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    So, many of us have been wondering why nothing has ever been done about ppl abusing the game market and running many alts to farm gold, crystals and legendary gear. Well there you have it boys and girls, Netease official response to the community is "MAKE MOARRR ALTSSSSSS" for every alt u make u gonna get a free legendary at the end of the month! hurray! ohh you want more? np, refer 10 of those alts to your main charecter, farm some achivements points on them and in a matter of weeks u will get 2 sparkling diamonds, loads of silver/gold lucky tickets 5 legendary essence and more. still not convinced? no problem, buy a 3 month goblin membership and we will even throw in 5 lvl up potions so 5 of ur alts can hit lvl 55 insta! im sorry but this is no bug, its not a glitch, its not a mistake, its deliberatly rewarding ppl who are abusing the game and this is seriously the last straw for me. i give up officially on netease this has been the worst managment of game and community, i feel like netase has done all the wrong moves handling this game. im out of it as soon as i find something else half descent to play, this is a huge fuking joke.
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    Hi Everyone, One of the most common requests we've heard is "What does each stat do?" So this post will help explain it, please feel free to use this information in your guides or your sites. Overview Strength Increases Warrior Physical Damage. 1 Point of Power = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Rangers and Mystics Vitality Affects Maximum HP, 1 point of Endurance = 15 HP Agility Increase Ranger Physical Damage. 1 Point of Agility = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Mystics and Warriors Intellect Increase Mystic Magic Damage. 1 Point of Intellect = 1 Point of Magic attack. This stat has no effect for Warriors and Rangers Spirit Affects Maximum MP, Physical Armor, and Magical Armor. 1 Point of Spirit = 50MP + 1 Physical defense and 1 magical defense Movement Speed Affects movement speed when not mounted Physical Damage Affects Physical attack attributes for Warriors and Rangers. Weapons, Leggings, Boots, Wrists, and Acessories can increase your Physical Damage Attribute All gear will have a chance to roll the attribute for increased Physical Damage For warriors 1 point of Power = 1 point of Physical DAmage, for Rangers 1 point of Agility = 1 point of Physical Damage Defense The higher the defense the less damage you take from Physical Attacks Piercing This value counters physical defense Crit Affects the Critical rate for physical attacks and skills. This stat can appear when reforging an item. Weapons, Secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings can have this stat. Fireworks Diamonds can have this attribute. Physical Crit is countered by Physical Crit resistance Crit Resist Reduces the rate of Physical Critial hits from happening Hit Rating Increases the chance of hitting with Physical Attacks and Skills. This affects Warriors and Ranger skills and attacks. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, neither Strength nor Agility increase Hit Rating. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Hit Rating to have all attacks hit. Against targets with attributes such as dodge or parry, it will vary. Dodge When targetted by a physical skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Hit counteracts Dodge Accuracy When attacking with a Physical attack or skill, this reduces the chance of a Parry, the higher this value, the lower chance of a Parry happening. All heroic mode bosses have 15% Parry. Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessoires, and earrings can have this stat Parry When targeted by a physical skill, a sucessful Parry will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Parry, not the amount parried All bosses and monsters in raids and team raids have a base Parry value Skills(Spells) Spell Damage Affects Magic attack attributes for Mystics. Spell Defense Reduces the damage taken from Spell skills and attacks Spell Pierce Counters Spell defense Spell Crit Affects Magic Attack and Magic Skill use critical rate. When reforging this can appear on Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings. Moonlight Diamonds can have this attribute. Increasing Spell Crit Resist prevents Spell Crit from happening Spell Crit Resist Reduces the chance of Spell Crit happening Spell Accuracy Used for Spell Attack hit rate. If the target has Evade your attack may miss. This stat only affects Mystics. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, Intellect does not affect this attribute. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Spell accuracy to have all attacks hit. Evade When targeted by a Magic skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Evade counters Spell Accuracy Spell Resist When targetted by a magic skill, a sucessful Resist Skills will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Resist Spell Penetration When attacking using a Magic skill or attack this helps negate any Resist Skills your target has.
