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    For whatever reason there is absolutely no guides or information out there (worth a damn) on hidden achievements. almost all of them give 0 achievements points but if you are like me and must do absolutely everything then these achievements are a must do. can we please get a thread going (this one maybe) about some of the hidden achievements out there. i see my guildies get them all the time and can never figure out how. i will list the ones i know but i am looking for any of the other ones out there. 1) "Shadow/Light inquisitor" to obtain this achievement you need to kill a faction guard x1. I believe there is also one for killing x10 and maybe x20. These are the NPCs patrolling all over the area or you can find 2 standing right outside opposite faction main camp. Easiest way to get this is to go with the whole group of your faction doing an escort tramcar. This achievement will show up under the Faction tab once achieved. 2) Killing the opposite faction leader (the big guys inside the base) gives you an achievement. there are no follow-ups for doing it x10/x20 that i am aware of. This achievement will show up under the Faction tab once achieved. 3) "Shadow/Light Invasion V" To obtain this achievement you need to defeat 100,000 Highshard soldiers. There are multiple tiers with this achievement. you will get the first tier by spending about 15 mins killing the opposite faction soldiers were everyone farms rep. last tier is 100k. This achievement will show up under the Faction tab once achieved. 4) "Not going back to bronze" to obtain this you just need to lose enough aldor matches to go back to bronze. There may be additional ones for each tier. i do not aldor much so i do not know the answer. 5) "This is my prey" to obtain this achievement you need to kill someone from another guild during a Lord hunt. Easiest way to get this achievement is to join a hunt event and snipe the stragglers joining it. There is also a hidden one for killing x10 players during a Lord hunt. "Aggression during feeding" These achievements show up under the events tab when achieved. 6) "Astrology - Motivation/Mystic just simply install the 2 new star circles for these achievements. you will also get hidden achievements as you raise the tier of each of the new star circles. These achievements show up under the Growth tab when achieved. 7) "Child of Darkness" Go to the most northern flight point in Aerial Island and kill x50 of the little red elves. This achievement is a hidden achievement but gives you 10 points. This achievement shows up under the Growth tab when achieved. 8) "Anchorite, Star, Death" this can only be achieved by getting Karanvale's Chant Garland (the special seasonal tokens) from the lucky draw.This achievement is worth 5 points and can be found under the growth tab. 9) "World, Strength, Justice" you get this achievement from getting the rare Divination card. Easiest way i found to get this is to have an alt or a friend gift you the unused card. Seems you have way better luck getting the rare cards from someone gifting them. i got all my rare cards from the ones my alt gifted my main. This achievement is worth 10 points and can be found under the growth tab. 10) Love Realm" you get this achievement from getting the rare Eros blessing card. As stated above you have better chances of the rareas from gifted cards. This achievement is worth 5 points and can be found under the growth tab. 11) "Hercules - A Life of Labor" this one is from the rare Metis astrology card. This achievement is worth 5 points and can be found under the growth tab. 12) "Epic Nicknames x10/x15" get these achievements by getting purple (epic) titles. 13) "Average Equipment Maker" forge 50 grade B equipment. There is also a hidden achievement for forging x100. Found under the production tab. 14) "Fine Equipment Maker" forge 50 grade A equipment. There is also a hidden achievement for forging x100. Found under the production tab. 15) "Perfect Equipment Artisan" forge 3 grade SS equipment. There is one for x5 as well. found under the production tab. 16) "My Hand through your hair" use the touch emoji x10 on opposite sex. found under the social tab. 17) "Let's Sleep" use sleep emoji x10 on opposite sex. found under social tab. 18) "May i Dance with you" use the dance emoji x10 on the opposite sex. found under the social tab. 19) "Out of Courtesy" use the hug emoji x10 on the opposite sex. found under the social tab. 20) "Uh Oh so embarrassing" use the Shy emoji x10 on the opposite sex. found under the social tab. 21) "Kiss You" use the Kiss emoji x10 on the opposite sex. found under the social tab. This is all of the Hidden Achievements i currently have on my elemental (main). This is by far not a complete list as there is a whole lot more out there. Hopefully some of you can add yours and how you achieved them. Hope this helps some
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    1. Spellcasting bug and lag during guild hunts as well as when attacking elites. This bug is also occurring in Team Raids during boss fights. 2. Server lag, it is not just our networks and devices. NetEase servers can't handle a high capacity of players in team raids even when players viewed and resolution are lowered in the options setting. Logging in again doesn't always solve this issue. Sardar lags the worst out of all the regions in the game. 3. When in a team the other players lag behind the team leader on follow. This issue causes failures in Trials Quests, Lord Invasions, and Illusionist Lords because the other players are outside the area or boundary at the moment. 4. When doing Supply Quests there is a bug where you travel by your personal mount instead of performing the quests with the dragon. Another bug is that the game can freeze and crash during Supply Quests. 5. When doing Mystica a little after reset time on Tuesdays and Saturdays there is a bug where the team leader is unable to enter the Mystica, while the other players on the team are able to enter. I don't think you realize how frustrating and game breaking these bugs can be NetEase.
