huge update, Arrival of the Paladins, includes the long-anticipated arrival of the Paladin, a brand new class with the ability to tank or deal damage. But the fun doesn't stop there! Also included is the brand new Star Circle system, giving you a whole new way to use experience to grow your Character's power. We've also got tons of new content, with a revamped quest system that makes exploring the world of Milura more rewarding, and the final 2 Bosses of Heroic: Burning Skyblaze Village. If that wasn’t enough there’s a ton of other features, including new levels to upgrade Legendary gear, and the return of the Champion’s Trials. Get ready Crusaders, October 25th and Arrival of the Paladins is almost here!
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    I am Sorry, but you just made a bigger problem with this refund. People were working hard to stay on top of the charts logged in into a chaos today, to find out that they dropped 20-30-40 ranks down because of lucky people, who didnt lose a thing got overcompensated. People that were 35-40k got 60-400 DIAMONDS gifted to them, and jumped ot 50k rating in matter of 10 minutes. 3 month of work went down the toilet. Good job. How are you planning to fix that? Doublex Forest Vally serve.
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    Aldorr Coliseum Aldorr Council will open an event for Heroes to test their skills against each other, the Aldorr Coliseum. Each day the Aldorr Coliseum will open at 10:00 to 23:50 server time. During which you can jump in and test your mettle as many times as you want. The Council will arrange for proper matches based on how well you perform. There are two types of matches for the Aldorr Coliseum, a 5v5 and a 3v3 mode. Both types of matches will use both of the maps. In the 5v5 format, players will be battling on even ground, gear, path, and runes will be all equal Aldorr Council has made some adjustments to PVP fights too. Heroes can have channel chats and friend chats, and use real-time voice normally after entering Coliseum. To reward the heroes who have actively participated in PVP fights, Aldorr Council has added some new achievements for them to explore. Divine Essence (Arcane) can be obtained by dismantling Divine equipment that are exchanged from PVP Store with medals cannot be exchanged for Legendary equipment, but only can be used to upgrade Deity equipment purchased from PVP Store. Cross Server Battlefields DELAYED Aldoor Colisuem, Surgewind Valley and Guardian Canyon will be cross server at a future date Friends Space and Social You can now add friends to this space to share status updates and say hi by knocking on the door to the friend’s space. New feature - Friendship will be available. Friends can gain Friendship by adventuring together, exploring raids together and exchanging gifts. Detailed rules are as follows: 1) Friends can team up to join raids, group raids and Demon Invasion to increase Friendship by defeating bosses. 2) Friends can team up to join Irritable Elementals and Elemental Lords to increase Friendship by defeating Elemental monsters. 3) Friends can team up to join Guild Goblints and Trial Quests to increase Friendship by completing each segment. 4) Up to 100 points of Friendship can be obtained from raids and events every day. 5) Friendship can be increased by giving Chocolate and Roses to each other, without being restricted by the upper limit of 100 points. 6) Currently, the total upper limit of Friendship is 3,000 points, and Friendship will not be increased any more once this upper limit is reached. PVP Adjustments Damage and healing coefficients in PVP has been slightly reduced. Adjustments to Equipment and Items The experience of the equipment's upgrade panel has been improved too by replacing the list of consumed equipment for upgrading Legendary and Divine equipment with the list of corresponding sets, allowing heroes to view them more clearly. Moreover, the new two-seated mount - Gilded Flying Carpet can now be exchanged from Claes' Store. Heroes who already have Gilded Flying Carpet Redeem Tickets can now exchange for the corresponding bestiary directly, while others can exchange with Popular Stars. Item Sets Two Hearts- this now clarifies as “increases basic attack” Armillarion’s Poison 2-Piece Set: Damage increased to 33% 3-Piece Set bonus now deals continuous damage for 5 seconds after the poison bottle explodes New D3 Sets Torture Jewel 2-Piece Set: When a normal attack inflicts a critical hit, it may trigger an extra attack of shadow energy that deals damage for 6 seconds. 3-Piece set: 20% of the damage dealt by Torture Jewel is used to heal the most severely injured member of your team Torture Jewel can appear on items dropped off of Heroic Burning Skyblaze’s B’lique. Arcane Crystal 2-PIece Set: Each skill use has a chance to summon an arcane crystal. The crystal will attack enemies and heal allies depending on what the skill use. If the crystal was triggered when it was a damaging attack the crystal will attack the enemy, if it a healing skill triggered the crystal it will help heal allies. 3-Piece Set: The Arcane Crystal will now do AoE damage and AoE healing. New Divine Equipment Warrior Ancestor’s Soul 2-Piece Set: Reduces Flaming Sigil’s cooldown by 1 second 3-Piece Set: Reduces Blood Thirst, Gladiator Heart, and Death Gaze’s cooldown by 1 second when using Flaming Sigil. 4-Piece Set: Flaming Sigil will cause earthquakes, dealing continuous damage and causing a healing reduction effect. Mystic Arcane Embrace 2-PIece Set: REduces Mystic Galaxy’s cooldown by 1 second 3-Piece set: Gain the Arcane Embrace effect by using Mystic Galaxy 4 times. Arcane Embrace deals damage to a random nearby enemy, lasts 5 seconds. 4-Piece Set: Arcane Embrace can now target an extra enemy. If there is only 1 target in range, the damage is doubled. Rangers Wrath of Stars 2-Piece Set: Reduces Blessed Arrow’s cooldown by 1 second. 3-Piece Set: Roll can release a Stellar Aura. This aura can interrupt skills. (where does the aura release? start or end point? Is there a duration?) 