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    Allow users to view beyond page 2 in auctions. Allow users to control market economy. Placing a gold max on an item is fine but do not enforce minimums because items like Legendary Essence become difficult to sale without doing gem trading to compensate for undercutting market. Account-wide achievements. A user should be able to complete achievements in all categories including class/profession/faction based as well as achievements for alternate subplot outcomes Inspect player from team applications screen Display path depiction icon on players in team application screen Expand damage meter to show filterable results with detailed logging similar to Recount DPS Meter plugin for WoW. This will give players an accurate way to evaluate the effectiveness of set bonus and path configurations Eliminate the need to create secondary accounts to stimulate market with obsolete blueprints by allowing the now rare level 55 patterns to sometimes create level 30 variations of this equipment which can be upgraded and then emerged. Allow players to transmog new dungeon, divine and legend items. Improve UI for chat interface as typing in game is often frustrating. Allow users to advertise the difficulty of party requests such as "Lord Invasion (Hell 3) [Request to Join]" Reduce difficulty of level 55 Mystica by tuning the damage of RNG elements (Chef Skar'vid Hook 1-shot for example) to eliminate the need to manually scale these instances with secondary accounts. As a player in the top 100 rankings I still find myself being a victim of RNG even with the aid of food buffs and flourish circles. The fights are not mechanically challenging. However, the damage is not proportional to the difficulty of the overall encounter and requires team compositions which include a minimum of two mystics in most cases. Completely remove the in-game voice chat features. It's a UI nightmare and would free up memory in-game Integrate PC controls into emulators such as Bluestack so that OSX users have access to the game via desktop/laptop Release a public facing API to gather real time data to allow community to build robust tools such as item databases which include titles, achievements, server progression, etc. This will really boost client immersion Provide more transparency for success rates on crafting legendary items to eliminate useless rituals and speculation within the community Please review the entire list of achievements currently available in-game. Adjust any achievements which are unobtainable by hiding them or correcting the requirements. (Example: Obtain items from the [Malum Crystal] set in all equipment slots. This item only drops for specific slots) Implement a system similar to transmog for "enchantments" which unlock set bonus swaps for slots once you have obtained it for that slot. For example, If I roll D1 - Secret set on a vambrace then Secret is unlocked for vambrace in the enchantment panel. If I obtain a new item upgrade which has a set bonus, D1 - Grace attached to it, that set bonus is unlocked as well. From the enchantment panel I can choose to swap Grace with previously discovered Secret set. The price to "Unlock" these sets could cost currency such as 3x the amount of the normal swap (4 scales for D1-D2, 6 scales D3-D4, 8-12 scales for G & L sets) More to come
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    Please be objective if you wish to post here and if you think that this bit of content is needed, toss a like
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    When can we expect the rankings list to be up? We all want to know =P
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    I need to make a correction on the information. While this box gives a legendary, the legendary will not be able to be sold.
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    Warrior overall need a dps buff, my alt paladin 55k gs does almost more damage than my warrior-gladiator 73k gs in tank spec. Warrior - Fang needs a buff by removing magma spike buff limitation and adding it like tamer buff that you don’t have to be in range and mana cost of magma spike should be way lower. Every update it’s mystics, rangers, paladins who gets a buff and warriors stay the same. dps comparison if all are 75k gs: 1. Elemental mage (source China game) 100k dps 2. Paladin(melee) 70k 3. Ranger 55k 4. Mystic 50k 5. Warrior 35-40k lol
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    To whom it may concern: Dear crybaby ***** crying about being a ***** like a ***** how a ***** only knows how to *****. You are the reason games like this die. You’re the cancerous growth that cries and cries and throws tantrums because if YOU can’t do something then that means everyone else is cheating. So what happens is because you’re a ***** and the devs don’t want to listen to a ***** they nerf the game and make everything easier simply because you can’t handle it. Do yourself a favor, get better, and stop being a *****, you *****.