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    I will admit I have spent my fair share of hard earned cash on my toons. Whats a real kicker is how Netease must use an algorithm to track players spending and thats how we get the pop up goblin merchants with offers. On one of my toons Ive spent a pretty penny, mostly on crystals that I use to sell for gold and the pop up goblin merchants I get are for items 19.99 and up. On my other “filler toons”, classes Ive tried and didnt care for, but will log them in to use to fill Trials groups, the pop up goblin merchants they get are all .99 to 9.99 and an occasiional 19.99. Now heres the kicker, the toons that I spend ZERO money on get “GOLDEN GOBLIN” offers! 10 Lucky Draws for .99, or 5 lucky draws and 10,000 gold for .99. They also get Golden Goblin offers two to three times a day, yet my toon that Ive been way more generous with spending, never gets these kinds of offers. So what gives, Netease? Why troll us only with high dollar offers because weve spent money before but shaft us on other great deals that we would be intrested in getting? Is this just a bait and hook for people who dont spend as much? @Ocho and @TinyDragon can you at least explain why people who have helped pad the coiffers at Netease with money get shafted on additional offers that arent such an impact on the wallet? My main toon has to pay 432 crystals for 10 Lucky Draw tickets in the item shop and these are at a reduced price. The cost to cover 432 crystals in the top up offer is 49.99 and you get 574 crystals. My alt pays .99 for 10 Lucky Draw tickets with the Golden Goblin offer. I might have been born in the day, but it wasnt yesterday.
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    Razor, relentless, rallying cry, blessed arrow
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    this is a new feature. the new update says: "What's new? Better user data protection" they just protect our data so well even we can't access it now
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    @RedPanda @Ocho What are the new updates? There was great momentum and now it seems to have gone back to the original pace.
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    Ive been gaming a long time and probably have played more mmo/rpg games than most of the players here. In every one of them, using an exploit (glitch or bug that was discovered and not a hack or 3rd party ware) is indeed a violation. Knowingly achieving any rewards in any encounter other than the way its intended to be is cheating. Ive seen items removed, gold reduced, suspensions (not bans, there is a difference) and other minors forms of enforcement. Dont kid yourself that its ok to use the exploit because you didnt put it there.
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    billion dollar company, and you still cant fix bugs, lag in sadar has been bad since it was opened, skill bugs, lag during hunts. Damn totems have been broke forever, illusions lords spawning on top of each other and only one can be clicked, I could go on. You aren't fixing anything and all the bugs are stacking up. I mean your in game help button doesnt even work. Only response we get is your teams are working on, well they're doing a bad job cause nothing is getting fixed. Take that money upgrade your blade servers, get programers who can fix stuff, something, It's like amateur night every night in the crusaders datacenter. it's getting old real fast, just look at all the people who are trying to sell their accounts
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    Feedback??? No no son, this isn't feedback, mass complaint.
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    One thing I learned from playing the game is to just expect the worst each time. That way, you won't get disappointed.
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    Hi, poor doomed beginners. You get better gear through upgrading legendary equipment with material that drops in raids or teamraids. Equipment dropped in mystica can be equipped until your legendary equipment is better. So buy or forge a legendary. Go mystica in comfortable but challenging difficulty. Go any raid and teamraid thats accessible and doable. Get important sets for your class/path. Improve most important stats. Learn the bosstactics. Find an active and supportive guild. Farm all the stuff that can increase your power and moneybag. Dont waste money. Fight for Milura and have fun. Greetings
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    If this true, I applaud Netease for finally smacking down a cheater.
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    It looks like they are just gonna push a new update to version 6.0.4. I just finished testing the new client and had no issues. Assuming the other testers didnt run into issues there should be a fix in the next few hours.
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    Also tickets for refreshing should be obtained every time in shop. No one has time to wait for ranked match to get higher ranks because rank is dead.
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    Out of all glitches this one should be the easiest to detect server side. Because guess what, they have logs for items purchased in raid auction. Just check if the same person bought miltiple times from different instance of the same raid boss during period where it should not have been reset. For example if someone bought Wild Missile Helmet on Friday and Wild Missile Breeches on Saturday from Lab boss 1 they are a cheater. Proposed punishment Release a new set "D1 - Rekt!" with following set bonuses 2/16 - Decrease HP by 1000 points. 3/16 - Decrease HP by 1500 points. ... 16/16 Decrease HP by 8000 points. Change all equipped Raid Gear of people who abused this bug to set bonus "D1 - Rekt!". Protip: Make sure your coders implement HP substraction properly. If you reach negative number due to this set bonus, HP should be set to 1.