4-Piece Set: Using Blessed Arrow 4 times will trigger Wrath of Stars. Wrath of Stars will damage all nearby enemies. Set Swap Rules change We’ve also adjusted some rules for set swap. Legendary Set attributes can now be swapped to Divine equipment and vice versa. Torture Jewel and Arcane Crystal Sets are both D3 sets that can be used in upgrading Legendary and Divine equipment. Rock, Fire, Secret, Flock, Samsara, and Endogeny have been changed to D1 sets from D0. Set swap rules for these are now as the D1 rules. Badel's Destiny Set can only be triggered by active skills' shields, such as Mystic's Arcane Shield and Aurora, Warrior's Lava Quake and Gladiator Heart, and cannot be triggered by shields passively obtained from Promotions and runes, including Mystic's Reliability rune, Ranger's Stellar Blessing rune and other passive shields. Class changes Warriors Threat generation for Gladiator warriors have been increased. Mystic Nobility is now “Increase Suppression’s Damage and Crit” instead of just Damage. Wave is now Increases Spell Crit damage instead of just affecting Suppression only. Ranger Starblade Volley of Ranger's Scout Path has been changed to "gain the Starblade Volley active class skill to release a starblade to deal damage to a target. There is a 25% chance to gain a Starblade Volley effect when using an active class skill. Up to two effects can be stacked, and each can use Starblade Volley to release an extra starblade. Cooldown of Ranger's Scout Path Starblade Volley has been reduced to 8 seconds, and the casting animation has been optimized too. Starblade Talent of Ranger's Scout Promotion can no longer reduce Starblade Volley's cooldown. Raids and Team Raids Adjustments Heroic Burning Skyblaze Village will unlock. This is a 7-20 person raid. The Team Raid difficulty will adjust according to the number of players. The Bosses of Heroic Skyblaze Village will have the following attributes: 10% Crit 10% Dodge 15% Parry 15% Spell Resistance 15% Accuracy 15% Spell Penetration 110% Hit 60% Crushing on Normal attacks. Ordeal Elemental Lords will also have the same attributes. Heroic Skyblaze Village can drop the new D3 Sets, Torture Jewel and Arcane Crystal. They can also drop Frosty Hearts, Blood of Titanus, Flowers of Torannis, and Fire Spirit. There are also exclusive achievements and titles for the first or quickest to defeat the first two bosses of Heroic Burning Skyblaze Village. All Heroic and Normal Team Raids have also been adjusted to have flexible difficulty. Heroic versions of Scar Plains, Dire Galleon, Ancestral Altar, and Goblint Camp, Normal version of Chimeria, Everlush Valley, and Burning Skyblaze Village is now 7-10 players. Heroic Chimeria and Everlush Valley now require 7-20 players. Normal and Heroic Fort and Fortress of Desloation are now 20-40 people. Heroic Ash Fort’s Arunas Spear of Servant’s Damage to Bear Spirit Badel has been reduced by 33% Duration of Bear Spirit’s Inspiration attack bonus has been increased to 15 seconds, up from 12 seconds. Heroic Everlush Valley Ashroot adjusted Heroic Chimeria Crystragos adjusted Daily Events Elemental Lords have been adjusted, Dread Blast Elemental Lords should no longer spawn in places that can’t be clicked. Elemental Lord spawn rate increased. Guild adjustments We've also adjusted the Guild Hunt rules. The winning guild will no longer be decided according to the number of members of participating guilds, but according to the total damage to the lords - the guild with the highest damage will win. Guild officials can click the "Refresh" button on the guild application panel to view the latest applicants who have applied to this guild and haven't joined any other guild yet. Other improvements To allow players to better count their various currencies, "Currency Page" has been added to "Character - Attributes Panel" to display the number of various main currencies in test servers. Quick Casting Players on Facebook Gameroom can now use Quick Cast. Buff spells can now be cast on players by simply moving the mouse over the target and using your skill. Rune Treasure We’ve heard you, Crusaders. There is now a Rune Elixir that will allow all players 35 and higher to reset their Rune Skills. Using a Rune Elixir will reset all your Rune Skills and return the materials in the form of tokens. These tokens will be used first when upgrading Rune Skills again. You can view detailed quantities under Skills- Rune Upgrade or Character- Attributes panels. Inspect function We've heard you again! Now you can Inspect other players by selecting them and tapping on the inspect button. You will be able to see someone's Gear, Path, and Runes. New Cosmetic: Demon's Wings. You can now purchase demon's wings as a new cosmetic item for your character. New Mount: Stormrage Gruder Stormrage Gruder can be obtained by redeeming Festival Masks. New Lucky draw There will be new items in the Lucky Draw, including a pair of cosmetic devil wings! Blacklist Feature If you have encountered a player that has been harassing you, you can now add them to your own Blacklist. This player will no longer be able to message you.
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    Netease won't even tell us the updates during an update, you think they will tell you the future of items in the game?
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    Legs, Chest, Helmet, Shoulders, vambraces. Everything changed price but the cape. I'm actually on the phone with google atm regarding this as I believe this is outside their terms and conditions. I'm claiming my $500 back.
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    When the game was released globally, and a lot of people were disappointed at the amount of servers and predicted correctly that they have been split too much and that our servers were going to be dead, NetEase said they would be watching player bases and that they would keep us updated about possible server merges. So my question is, are server merges going to happen? A lot of the servers are dead, other than the first EU server and NA East. There's no reason for NA West to have two servers, and the second server has pretty much caught up to the first. It would be logical to merge them. I don't see why there's two oceanic servers when there's such a small playerbase. You're only making it harder for people to find great guilds, groups and friends. I can't speak on behalf of all servers, but the Thundercall Forest server is slowly dying. Playing in a dead and boring server isn't fun and it's pushing players away who are getting bored of it. It's not fun to take over twenty minutes to form a group for trials and over an hour to form a PUG for a hero raid. New players are never going to be able to find groups for anything. Server merges were common in the Chinese version of the game and reinvigorated current player bases. If a server merge isn't going to be announced any time soon, most of my server will have quit by the time of the end of the $400k cash competition. Please, NetEase, let your loyal players know about your future plans for current servers before it's too late.