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    Hi @RedPanda and @Ocho, Thank you for merging the 2 UTC +10 servers. It has added a lot more active players in similar timezones and it is now much easier to find groups for clearing daily adventure tasks. I was wondering what your plans were to assist the players of Reavedge Village server who are 3 months behind the release of the Surgewind Wilds server that you just merged us with (if you started from the release date of the server). Now that the $400k competition is well and truly over and you’ve decided to merge our 2 servers, the players who started on Reavedge Village server are now at a huge disadvantage because we weren’t able to start playing our characters until 3 months after Surgewind Wilds had already been released. What is going to be done about this? So far we have received talent xp to assist us with catching up to the path level of the other server but you forgot to pass on the magellanas emblems and countless amount of silver that would have been obtained from the previous 3 months for the players on Surgewind Wilds. The obvious solution I have derived from this is that you want us to spend more money on in app purchases to catch up to these players so that we can compete with them for server first clears, guild battles and guild hunts (ruler). This is not something that I would consider to be fair to the community but it is the only way to close the gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’. I haven’t included the additiinal gold that would have been obtained by the players on the oldest server as trying to work out a reimbursement amount for that was fair to everyone would be impossible. At a minimum however I would expect that the 3 months worth of silver, runs essences from dismantling gear and silver from daily activities in order to level the playing field with the other server. This issue is negatively affecting my gaming experience and I expect there are plenty of people who are in the same boat with me and are at risk of quitting completely thus reducing your revenue from our server I look forward to hearing your suggested solutions to this issue. Thanks, - Poyo
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    Netease and Eternal Arena as company ? As you lads stopped answer in both EA forum ,EA's and Netease facebook pages, nor do the ingame support of EA answer, i come here as i see this thread is some what active with both @RedPanda and @Ocho What is going on with Eternal Arena ? You lads forgot to shut it down or just trolling us ? As i lastly asked at Netease facebook, should we consider Netease company as a fraud and a scam company or what the heck is going on. Fix the ****ing game, give the players some events or ffs close the **** already. The way you lads handling things only show that you should not be in control of a single game. and noticed you decided to remove the post i made early today, rather then answer em, whats up with that ? Weak, and as i have read all the forum today i noticed this is not limited to eternal arena, you lads abandon most of your former games. well they are still up and running and i guess net ease still profiting from em on the few newcomers that actually comes around and believe is active and fun games, and that is what i think is a darn fraud and scam. Have the decency to answer what is the actual plans for your former games that you have forsaken for 7month plus, or by now close em down.
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    Net Ease thinking they have 10k ppl in every server but the truth is barely 1k ppl active plays in any server during this time , Thats why we must wait hours and hours to gather 20 ppl for Fort medal run thats just sad and this company should accept that problem in order to protect whats left but seems likely they dont give a fvck all the care about their new class and new content ..
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    i have finished all quest in Sardar Highland there is 1st achievement in best brothers where i have to help Morris hide the truth from his brother Alex so that rendered unachievable because you cant do the sub plot again. 2nd one is in Love of Violette where i have to watch Lilia leave but i have chosen to advice her to stay that achievement have same problems i want to complete the achievement bar as i'm a completionist please help if there is a way to finish them or re do the quest again.
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    @Aalelorn That would be a fair point if everyone could forge legendaries in 10-50 blueprints which usually is not the case with way more than 1500 bps total forged on my part i've been getting 1 legendary every 130 blueprints on average. That aside how are we supposed to upgrade our attack legendary gear then ? weapon vembraces pants accessory bracelet these require 1 essence per upgrade . With essence price being locked at 250k each that's incredibly expensive if you're gonna buy them to upgrade all your legendaries to 335 ( especially with star circles now where the hell are you gonna find the spare gold to spend on legend essence ). People spent over 1m gold on bracelet and accessory and we've been stuck with those at 256 grade because they need essence to upgrade while people are getting ss/s bracelet and accessory from mystica that are grade 304, yes legendary gear is permanent but after more than 200 days of forging at least 5 blueprints a day only my axe and pants are at 335 so it was a long process even with blueprints costing less than 1k gold. Now in fertile gorge legendary essence is at 350k the majority of blueprints are at 3k gold each, in my opinion the f2p are the ones hurting the most from this.
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    What's it been, 14-16 weeks of gross imbalance to the classes now? Of course letting warriors die and having paladins op af was a blatant tactic to get people to move from one class and start spending on the now superior one, but it's been long enough. No more warriors are switching to paladin. Your trick has run its course, time to BUFF THE FKN WARRIOR. inb4locked
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    Allow gold & silver to be shared between characters on the same account. Allow the warehouse to be shared between characters on the same account.
