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    Hi Everyone, One of the most common requests we've heard is "What does each stat do?" So this post will help explain it, please feel free to use this information in your guides or your sites. Overview Strength Increases Warrior Physical Damage. 1 Point of Power = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Rangers and Mystics Vitality Affects Maximum HP, 1 point of Endurance = 15 HP Agility Increase Ranger Physical Damage. 1 Point of Agility = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Mystics and Warriors Intellect Increase Mystic Magic Damage. 1 Point of Intellect = 1 Point of Magic attack. This stat has no effect for Warriors and Rangers Spirit Affects Maximum MP, Physical Armor, and Magical Armor. 1 Point of Spirit = 50MP + 1 Physical defense and 1 magical defense Movement Speed Affects movement speed when not mounted Physical Damage Affects Physical attack attributes for Warriors and Rangers. Weapons, Leggings, Boots, Wrists, and Acessories can increase your Physical Damage Attribute All gear will have a chance to roll the attribute for increased Physical Damage For warriors 1 point of Power = 1 point of Physical DAmage, for Rangers 1 point of Agility = 1 point of Physical Damage Defense The higher the defense the less damage you take from Physical Attacks Piercing This value counters physical defense Crit Affects the Critical rate for physical attacks and skills. This stat can appear when reforging an item. Weapons, Secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings can have this stat. Fireworks Diamonds can have this attribute. Physical Crit is countered by Physical Crit resistance Crit Resist Reduces the rate of Physical Critial hits from happening Hit Rating Increases the chance of hitting with Physical Attacks and Skills. This affects Warriors and Ranger skills and attacks. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, neither Strength nor Agility increase Hit Rating. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Hit Rating to have all attacks hit. Against targets with attributes such as dodge or parry, it will vary. Dodge When targetted by a physical skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Hit counteracts Dodge Accuracy When attacking with a Physical attack or skill, this reduces the chance of a Parry, the higher this value, the lower chance of a Parry happening. All heroic mode bosses have 15% Parry. Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessoires, and earrings can have this stat Parry When targeted by a physical skill, a sucessful Parry will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Parry, not the amount parried All bosses and monsters in raids and team raids have a base Parry value Skills(Spells) Spell Damage Affects Magic attack attributes for Mystics. Spell Defense Reduces the damage taken from Spell skills and attacks Spell Pierce Counters Spell defense Spell Crit Affects Magic Attack and Magic Skill use critical rate. When reforging this can appear on Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings. Moonlight Diamonds can have this attribute. Increasing Spell Crit Resist prevents Spell Crit from happening Spell Crit Resist Reduces the chance of Spell Crit happening Spell Accuracy Used for Spell Attack hit rate. If the target has Evade your attack may miss. This stat only affects Mystics. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, Intellect does not affect this attribute. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Spell accuracy to have all attacks hit. Evade When targeted by a Magic skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Evade counters Spell Accuracy Spell Resist When targetted by a magic skill, a sucessful Resist Skills will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Resist Spell Penetration When attacking using a Magic skill or attack this helps negate any Resist Skills your target has.
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    Welcome to Aalelorn’s guide for closing the gap between you and the top ranking players on your server through proper resource management and absolutely minimal spending. Uninistall.
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    Crusaders of Light August 15 Patch Notes Events- The PvP Season and Rebate Event is running an extra week! Claim triumph for your faction before Aug. 29!Feature- Added UI elements on New Arrival page indicating event token owned and how to redeem themBug Fixes- Fixed some drop and achievement issues regarding the Time Echo Bracelet and Time Echo Necklace- Fixed minor translation and UI issues
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    What the **** did you even just say at all. Nevermind I watched your video and saw your skill bar and realized you have no idea how to play paladin whatsoever.
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    Hi there. I am using the facebook gamesroom app on pc and I cannot connect to voice chat. I used to be able to connect but not hear anything or use mic? Is there a way of configuring my headset to facebook gamesroom in settings somehow? or I was thinking maybe if you have multiple devices your account settings get bugged? Any info on the topic would be much appreciated. (Yes I have tried to restart the game on and off and when in party also multiple times). Cheers
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    Would be nice to have someone to pass along some kinda information to us. @netease123
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    I heard there were all kinds of issues especially in faction ( cross server). I haven’t bothered to play really even on auto because there are suspicions that a roll back might be in order. Also, haven’t been on the forums since just after beta and seeing all this spam and crapola on the forums , is enough evidence that this is neglecting the community and your clientele. So if an admin can get us information ASAP I think its actually overdue. If its not in this thread then let us know where? I looked and did not see any updates what so ever. Was it fixed ? Do tell ! Thanks.
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    Hmm sadly no.. neatease have completely forget this forum i think..a game with so hudge potential but make by bad company
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    What the hell is wrong with this game? We just killed 1st boss in Core then all of a sudden the game closed and when I tried to go back, I got a message saying I am banned for half an hour due to speed hacking behavior? I even died in the middle of the fight so my character is just lying dead on the floor so how the hell can it speed hack?! Now I won't be able to bid again until next week's reset and it's so hard to find a good party for core.
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    I want to report a scammer Sever blazing +0 utc https://prntscr.com/kc22hl https://prntscr.com/kc22fu https://prntscr.com/kc22dm https://prntscr.com/kc22a5
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    OMG, please forum adms control the spam Threads, it's really annoying, the forum it's full of that, why someone didn't delete those?.
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    The game no longer cares about their community. They only care about your money.
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    If you’re a female paladin which the OP is, you activate decision with Torah Sword and just like a woman...don’t make a decision. Wait for the buff timer to wear off. Dont tell everyone the secret to high paladin female dps please.
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    When I wrote this guide I wasn’t in my proper state of mind. I was very tired and had a long day. So I apologize for what I wrote. I seem to have misspelled uninstall. Other than that still relevant guide.
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    You will be able to buy 2 different potions for new pvp mode with these coins. Whenever they merge the code from Land of Glory that is.
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    First this isn't the forums for your game. Second tell your "friend" to suck my di ck.
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    hellooooo tiny ainda trabalha para a empresa? fórum abandonado, sem noticias de nada, nem sobre o jogo, sem falar de algumas janelaas dominadas por bots e astrologers do amor. fck. Não quer trabalhar peça demissão para que contratem alguém competente. maditos sangue-sugas
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    sem avisosin-game ou no fórum..... houve demissões recentemente?
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    Greetings Crusaders, Recently, we've noticed an uptick in the number of fraudulent purchases made, in an effort to obtain in-game items without valid payment data. Attempting these sorts of actions can and will lead to loss of items and banning of accounts. We're actively increasing our detection of these transactions and increasing punishments for those who indulge in this misbehavior. Thanks, The CoL Team
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    Since I do not see any thread for bug reports, I will post this here. I'm trying to do this quest but when I select the quest I get this "You can only do this quest once a day". It does not give me the quest when I accept it. To my recollection, I have not played this game before, ever. So why am I getting this when I have not yet done it?
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    I know this is an old thread, but is there a solution to this or is voice chat simply not available on PC?
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    I find it humorous how the community finds way around these glitches yet there is no mention or suggestions from the dev teams. Maybe they should be following the testing being done by the community and get their heads out of their... well you know.
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    Please send our team a support ticket here so we can assist you.