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    The newest update for extra damage when target's HP is below 20% for Starblade Volley was great and was needed to dust the cobwebs off the move. However, there are issues that need to still be worked. With Starblades Volley 8 Second Cooldown, combined with Starblade, the right talent tree ( at my current path tree level 38 ) decreaces its cooldown by 7.6. Having 2 charges of Starblade Volley, I can spam this move endlessly with no cooldown. And with its weak damage without the target being under 20%, its only then when it should be used. Therefore, we can spam this move when boss is below %20 hp, like a Kill Shot if you will, which is what I feel the team was going for. The Damage still isn't that great, but acceptable if target is 20% as a move to be spammed. I do think it should be able to be used while casting though. The biggest issue though brings us to the top talent on the right of the Scout Path , Rules of the Forest. It is COMPLETELY USELESS. There is no point in having a move crit to reset a Starblade Volley cooldown... if there's never a cooldown on it with having the Starblade ( most right talent on path ) leveled up. In all, rework needs to still be done. I suggest making Starblade Volley ONLY usable when the target is 20% hp, as that's the only time it should ever be being used. As for the top talent Rules of the Forest, I'd suggest in it increasing the CRIT rate of Starblade Volley, per level increased respectively. Thanks for reading. Travels / Ranger / Scout
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    Part 2, Silver, Gold and Medal purchases In this second part I will be telling you what I think is the best way to spend your hard earned currency. Again, due to how the forums work, one cannot edit their own post. Please see the Reddit thread for the most up-to-date information. All the information here is valid as of 2nd of August, 2017. Shop Item Cost Purchase? Why? Gem Store Level 20, 30, 40 gems (normal and rare) 50k-1.6m silver Yes The only reliable way to purchase gems. As far as I can tell, there is no way to upgrade the level of the gems (you can't level up a level 20 gem into a level 30). Since gems can be dismantled for 100% of their original price, feel free to buy and dismantle them once you move to a higher level! Altruism Medal A Pouch of Silver 20 medals No This item nets small amount of silver. Your medals are better spent somewhere else. Altruism Medal Regalian's Magic Stone 100 medals Not recommended Useful item, but honestly unless you are capped with medals & stones, 100 medals is a bit too much for an item you get plenty of by daily activities. Altruism Medal Extract Chest 300 medals Never buy 5 rune essences for 300 medals? Holy scam! Do Elemental dailies if you need essences, 300 is way too overpriced. Altruism Medal Magellena Emblems 500 medals Never buy You can buy these medals for either 200k silver, or 1000 Guild Emblem. Either way is a better option. You also get 2-6 Emblems each week by completing the 30 Guild Quests. Altruism Medal Stones 100 medals YES! The best way to spend your medals is buying Stones. These stones are used in crafting and help increase item stats + chance of forging into epic items. Materials Extract Chest 100k silver Not recommended At the time 100k silver means nothing to you, you probably have a vast collection of essences. If silver is short, do not buy this item. Materials Rune Chest 500k silver NEVER buy Holy scam #2! Seriously, use your silver for making epic gems. Not this. Materials Large Essence Chest 10k gold No 10k gold can be put to better uses. Materials Large Rune Chest 50k gold No 50k gold can be put to better uses. Materials Regalian's Magic Stone 1k gold Depends Depends on if you are swimming in gold or not. Probably not when you get your first epic level 20. Also, never roll sub-35 items. 35-40 epics can be rerolled if they are either set items, or S/A grade epics that rolled badly when you received them. Materials Elf Jewel, Heart of a Demon, The Dragon's Breath 5k, 3k, 2k gold Not recommended Not recommended, as Light of Dawn is a bit of a gimmicky item. If you are far advanced in the game that you can craft multiple Light of Dawns, then go ahead! [Note that all 3 components can be bought from other players, most likely at a cheaper price] Materials Dragon Scale 10k gold Yes If you need this item, you need it for crafting. Other options of buying this are through your faction medals. Honestly, I would save the medals for your PvP gear. So gold is the only true way of buying these. Materials Gollen Cast Iron 10k gold Yes Same as above Materials Gem Grinder 10k gold Yes The only way to buy this item, as far as I know, is with gold. Note that you can also buy this item from other players. Materials Guild Supplies 20k gold Yes and no Do not buy this item to add more supplies to your guild. 20k gold is way too expensive for what you get. Do buy it for the 10 supply achievement when 200k gold is no longer an issue for you. Food and Potion Potions, food 1k - 100k silver Yes Various activities yield food and potions, but you gotta buy them especially if you are an active player. Weekly Specials Magellena Emblems 200k silver Yes! The best way to purchase these is with silver. As written above, make sure to complete your weekly 30 Guild quests before you buy these, as these quests often reward you with multiple Magellana Emblems. Weekly Specials Stones 1k gold Not recommended Sure, 1k gold does not sound a lot. Just remember that you often need multiple stones for crafting. Unless you are out of Altruism Medals, I would not recommend spending gold on Stones. Faction NPC Large potions 20k silver Recommended At the beginning 20k will sound very expensive for potions. Well, it really is. But these are the best ones available at the moment, and HP potions for PvP/raids or Mana potions are very valuable! In summary Gold I suggest using gold to buy blueprints and whatever raw material you cannot get yourself from the Trading House. Once you get to higher end crafting, the costs will become