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    Since this game lunched global, we hoped the existing and every day bugs get fixed. In my opinion the squad bug is the most annoying and persistent bug since the start of the game(probably coders have no clue to fix it). Lord invasion, it happen to me many times that he’ll lords are bugged in terrain, spawned so close together that u need to click 20 times to find the right spot, or even they reset and surprise no lord Popp’s. Since most of us fight over the hell lords and finding a Ordeal one is like winning lotto, would it not be useful to increase de spawn rates or put more UNNBUGGED elements on the map. Patch notes says we get achivements for stuff we already have or content already did, thx we kind of didn’t care but it’s wellcome to have it. To bad it’s bugged again, at least the hashi ride. https://ibb.co/bsEMM6 Guild bonfire is also bugged since forever, if u miss a question goodbye quizz. There is nowhere written that you have to do it, from start to the end to be able to participate, it’s really pathetic. Each update brings new bugs and old bugs don’t get any attention, for example Saedar map is full of terrain bugs, autocombat in certain areas dose not work(u get stuck), the game crashes(experienced on android). Class issues like the new skills are usless, nonsense for rangers and warriors. Mana cost for warriors is rediclous high, even during a hell 3 lord fight without fury my warrior ends up using more than 20k(mana pool), without one mana pot it’s gone in 2min. Executuoner is a dead class now. BATTLEFIELD well thank you netease for cross server battles, it’s just usless, bugged, not working, it’s a BIG FAIL. Why not leave the battlefield ON like the survival whole day long, give us to chose whenever we want to go there and pvp? Guild battle 40v40, when do we have the privilege of free lag over there? It’s also been there for months, maybe there was an improvement but it’s hard to tell and 90% of battles are frozen, lag is to good for this. I am sure I have missed something in my short list, please fellow players help me out, put out what is more important for us to enjoy the game like it should be. @RedPanda some fixes maybe? Would be nice! Cheers!
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    Someone is extremely salty, if there is a bug report it. And provide proof before calling out names. Torture 3 lord video will be up in a week when I’m back from break
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    Hope they make own client, so we don't need open a gameroom again. Lets make CoL great again.
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    A quote from todays world invasion boss : EvoAceHunter : "this isnt a fight against a boss, this is a fight against lag" .. lol... i swear i thought it was only me i have really good net , latest devices .. i put setting on lowest to test.. and Nope.. still lag... (thundercall server) the lag IS COL fault... im closing my pocket , im done.. wasted alot but i stop spending till things improve, if any.. this game has huge potential and as is i really like it.. but the lag and other things give me proof that something is wrong.. bug / support / lag and the greed i see as they remove lucky ticket / rewards , make it harder with legends.. ... nah .. lol.. they killing their own game... i enjoy the game alot so im staying but not spending anymore. ima be cautious and see all the signs ..
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    Is that the same column as .... "Our technical team is working on the problem you report".
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    Just wait till the 4th 5th ect.. rumour is the 6th slot requires the deed to your home. The 7th, one of your pets, however a souce told me support told him he could count his goldfish as the upgrade to the relief of fellow dog lovers such as myself. However hamsters are not accepted.
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    Agreed they didnt look into. Just handed out random things. A lot of ppl received a lot of stuff for losing nothing. Its crazy
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    I have to agree with you. Nobody has really exploited anything regarding item compensation. It's just them being lazy asses refuses to look into the matter efficiently.
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    Thats right its your mistake and other players still wait for there compensation. Support ignores players since 2,3,4 weeks no answere from them thats a nice support maybe i should do that at work and ignore emails phone calls my boss would be happy. Maybe that why old player stop playing or sell there accounts pissed of of you and your random compensation and waiting for weeks for a simple answer of a question
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    Dear @RedPanda, It's time to take your community more seriously and step it up. We are 11 days into a refreshing type of event, yet you guys are letting it die. Where are the weekly results? Investigating the compensation bug is keeping you busy? Announce it. Respect the people who invest time, effort and money playing your game. Looking forward to hear some news from my "Community Manager", Tom.
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    So after this little hiccup yall had, I among several other people received a compensation package of 50g 100 Crystals. Then its brought up thats still not right and yall go back again and Compensate a little more. I happened to get an additional 30k silver.. So please inform me how 25 lvl 30 BPs at an average of 2k gold translates into 50g 100 crystals and 30k silver. This is not the way to keep players.
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    Thanks for sharing this autumn but sadly netease don't give a flying **** about the community or any bug for that matter. Like previous catastrophies they just turn an blind eye and move on.. Useless bunch of ****s if you ask me.. They couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery...