enormous so any amount you save will be welcome. Some items can only be bought with gold, such as Gem Grinders (needed for Diamond level gems). Be wise spending your gold, as it is much harder to find compared so silver. Silver Speaking of silver, I recommend buying a full set of regular level 40 gems first, followed by a full rare set and eventually epic and diamonds. Focus on weapon gems (attack or magic attack) first. After that, I would get HP gems unless you are a tank or PvP a lot. Many boss mechanics will simply one shot you if you don't have enough HP. You will need silver to buy potions and food as well. Luckily the game is fairly generous in giving you silver. Altruism Medals Use them for Stones. The next part will focus on available additional currencies. Currency Use Guild Emblem Magellana Emblems or Leveling gear. You will most likely find better gear throughout the week, however not so many Magellana Emblems. Shadow Crystals Honestly, be patient and get the cosmetic rewards or the mount. I'm not sure whether they will become unobtainable once the Light vs Dark event ends. If anyone knows for sure let me know and I'll edit this! Sakura Badge Trust me on this one, don't start buying the Giftboxes. It's a drug and you will feel really bad for wasting crystals on them. Unless we can get Giftboxes from events, if you happen to have any Badges lying around use 3 for the small box and call it a day. Faction medallions Not recommended to buy Dragon Scale or Gollen Cast Iron. Unless these medallions will disappear when the event ends (confirmation needed), save them for the exotic sets. Courage medal You get a 1-3 of these each day for playing the game. Save them for the higher rank rewards with various Reputations. Leaf of Eternity These babies go for 25-50k gold on my server. The prices will either rise or fall; not many people are high enough level & rich enough to buy 30 of them yet. Once they do, price may rise. Or it may go down due to high supply. Only time will tell. I would suggest selling this in the weekend for gold, but don't come blaming me if the prices rise. Legendary Essence Honestly I'm nowhere near the level to use this item. There is only one on our server and is being sold for 500k gold. Let me know what it's for! Honor points All I can find is gear on Faction NPC's for 20k honor pts (rank Major Lieutenant and up). If anyone knows other NPC's, please share! Flower of Torannis I got one of these from a heroic raid. As far I remember, 10 of them are needed for exotic gear! Check the reddit thread for user submitted tips! If you have anything you'd like to add, let it know down below. In my next guide I will write the available goblin deals, and which of them are the best. If you plan to buy crystals, you really should be doing it with the time-limited goblin deals. I will need some more time to gather all the available options, so feel free to send me a PM with whatever options you get (For instance; 20$ option includes items XYZ vs ABC). I can add this to the available options!
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    Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 6/30 Addendum Patch Highlights: New Raid: Pit of Desolation 40-player group raid Pit of Desolation is now live. After defeating Fort Desolation, Pit of Desolation becomes available. Inside, Liador awaits your challenge! Factions:"Light vs Shadow" The Light vs. Shadow event has officially launched. During the event, complete quests assigned by the Golden Flame Captain or Mara's Fallen Captain to receive bountiful rewards! Class balancing We have made significant improvements to classes. Test out new builds and explore new abilities! Patch Notes: Equipment New Deity Equipment Raids may drop Flowers of Torannis, which can be exchanged for PvE Deity equipment. Faction battles may drop Faction Medals, which can be exchanged for PvP Deity equipment. Warrior Deity Sets Lightning 2-Piece Set: Increases the range of Deadly Forge and Meteor Crater by 5 meters. 3-Piece Set: Increases the CRT rate of Deadly Forge by 15%. 4-Piece Set: Deadly Forge has a 30% chance to knock down enemies. Lava 2-Piece Set: When the Lava Quake shield disappears, it restores HP equivalent to 30% of the shield's defense. 3-Piece Set: Increases the CRT rate of Magma Spikes by 20% 4-Piece Set: Magma Spikes gains Lava Quake's shield effect. Ranger Deity Sets Beastmaster 2-Piece Set: Increases the bind time of Wild Spirit by 50%. 3-Piece Set: Increases the attack range of Wild Spirit to 15 meters. 4-Piece Set: Rallying Cry triggers Wild Spirit effect for free. Wild 2-Piece Set: Casting Blessed Arrows reduces Shadow Murder's cooldown by 2 seconds. 3-Piece Set: Casting Shadow Murder reduces Blessed Arrows' cooldown by 2 seconds. 4-Piece Set: Increases the CRT rate of Blessed Arrows and Shadow Murder by 10% and decreases their MP cost by 50%. Mystic Deity Sets Void 2-Piece Set: Increases range of Void Walk by 10 meters. 3-Piece Set: Dread Blast can attack up to 4 targets if cast within 3 seconds after Void Walk. 4-Piece Set: A Truth Spirit is left behind after Void Walk. Truth 2-Piece Set: Light Sigil resets Purifying Blast's cooldown. 3-Piece Set: Increases the CRT rate of Purifying Blast by 15%. 4-Piece Set: Automatically gains Arcane Shield effect and casts Purifying Blast when HP is lower than 20%. Can only be triggered once every 60 seconds. Deity equipment's Lightning, Void and Beastmaster Sets can be exchanged at the Faction Store. God equipment's Lava, Truth and Wild Sets can be exchanged for Flowers of Torannis obtained from bosses in Heroic raids and group raids. Grade C has been removed from the range of random basic attributes when identifying Legendary and Deity equipment. New Sets: Obtained by forging LV. 40 equipment, identifying Legendary equipment, or smelting Legendary sets. Warrior Rock 2-Piece Set: Increases crush resistance by 10%. Increases the shield effect of Lava Quake by 30%. Fire 2-Piece Set: Casting Burning Blessing resets Anvil Drop's cooldown. Ranger Endogeny 2-Piece Set: Reduces the MP cost of Relentless by 35%. Samsara 2-Piece Set: Increases Razor Wind damage by 30%. Mystic Secret 2-Piece Set: Increases Mystic Galaxy's damage and healing effect by 30%. Flock 2-Piece Set: Increases the shield effect of Arcane Shield by 30%. Obtained by identifying Epic equipment bought from the Faction Store. Two Hearts 2-Piece Set: Increases maximum ATK by 20% and decreases minimum ATK by 20%. Obtained from Heroic Pit of Desolation's Boss: Raybeak. Charge Field 2-Piece Set: When dealing critical damage, you have a chance to summon 1 positive charge field and 1 negative charge field beside you, and gain a positive charge or negative charge. When the Charge Field ends, if you are in the Charge Field with a charge that is opposite yours you will deal AOE damage and if you are in the Charge Field with a charge that is the same as yours you will cause area HP Regen. Charge Field 3-Piece Set: Increases the Charge Field's HP Regen or the CRT rate of Charge Field's damage by 30%. Classes Path Reset Heroes can now reset their Path! Potential Elixirs, available in at the Shop for 5,000 Gold, are used to reset your Path and return the Silver, Talent EXP and items were used to level up. Once the Talent level is reset, your activated Path will be canceled automatically, and you will need to select and activate a Path again. Returned Crests of Mara will be mailed to players. LV. 30+ players can accept relevant tutoring quests that reward Potential Elixir x3 on completion. Starting next month, Daily Sign-in event will also reward Potential Elixirs, or you can claim your reward directly by going to Aerial Island's Guardian Fort portal and talking to Merchant Madlen. Warrior Executioner Anvil Drop/Lightning Trample CRT +15%, damage +100%. Gladiator Now take 20% less damage from monsters. Crush Resistance increased by 20% Flaming Sigil changed from increased healing by 15% to decreased damage from monster by 20% Fang of Titanus: Tempest Rage's Slow effect was removed. Now reduces target’s armor instead. Tempest Rage's CRT bonus effect was removed. Now increases Lava Quake’s Damage by 50%. Fear/Slow's resistance bonus was removed. This has been replaced by Magma Spikes dealing extra damage to enemies whose HP is lower than 30%. Additionally, you can move while casting Magma Spikes. Devotion was changed to "increases Deadly Forge's CRT". Warchief was changed to "increases the P.CRT for teammates in Magma Spikes' range". Purification was changed to "increases Death Gaze's damage". Death Gaze and Searing Chains can now directly remove target's shield without upgrading. Casting time is now 1 second and duration is now 2 seconds. Ancestral Boost Rune was changed to "increases normal attack damage". Warriors now gain a 30% crush resistance. Passion now deals extra damage when the target's HP is more than 70%. Mystic Verity Spirit Dread Blast's range bonus was removed. Instead, increases Dread Blast's damage by 100%. Void Walk was used, the player receives a 15% damage reduction and an extra 30% attack bonus. Mara's Judgement Suppression +15% CRT was changed to ''increases Dreadfall's damage by 50%", and the CRT upgrade for Suppression is now a Sub Trait (Wave). Intensity was changed to "increases both Mystic Galaxy and Purifying Blast's damage". Wave was changed to "increases Suppression's CRT". Mystic Skills and Runes Void Spirit Rain's damage increased by 100%. Phantom Rune and Insight Rune's damage boost effect was doubled. Damage dealt Suppression increased by 66%. Passive skill effect of Mara's Judgment now deals extra 15% damage when inflicting a critical hit, up from 10% Ranger Forest Guide Waxing Moon and Starlight's chance to trigger increased 10%. Tempest Shot's escape damage +100% up from 30% Wild Roar's range was greatly increased. Ranger Skills and Runes Tempest Shot can directly remove the target's shield now without additional upgrades. The backswing duration of Starblade Volley was reduced. The backswing can now be interrupted. An indicator now appears for Wild Roar while it is active. Damage dealt by Moonlight was doubled. Equipment Sets Set Items have been improved Raid Sets Manaflame, Sailor, Twisting,Nature, and Commander Sets have had their triggering chance is greatly increased. Soul Trap Set's triggering chance is greatly increased. And damage is doubled. Malum Crystal Set's triggering chance is greatly increased. And damage is doubled. Plague Descent Set's triggering chance is greatly increased. And damage is doubled. Ghast Set's triggering chance is greatly increased. And damage is doubled. Triggering method of Armillarion's Poisons Set is changed as "has a chance to be triggered when inflicting damage to enemies", and damage is greatly increased. Gorghana's Sacrificial Rite Set's triggering chance is greatly increased. Conflagrus's Fire Shell Set's triggering chance is greatly increased. Set Changes: LV.40 Epic Blueprints obtained at the Reputation Store by exchanging Courage Medals can now be identified to possibly obtain a Wasteland Will Set and a Northland Skin Set. Set Series: Based on their attributes, Sets are divided into 3 series: D0, D1, and D2. Grade C was removed from the range of random basic attributes range for the D1 series. The D0 series contains 17 sets: Blood Drinker, Earth Heart, Wasteland Will, Apocalypse, Northland Skin, Arcane Ring, Adversary, Hostility, Blade Counter, Tyrant Armor, Heavenly Mandate, Rock, Fire, Secret, Flock, Endogeny, and Samsara. The D1 series contains 7 sets: Two-hearts, Chosen, Commander's Resolve, Nature's Blessing, Sailor's Rage, Devoidra's Twisting Wind, and Manaflame Strike. The D2 series contains 12 sets: Armillarion's Poisons, Tali'egar's Resolve, Conflagrus's Fire Shell, Gorghana's Sacrificial Rite, Noctisidious' Protection, Souleater's Soul Trap, Crystragos' Gaze, Fear Strike, Ghast, Malum Crystal, Plague Descent, and Charge Field. Legendary Sets Warrior Executioner 4-Piece Set: Blood Thirst's damage increased to 30% (up from 8%), cooldown decreased by 3 seconds. Gladiator 4-Piece Set: Gladiator Heart offers 30% extra RES (up from 8%) and cooldown reduced by 3 seconds. Fang of Titanus 4-Piece Set: Death Gaze's damage 30% (up