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    I really don't know what to say at this point. Undercompensated last year. Missed 6 weeks of gameplay in early dec due to NetEase botched update for fb gameroom. Missed items when I finally did get to play, missing gold in this latest update and have received nothing not even a pinch on the azz. Yes I always give a S/N, Character and server name. I also did this on here. At the start of the game it was snowfall and legendary items.... check that out. It was a few, it was bulk lot. Never ever got compensated for that. Look at the legendary items and snowfall items I lost. No reply, nothing from support. Lost bulk. S/N:- 452947 SERVER:- Sardar Highland UTC+9 LEVEL:- 55 CLASS:- Mystic DEVICE:-PC/Laptop PLATFORM:- Facebook
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    WOW I lost a equipment that I paid 30K + mats to identify, a 4k blueprint + mats to crafted it and I was compensate 50g and 100 crystal!!!!!!!!! YOU created the bug and WE have to pay for it!!!! WTF!!!!! NetEase really is a ****ty compagny!!!!
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    Hello @RedPanda, I keep doing the same post over and over again, so @Ocho or @RedPanda, can you do something to help your customers and not serving the same automatic answer ? I paid for some goblins deals, successfully. I didn't anything, so I made a request, 3 weeks ago. Still not a single fcking answer. So currently, to be crystal clear, I paid for something, you didn't deliver, and even following everything you said on the last post you locked (because your support should handle it), there is no way currently to get back our money. I contacted Facebook and Google to ask for a refund. Since I paid with no delivery, I fit perfectly the conditions to enjoy a refund. But it was even more fcking funny, when I got their answer. Even if you didn't deliver, to avoid the pressure of your app hosters, you answer them that everything has been delivered. I find myself in a situation where I can't do ****. Ask support team as you keep repeating like an automat doesn't produce any results, asking for refund is impossible because even if it's true, you prefer to lie to Google and Facebook, to keep the money and keep doing nothing. You are always asking for more time, delaying everything, keep using the "we are new" excuse. So, the question is pretty simple, doesn't require a huge brain to undertand it and answer it correctly, I know you're probably able to do it.
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    this is a automatic generated response from netease support. Had to screen capture it.
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    Today after update i lost like 87k gold as i had +88k gold after updater found only 1700 gold WTF
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    I encourage anyone who has been duped by NetEase today and in the past to file a complaint through this website http://ftccomplaintassistant.gov and take screenshots of the posts @RedPanda has published in this forum thread with the timestamps as evidence of the false advertising. We've tried expressing our concerns directly to the developers on the misleading information that has occurred today and on previous occasions where the wording and description of certain products and services does not accurately reflect the product or service being provided. I feel like this is the only way that NetEase will learn from their previous mistakes.
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    If you have specifics on these changes please let me know so I can ask the team to investigate.
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    New Features: Refer a Friend system: Invite friends and get rewards! Please see our FAQ for details. Three month membership of Elite Goblin Club is now available! Daily crystals and bonuses 92 days and 5 gift-able Level Boost Potions. Level Boost Potion is available in store. It's a powerful potion to instantly boost your account level to current server level. It also fills your inventory with epic gear and gives plenty of Talent EXP. New Events: Call-To-Arms: Level up to 55 to receive free legendary gear! For details please check our FAQ or the Rewards page in game. Valentine's Season of Love: two-week login event which offers free crystals, time-limited mount and more! Store sale event: two-week gift pack sale event. Check them out in the New Items shop. Luck Draw refresh: more cool stuffs available in Lucky Draw. Friend gifting: Time-limited event that you can gift a lot more items to your friend, check your inventory to see what you can give. Sharing is caring! Bug Fixing: Fixed a bug where players were unable to collect Mystery Mount Crate after tutorial. Fixed wrong prices in NPC trading stores. Minor Bug Fix errors
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    Lets say that class change is implemented and I spend my 5k crystals or whatever it will cost. I have a 66k gear score and full legends all highly upgraded and all that good stuff. wtf happens to my gear now? If I, as a mystic, decide to swap over to warrior...will all of my gear turn into warrior gear of the same upgrade level? Ok....if my gear turns into warrior gear of the same upgrade level that's great....but what about the thousands of reg stones I've used to reforge and optimize my gear? Will I now have upgraded warrior legends but with intellect and spell crit on them, forcing me to go through thousands of reg stones to optimize? What about gear sets? My new warrior won't need 4x Mag Judgment. It's not even available to warriors. Will those pieces have the warrior L-Set on them? A solution to this would be to have all legends turn into the new class version, already identified so you can't just sell them, and also refund the character all of the upgrade materials you've sunk into them. (leg essence, bloods, arcanes, hearts, etc)....but wait! You're also going to need to be refunded the appropriate D4, D3, and D2 set pieces of the appropriate class as well. They all need to be identified, too....unless they also plan to refund all the identification materials like stones, mineral resources, cloth, etc. There is already a mechanism in place to reset path levels and get you all the XP and emblems, and there's already a mechanism in place to get you all of your rune upgrade materials. These would have to be all bundled in as part of the process. Gems are lossless and can be dealt with......but wait! What about those spell crit gems with a 2.5% bonus that are useless to me that I have to cannibalize for 1.1% gems? The REALLY sticky pieces of this puzzle to me are: how are those legends and issues I outlined about going to be dealt with? how many reg stones are you getting back? how many pieces of D2-4 gear are you going to get back to make those upgrades happen? how many gollens are you getting back for refines? how many dragon scales are you getting back for set swaps? dealing with gems Not even addressing the fallout to the general server community when all of a sudden there's only three healers left and everyone else is an elemental mystic....I'm just thinking out loud about the impact to YOU, the user, to convert a single character.