from 8%) and cooldown reduced by 3 seconds. Ranger Scout 4-Piece Set: Starblade Volley's damage increased to 30% (up from 8%), HIT +3%. Forest Guide 4-Piece Set: Moonlight's damage increased to 30% (up from 8%) and cooldown reduced by 3 seconds. Mystic Verity Spirit 4-Piece Set: Void Spirit Rain's damage increased to 30% (up from 8%), cooldown reduced by 3 seconds. Mara's Judgement 4-Piece Set: Suppression's damage increased to 30% (up from 8%), cooldown reduced by 3 seconds. Shepherd 4-Piece Set: Consolation's healing increased to 30% (up from 8%), cooldown reduced by 3 seconds. Upgrading and Identifying Legendary Equipment Upgrading Legendary equipment's (besides Legendary weapons) 4th and 5th upgrade no longer cost Legendary Essence.The new cost will be Blood of Titanus x1 and Frost Heart x5. Rules for upgrading Legendary weapons, vambraces, pants, shoes and accessories are as follows: The 6th upgrade will cost Legendary Essence x1, Blood of Titanus x1 and a Set piece obtained from B’lique x1. The 7th upgrade will cost Legendary Essence x1, Blood of Titanus x2 and a Set piece obtained from Baatimius x1. The 8th upgrade will cost Legendary Essence x1, Blood of Titanus x3 and a Set piece obtained from Pulrik x1. Rules for upgrading Legendary offhand equipment, helmets, armors, pauldrons, capes, belts and earrings are as follows: The 6th upgrade will cost Blood of Titanus x1 and a Set piece obtained from B’lique x2. The 7th upgrade will cost Blood of Titanus x2 and a Set piece obtained from Baatimius x2. The 8th upgrade will cost Blood of Titanus x3 and a Set piece obtained from Pulrik x2. If any upgrades have already done, the additional consumed Legendary Essence will be returned by mail. Identifying The materials required for identifying Legendary and Deity equipment have been reduced to Gollen Cast Iron x5, Dragon Scale x5 and the corresponding Enchantment Stone x20. For each piece of Legendary or Deity equipment that players identified before this update, they will receive Gollen Cast Iron x23 and Dragon Scale x15 via mail. Gollen Cast Irons and Dragon Scales can be dismantled into equal amounts of Silver. A special thank you will be included for those who receive this rebate. You can identify Legendary equipment of other classes, but can't sell the identified equipment. Legendary equipment upgrade process The number of upgrades required to level LV.30 Legendary equipment to LV.40 has been reduced from 5 to 3. The number of upgrades required to upgrade to LV.45 has been reduced from 8 to 5. Level cap is still 45. The adjustments only change upgrade requirements, and will not affect equipment attribute for each level. Diamonds The amount of Sparkling Diamond Shards required for Diamond refinement was significantly reduced: the amount required for refining each LV.20, LV.30, and LV.40 Diamond was reduced to 2 while maintaining the same boosting attributes. Surplus Sparkling Diamond Shards that were used in previous refinements will be returned by mail after the update. Sparkling Diamond Shards Exchange Store Available:On Aerial Island, elf jeweler Hetia Agila has opened his Exchange Store, allowing you to exchange your Sparkling Diamond Shards for Diamonds. Diamond Shards can be exchanged for any LV.20 Diamond of 1.1% attribute probability; 2 Sparkling Gem Shards can be exchanged for any LV.30 Diamond of 1.1% attribute probability; 4 Sparkling Diamond Shards can be exchanged for any LV.40 Gem of 1.1% attribute probability. The attribute that Fire Diamond can get from polishing was changed from "Healing" to "P.ACC". Existing Fire Diamond's "Healing" attribute will be changed to "P.ACC" accordingly. Added Lunarian Diamonds, which have with the basic attribute of M.ATK and the random attribute of M.CRT or PIERCING. Lunarian Diamonds can be obtained through polishing. Added Moontear Diamonds, which have the basic attributes of M.ATK and Healing and no random attribute. Moontear Diamonds can be obtained through polishing. Moonlight Diamonds can no longer be obtained by polishing. Existing Moonlight Diamonds will not be removed. The attribute that Aquasource Diamonds can get by polishing was changed from “P.HIT" to "HIT" (both P.HIT and ACCURACY). Existing Aquasource Diamond's "P.HIT" attribute will be changed to "HIT" accordingly too. The attribute that Elemental Diamond can get by polishing was changed from "ACCURACY" to "HIT" (both P.HIT and ACCURACY). Existing Elemental Diamond's "ACCURACY" attribute will be changed to "Hit" accordingly. Diamond Refinement feature was added. You can enter Refinement Panel through the Diamonds' pop-up options in Bag. By spending a small amount of Sparkling Diamond Shards, you can refine the Diamonds to improve their random attributes up to their maximum values. Smelting Smelting is now available for Legendary equipment's Legendary attribute. Players may use 5 Regalian's Magic Stones to select the attribute they want. Smelting is now available for Legendary equipment's Set attribute. Players may use 2 Dragon Scales to select the Set effect they want. Equipment Forging Changes: Chance to get Epic equipment by enhancing LV.30 and LV.40 Rare blueprints was increased from 25% to 35%. The amount of Enhancement Stones required for enhancing LV.40 Rare blueprints (not including weapons) was reduced. The amount of materials required for forging LV.30 Rare Blueprints was increased. The amount of materials required for forging LV.40 helmets, armors, pants, spaulders, vambraces, capes, shoes, and belts using Common blueprints has been reduced. This will allow players to find a set that suits their play style the most. LV.30+ Normal raids may drop equipment boxes and Legendary equipment. Added a display of equipment' grades. Higher grades indicate that the range of equipment's random basic attributes has a higher median value. Reputation store LV. 30 Medal Equipment is added to the Reputation Store. Each piece of equipment costs 1 Courage Medal. Equipment bought from the Reputation Store with Silver now has a 100% chance to be Set equipment. Possible Sets are Wasteland Will, Northland Skin, Apocalypse, Heavenly