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    You need to trick them. Make a post with the title of "Way to get free crystals from the merchant" or "Glitched Mystica" and everyone at Netease will read and respond.
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    Step 1: Draw you to the game. Step 2: Get you hooked with fun gameplay, lots of drops, great money deals, and allow you to form friendships and social groups. Step 3: Back off on the great deals to force you to pay a little more. Fun gameplay and social groups keep you playing. Step 4: Add new content and change the gameplay. New classes and content brings in new players. Step 5: Your friendships and social groups keep you playing. Your time and money investment makes it difficult to quit. To remain relevant, you roll one of the new character classes and start over from Step 1. Step 6: Repeat This is the model and loop that loads of these games use. They do it. We know they do it. We keep playing for the most part. They keep doing it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    So one guy moans about mystica and Thread closed. 100 ask about bugging executioners and there’d goes on and on and no response, how about bots and android users affected but not logging in, and battle bug, and sorting odd out in game before thinking hmmm mystica, im 14kdps and last week this week goes up and down,( not taking other people’s stars or food should stay the same, but doesn’t, how about the fact bought 20 beer packages and got no legendary, or the fact about 25 light of dawns no legendary, of passed issues with poor compensation over taking money from me while of line and blaming delayed in taking payments when clearly wasn’t, or gems bug and got most back but was never belived in first place and given most but not all especially mountain of light. yeah let’s worrie about mystica. 🙄 proritys need sorting as to what to do in This game. How about listening to the players before it dies, how about not playing with my luck in game. I’ve tried along to give good criticism of what’s going wrong and feel all I get is punished, I couldn’t give damn about mystica so much more things need to be done before to help this game. like turn my luck on fair for once and give me fair treatment. How about that.
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    As of now 11am PST FB gamesroom says cannot load COL... Any feedback ?
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    Here's a work around that someone discovered, just sharing to help: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zE9d85AHlC8ukh1mqh7oVg1CIrXfPpIY-GHJK1Ewd9U/edit
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    Gameroom C.o.L has been down over 12 hours now. Other games there are working fine. So what's the problem guys?
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    another bump for exe glad fang and the fate of all COL warriors... come on more support pls..warrior stick together bruh
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    I'll give netease till end of this week before I file a complaint with apple regarding randomized loot in Col. I don't care if you are "working on it", If its a regulation better get it done asap. It's been a really long time since the poster informed you about the new regulations. No excuses. Good luck having your randomized loot boxes shut down until you display the odds of getting randomized loot.
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    this is one of the reasons that the game must have their own client
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    And then you queue survival...
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    I am a foreigner playing the chinese game "A Chinese Ghost Story". Not sure if this is the right place but thought I'd give it a try. There are so many non-Chinese speaking players, including myself, who play this game (mainly due to the recent drama Love O2O) and I was wondering is there any chance NetEase could release a English version of the game? There seems to be a Vietnamese version of the game available but it would be really great if a English version was released because there would be a lot of foreigners who would play it.