Mandate, Arcane Ring and Tyrant Armor. Costs Enhancement Stones required for forging LV.40 offhand, accessories, earrings, bracelets and necklaces using Common blueprints have been reduced. Materials and Enhancement Stones required for forging LV.30 and LV.40 Epic blueprints have been reduced. Raids The overall difficulty of raids was reduced. Additionally, starting with Heroic raids, 10-player raids guarantee Epic equipment. Fort Desolation Fort Desolation is now available from 18:00– 24:00. Fort Desolation's drops and auction drops have been increased greatly to benefit a greater number of players. A page of World Auction items will be added every day at 13:00 and 21:00. Players will also be notified by mail for Gold earned from World Auction. New Raid: Raybeak liador Liador drops high-quality sets and Blood Thirst Ram Bestiaries. Heroic Liador may drop exclusive Charge Field Sets. Raid Difficulty Changes Difficulties of Guild raids and Heroic raids have been lowered. All raid bosses' massive-damage single-wave AOE skills have been changed to multiple-wave versions. Overall damage remains the same. Frenzy bonus damage reduced from +200% to +50% The overall difficulty of the first three bosses in Burning Skyblaze Village was reduced. The overall difficulty of the second boss in Heroic Fort Desolation was reduced. Normal attacks from raid bosses may deal crushing damage to the current target. Heroic Group Raid: Chimeria Heroic group raid bosses' normal attacks deal more damage. Heroic group raid bosses' ACC increased by 15%, RES increased by 15%, and EVA increased by 10%. Heroic group raid bosses' normal attacks have a 60% chance to deal crushing damage (compared to 50% for Normal group raid bosses.) All Heroic group raid boss skills have a CRT rate of 5%. AOE skills cause damage with greater frequency. Greater numbers of ADD monsters and the continuous group-open wounds effect increase the need for healers. Some targeting skills no longer affect the melee class, optimizing the melee class's survivability and damage-dealing. damage-dealing environment. The mechanism of switching tanks to share damage requires that the group have at least 4 melee class players. Raid Drops Heroic raids, Group raids and Fort Desolation Epic equipment drop rates have been increased. The initial bidding price of LV.30 Manaflame, Sailor, Twisting and Nature Set is reduced from 10,000 Gold to 2,000 Gold. Burning Skyblaze Village will drop corresponding boss set pieces so that you can gather your favorite sets. Heroic Scar Plains/Dire Galleon/Ancestral Altar/Goblin Faction Raid auctions now have a chance to drop Manaflame, Sailor, Twisting, and Nature Sets. Normal Chimeria and Everlush Valley auction now have a chance to drop Manaflame, Sailor, Twisting, and Nature Sets. Flowers of Torannis is a guaranteed drop of the second boss. Grade C was removed from Boss Sets obtained from Heroic Fort Desolation's Conflagrus and Gorghana and Skyblaze Village's Tali'egar and B'lique. Grades B and C were removed from Boss Sets obtained from Heroic Chimeria, Heroic Everlush Valley, Skyblaze Village's Baatimius and Pulrik, and Heroic Fort Desolation's Raybeak. Guaranteed drops at Normal Burning Skyblaze Village were changed from Epic equipment to Boss Sets and Epic Manaflame/Sailor/Twisting/Nature Sets, while third and fourth bosses guarantee Flowers of Torannis drops. The rate of auction drops was significantly increased and will drop Flowers of Torannis, Skyblaze Village Raid Sets, Manaflame/Sailor/Twisting/Nature Sets, etc. Guaranteed drops of Normal Fort Desolation are changed from Rare/Uncommon equipment to Epic equipment. Guaranteed drops at Heroic Fort Desolation were changed to Manaflame/Sailor/Twisting/Nature Sets or Epic equipment. Gorghana's rate of auction drops was increased and he will now drop more Gorghana Sets. Starting bidding prices were decreased for the following equipment: Boss Sets of Fort Desolation, Chimeria/Everlush Valley, and Burning Skyblaze Village. Legendary equipment can be obtained from Equipment Boxes. Grade C was removed from the range of random basic attributes for Epic equipment obtained from Normal Chimeria/Everlush Valley's No. 2 boss. Heroic Fort Desolation's first boss and Normal Pit of Desolation, drop only Grades S, A, and B now. Grades B and C were removed from the range of random basic attributes for Epic equipment obtained from Normal Burning Skyblaze Village, Heroic Fort Desolation's second boss, Heroic Pit of Desolation, and Heroic Chimeria/Everlush Valley, drop only Grade S and A now. Chimeria and Everlush Valley will drop additional accessories, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and blueprints. The rate of auction drops was also increased. Normal Burning Skyblaze Village may additionally drop bracelets, necklaces and blueprints now, The rate of auction drops was also increased. Events: Light vs Shadow: The Light vs. Shadow event has officially launched. During the event, complete quests assigned by the Golden Flame Captain or Mara's Fallen Captain to receive bountiful rewards! Players from both factions can fight each other on the new PvP map Goquick Valley for precious Shadow Crystals.There are three new camp quests: Eliminating Enemies, Gathering Intelligence, and High-energy Nucleus. Each camp season consists of 3 months. At the beginning of each new season, players' ranks will be reset, and their rank privileges will be disabled (including attribute bonuses). In addition, unconsumed PVP tokens such as Honor and Camp Medals will be exchanged for other tokens. Mysterious Ore Bags Obtained from the faction war "Light vs. Shadow." Shadow Crystals obtained from the bags can be exchanged for banners, Raybeak Liador, Faction Trophies, Legendary equipment, Faction Reputation, and Silver. Recharge Benefits Light vs Shadow Gifts are available for recharge during the event including Epic Mount - Raybeak Liador, Mysterious Ore Bags, and Weekend Party Giftboxes! We have added a new bracket on the Recharge Rebate panel. When the total amount you have recharged reaches that bracket, you can claim a