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    I will be going over a setup in which I believe is the best for each healer out there and which is currently my own. Your skill set that should be equipped should go as follows Mystic Galaxy>Arcane Shield>Purifying Blast>Aurora (If you are not level 40 replace with Void Walk) Path: Shephard of course Generally, you want to level up all of your path abilities because they give some kind of healing boost expect Sage which is a reset percent chance type of path skill. As of right now, I am level 44 and my Shepherd path level is at 35. Focus on leveling your Gentle Gaze which increases the healing effect of your Light Sigil ((12.5% at 25) as well as Synchrony for the extra healing effect on your Mystic Galaxy (12.5% at 25). I have kept both path skills at level 25 and I don't plan on leveling them anytime soon simply because they cost 5k talent XP to upgrade and upgrading it just 4 times would cost nearly 20k talent XP where as the path talent XP required for level up is 366k and if you think about it, that's a lot you're going to lose toward progress of leveling your path. Warmth is another path skill I have kept at level 25, it increases the healing effect of Purifying Blast (12.5% at 25) which is simply too good to pass up. My reasoning is simple, in any boss you will ever encounter in the game there will be at least two AOEs, at least in raids, you may be able to dodge the boss's skill shot but you will not be able to dodge that AOE no matter how hard you try. And everyone knows, AOEs hurt like a *****, even in elementals. Sage, Consolation, and Sprout, I have kept at level 20, I have found that usually in team raids or even raids, Consolation on its own won't do much as a spell, it's more like a spell you use after another for a bonus. Sage, you simply would be wasting talent XP on if you leveled it up just because it requires masses of talent XP to be put into to actually be of any use. At level 20 it only has a 5% chance of resetting Consolation cool down when Mystic Light or Light Sigil is used. You can make the argument that since you are a healer and will be using your spells to heal that'd it be useful but it's just not enough to make me stay. As for Sprout, The Aurora area restores HP by 1% per second at level 20. You could actually make an argument for this one because if someone were to have 10k hp, their hp would be restored by 100 hp plus the small AOE bonus shield it gives. Personally, through the raids and bosses, I've been through, it doesn't really change much except reduce a little damage. My Mystic Galaxy already can heal up a tank from half to full so I don't think I need the Aurora. Of course, it is up to you as to what you want to prioritize as a Shepherd path user. Runes: Proficiency, Intelligence (Insight), Highest Virtue, The First, Reliability, Absolute Virtue. Proficiency: Increases the Arcane Shield effect and decreases its cooldown Good lifeline, I love it and hate it when someone gets really low and is about to die but the healer just pops a support and heals them back to moderate health. Overall a good rune to focus because of the fact it's a shield, less damage taken to the player. Intelligence (Insight): Increases the healing effects of normal healing and Mystic Galaxy by x% after Aurora or Arcane Shield have been used. Lasts 6 seconds. I've only leveled this up 13 times and it increases healing by 1% each time I level it up. This is truly one of the greatest runes for healers because added along with your regen and shield from Aurora, you'll get increased healing to help raise your allies back to moderately high health if you know you won't have enough heals before for example an AOE strikes or just that extra healing to keep your teammates from dying against mobs. Highest Virtue: Increases the Normal healing Crit rate and gives Normal healing critical hits a chance of giving the Virtue state, which enables Mystic Galaxy to act on 3 targets when used for healing. How cool is it that healing can crit? I gotta say I just absolutely love this rune, god bless, at level 8 I already have a 4% chance of crit. Not only that but if I do crit, 3 of my allies will be healed for the price of one. At later levels of this rune, healing will become easier on the healer since you will not have to spam heals for 3 seconds on someone if you crit them back to full health. This rune can mean the difference between life and death and either victory or defeat, may luck be on your side. The First: When the Light Sigil is used, it leaves behind an Arcane Realm with a radius of 10 yards that increases the Spell Damage, of players and their team members who enter the realm. This is a damage booster added to the healing of Light Sigil, I suggest first upgrading your actual spell damage boost before trying to upgrade the duration as the it only goes up by a couple .seconds which is not worth my essence over the boost. This is especially great if you have a Magellana user on your team as they most likely will have upgraded this rune as well for the extra damage, so basically, they will be getting a 25% spell damage boost. At level 27 the increase is 13.5%. Reliability: Increases Slow/Immobilize Resist. Successfully resisting Slow/Bind gives you the Shield effect and increase your movement speed. I’m 66.66% sure all 3 classes have some kind of rune to deal with the hard cc present in the game, I haven’t fully leveled a warrior to level 30 yet. Archers have dodge and evade, Mystics have just straight up resistance. CC is a big problem in this game and it spares no one regardless of strength. Warriors are especially to deal with their cc chains, grabs, knock-ups, as