reward. Exclusive Items for Sale Pendant "Commander Banner" Mount "Lothur Lion" Demon lord Arunas will lead Badir the Furbolg to invade Milura. Heroes on all servers will have a chance to confront them directly in the "Demon Invasion" event. Weekend Party opens from 19:45 to 20:00 every Saturday and Sunday. Players from both sides in Goquick Valley will be balanced to avoid significant differences in the number of players. When entering the opponent's faction in Goquick Valley, players will suffer a plague effect and rapidly lose HP. Divine generals and elite soldiers are deployed at the entrance of and inside the faction to help defend against intruders. The Rank Store is now open. The following items are available: Large Healing Potion, Large Magic Potion, and Large Special Potion. Dragon Scale and Gollen Cast Iron. LV.40 PVP Epic equipment, may have Chosen, Commander, and Two Hearts Set effects, etc. Deity equipment, including helmets, armors, pants and secondaries. Exclusive Camp Banners. Weekend Party Reward Changes Hospitable Cudinas have prepared gifts for heroes who will spend the weekend with them. Lovely Wardrum Turtle mounts, precious Legendary equipment, sparkling gems, and heavy Silver bags will be packaged into pink giftboxes. Dancing, barbecue, Weekend Giftboxes, and fireworks on the beach… enjoy this night of festive frolic! Adjustments to Daily Events The drop rate of Silver and Food was greatly increased. Demon Invasion Drops Guaranteed Courage Medal Chance to drop LV.40 Epic equipment Elemental Lords Drops increased along with difficulty. Chance to drop higher-level blueprints Crush rate of Normal and Hard Elemental Lords' normal attack was increased by 30% Crush rate of Torture and Ordeal Elemental Lords' normal attack was increased by 50%. Guild Battle drops will now be based on your own Talent level. The setting of 80-loop trials was removed and max Talent EXP was increased. This change currently applies only to trials only and the way in which multiple trials are accumulated is not affected. Playtime rewards have been adjusted. Treasure Maps and Gems have been replaced by Prosperius' Gifts. Courage Medals have been added to Gold Chests. PVP Changes Added the Guild Battle Season Leaderboard feature. You can view Guild Battle records to learn about your enemies and prepare for future battles. Level separations for battlefields have been adjusted. LV.45+ players can now join battlefields together with LV.40+ players. Guardian Canyon battlefield changed to a 25 v 25 battlefield. Rules for the opening rounds of Champion Showdown have also been adjusted. More dueling rounds will be available. PVP damage has been adjusted slightly. Guild Battlefield Players can now follow their team leaders to their battlefields. Surgewind Valley battlefield The Divine Core in the center of the battlefield is no longer a resurrection point and can only be occupied UI Changes Now players can invite more friends to join them on Adventures. Now players can send team messages via on-screen messaging. Ranger's avatar has been adjusted to more clearly distinguish it from the Mystic's. Players can now also directly enter the answers to the World Quiz in the World Channel. Starting time and resetting time of each raid have been added to Adventure Panel so that you can arrange your time properly. Group leaders can change the positions of members using the Group Panel. The Group Panel also displays each member's activated Path. Guilds and Groups Guilds on the application list are now sorted according to how active they are instead of their creation time. Guild Quests have been updated. Previously they were 30 quests on a weekly cooldown. Now they are 5 quests per day, you can roll over these quests up to a maximum of 30 quests. The setting that forbade new members from entering certain weekly events at their final stages has been removed. Other Changes The number of Treasure Chests that players can open in the Ancient Ruins has been adjusted from 2 to 3 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with adds summoned by Gwarghent in Goblin Camp may get stuck. Fixed a few questions in the Guild Quiz that had the wrong answer. Fixed an issue where World Bosses were sometimes unable to attack targets normally. Fixed the Mystic’s Mara's Judgment's sub-talent "Intensity" was not compatible with the rune "Phantom". Now when Phantom is triggered, Intensity's damage bonus will be triggered normally. Launch could not be cast after Pulrik uses Anvil Drop, and the Goddess Mara could be repeatedly summoned by the same Mara Sigil in phase III. An adjustment has been to solve the issue of Raid Auctions sometimes ending prematurely under certain circumstances. You will receive a system message when your Gold is returned. Thanks, The CoL Team
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    netease please reconsider. having too many servers will spread the game community thin. thr game experience relies heavily on big population for all 40 man battlefielf and raids and world pvp. having so many server with small populations will be very very bad. its also extra bad since ppl can't change server and if one server dies the remaining players there will have no choice but to quit the game since they wont find a team for anything......
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    Thanks everyone for bringing this to our attention. We are investigating the reports and take cheating very seriously.
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    Survey We want to hear from you! You may receive a Survey in game so we can learn more about you, to help us deliver an even better experience in Crusaders of Light. Your responses are appreciated! Bug Fixes Finding the items you want in the Auction House should be much much easier; they'll now display properly! Rare crafting materials are much more craftable. Missing recipes have been added into the game -- craft to your heart's content! The light of the Tree now even illuminates the Android loading screen, driving away the darkness of Lord D'Praive. Other minor bugfixes Thanks, - The CoL Team