well as Archer binds, etc. My priority rune is this one especially, mainly for factions, battlefield, as well as some of the boss abilities, it is an overall stat that applies greatly to all situations present when fighting something or someone. Absolute Virtue: Increases the Aurora effect and decreases its cooldown. I mainly upgrade this rune for the shield upgrade because it’s so insignificant by itself. You can’t heal everyone on your team except by charging up your Purifying Blast followed by Consolation so the Aurora AOE shield is good for those AOEs and damage incoming from all directions and multiple people. Using your skills This is what your mindset should be like if you’re planning to be a Shepherd 1.Know whether you will healing just the tank because he will be tanking everything or everyone, either way always be aware of all your teammates' hp and the boss’s patterns so you know who's taking damage and prioritize them as well timing your AOE heals in accordance with the boss's AOEs. 2.As soon as you see that boss AOE skill charging up, you can either straight go to your Purifying Blast into your Consolation or pop your Aurora first before the mentioned combo to give a mini shield to everyone plus the about 4 seconds of regen. Some of you may be asking why you use Consolation after Purifying Blast, some of you may just be thinking because it’s another heal right after another one, but there’s another purpose why you do it in that specific order. If you go read your path skill: Consolation, it says normal healing and purifying blast will give the target the Enlightenment state and what it does exactly is it increases the hp restored to allies with the Enlightenment state when Consolation is used. If you use Consolation by itself you can tell it’s a pretty weak AOE heal skill, that is why we do Purifying into Consolation to heal everyone in the area as much as possibly can. Remember you’re the healer, without the healer, no one can do anything without you keeping them alive. Healers are the real carries ladies and gentlemen. You may not feel any special right now but much like the Tamer Path, Shepherd and Tamer are late game path skills. Tamer can buff an Archers’ damage by up to 5k at the highest levels and healers are the ones that make sure we don’t die to the inevitable AOEs and surviving the cc that’s being thrown at the team. Quick tip: Read your skills and runes carefully and understand how they interact. Just because something’s confusing doesn’t mean it’s not important to understand. 4.Quick fingers, if you want to be a top tier healer you’re going to need some insane awareness of both the game, what’s going on (raid, battelfield, etc), a healer MUST adapt to every situation they are put into. If you know you will never be going to use your purifying blast because everything’s in the moment, replace it with a void walk to dodge cc (you can dodge warrior chains, jumps, etc) or Dread Blast to fear a high target damage damage dealer or just a front line tank to free your teammate, or Dread Blast for that AOE cc if you know they have a lot of tanks. You need to make sure you are spamming your abilities before they come up, or just putting a shield on someone you know has low hp and quickly get to casting that purifying blast. It’s all about making the most and being efficient with your abilities. Make the most out of everything. 5. Keep in mind that your Mystic Galaxy does reduce healing so if you notice your team is having trouble killing a target because they’re getting hardcore healing, throw a Mystic Galaxy at them to reduce healing on the target. 6.Something I didn’t originally do I saw some healers do is that whenever we entered a team raid or guild hunt or battlefield, what they did first was put down a sigil then immediately followed by an Aurora, what this does it provide everyone with a shield, damage boost, and healing. 7.Pay attention to how much each person is taking, if I know someone in my team has lower hp than my other teammates, before AOES, I will shield them and still have time to cast my Purifying Blast. Always be catering to what you’re being given to deal with. 8.If someone is too deep, DO NOT go in to heal them. If you get too close, you will be hooked in by a warrior and hardcore cced. Even when you’re just healing people, always be aware of where some of the enemies are so you don’t get focused. People will actively look to pick the healer out so always be alert and aware. 9.If you are someone to look at stats and compare yourself to others, just don’t look. You might feel pressured and or even like you’re bad because your healing is not #1 but remember, that it’s about staying alive and keeping your teammates alive not just being #1 on the stats, someone could easily overheal everyone with the Ligh Sigil and Aurora combo and spam heals on tank and be first in heals. Don’t compare yourself to others, focus on improving yourself by keeping everyone else alive, that’s your priority nothing else. 10. Always be moving, there will be skill shots against whichever boss you face and you must always be moving so you can prepare yourself to move a certain direction once you see those red circles and since you're already moving anyway, it will be much easier and also give you that practice. As far as gems go, focus HP. P.S I played a couple weeks on AU server practicing healing and has been playing since the global launch on NA. I’m not really good at wording and my memory’s pretty trashy so please let me know anything that I could share with my fellow healers looking to improve and myself!~ Thanks for reading and I really do hope you learned something useful from this