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    This guide is intended to help new Elementalists either after hitting 45 or using a level-up potion. Admittedly, I am not the best player in this game nor am I the foremost expert on Elementalist theorycrafting. If you are the best player in the game or an amazing theorycrafter, feel free to correct anything written in this post. Path Selection When choosing a path for your Elementalist there are a few things to consider. The first question is do you PvE or strictly PVP? If you PvP then you'll likely want to use the Cryomancer path - It has a lot of a CC's. If you PvE then you'll want to choose between Pyromancer and Conjurer. Pyromancer is generally considered to be the highest DPS path for Elementalist while Conjurer is a DPS/Support mix. However, at lower combat ratings you will find that Conjurer will surpass Pyromancer in DPS. My recommendation is to play Conjurer unless you have 30% Magic Crit (40% with the Pyromancer Path buff) AND you have the Legendary 4-Piece Pyromancer set bonus. This guide is intended to explain the Conjurer path. If you have 40% Magic Crit and the 4-Piece legendary set bonus then you probably don't need this guide anyway. For that reason, I won't be writing a guide for Pyromancer at this time. Conjurer Skills to Level: Level everything to max except Crystal Storm and Elemental Breath. Crystal storm is a DPS loss when compared to Dragon Breath (and they share a CD). Elemental Breath is only a DPS increase when fighting multiple mobs. In single-target fights, it is a DPS loss because it consumes a Global Cooldown. Rune Priority: Below I've provided my recommended rune progression for the first 3 of each type. After that, you should know your class well enough to make your own choices. Dragon Soul - Darksparks - Abyss Mana Convergence - Scorched Earth - Blazing Fire Deep Breath - Ash - Energetic Incantation Rotation/Priority: Conjuring Force - Cast on CD unless you have to move Elemental Matrix - Cast on CD Burst Glacial Spike Wind Wall Dragon Breathing Descending Inferno Fiery Magma Ice Bolt Auto Attack In case that's not obvious enough, here's what I mean by the list above: When entering the fight, everything is off CD. You should use Conjuring Force -> Elemental Matrix -> Burst (Glacial Spike followed by all DPS skills) -> Auto Attack. You would then auto-attack until Glacial Spike is off of cooldown. Once Glacial Spike is off cooldown, you would use all available skills listed under "Burst". You would then auto attack until your Glacial Spike is off cooldown and then repeat your Burst again. Always use Elemental Matrix on cooldown. Use Conjuring Force on cooldown - except for when you'll have to move within the 6.5-second buff. Skill Explanation: Elemental Matrix A single-target DOT and a very small AoE HOT. This DOT will follow the enemy upon which it was cast (it is not location-based). Upon expiration, EM will explode and do AoE damage. This skill does extra damage based on your current mana pool. Upon use, this skill returns a small amount of mana back to the caster. EM also provides a percentage-based intellect buff to the player and other Mystics/Elementalists - the percentage depends on the level of path skill Magic Feedback. The buff, DOT, and HOT all last for about 5.5 seconds (the same amount of time as the graphic that appears under the target). This skill has a 9-second cooldown. Conjuring Force Summons a circle under the Elementalist that remains where it was cast. CF enhances damage dealt by allies while they are in the range of the circle although it's not known exactly how the damage increase is calculated. CF also applies a buff to the Elementalist who cast it - this buff adds raw damage to any spell cast (the amount of damage depends on the level of Path Skill Magic Efficiency). The skill's graphic is not accurate, the actual range appears to be about 50% greater than the graphic. The buff and graphic both last for about 6.5 seconds. This skill has a 20-second cooldown. This skill has a chance of being reset by Glacial Spike - See path skill Resonance. Glacial Spike A glacial spike erupts from the ground underneath the targetted enemy. This does AoE damage and knocks effected enemies back. GS has a chance of resetting the cooldown on Conjuring Force depending on the level of path skill Resonance. Glacial Spike does extra damage based on the current mana pool. Glacial Spike also applies a debuff to the target that increases incoming elemental damage - my math shows about a 10% increase to elemental damage for 5 seconds (it is unclear if this percentage increases with path level). This skill has a 10-second cooldown that can be reduced by the rune Abyss. Fiery Magma Summons a fiery boulder from the sky. This does initial damage and then applies Incandescent Combustion for 3 seconds (1 tick-per-second). Once Incandescent Combustion expires, it explodes and causes AoE damage along with applying Incandescent Inflammation to the surrounding enemies. This DOT lasts for three seconds and does NOT apply to the original enemy. If Incandescent Combustion crits, there is a chance of reducing the cooldown of Descending Inferno. The chance is determined by the level of the rune Darksparks. This skill has a 10-second cooldown. Ice Bolt Shoots an arrow of ice at the enemy. Ice Bolts does extra damage based off of your current mana pool. The damage of this skill can be increased with the rune Chill. This skill can also apply a slow if you use the rune Bone Piercing (typically not recommended for PvE). This skill has a 6-second cooldown. Descending Inferno - Shoots three fireballs at the target. DI does extra damage based on the current mana pool. The damage of this skill can be increased with the rune Ash. This skill has an 8-second cooldown that has a chance of being reduced with the rune Darksparks. Dragon Breathing Summons a dragon to breathe fire on the enemy. This is an AoE attack that leaves a location-based AoE DOT for 5 seconds wherever the flame hit. If you use the rune Scorched Earth then Dragon Breathing will apply a second AoE DOT as well that lasts for 5 seconds. The initial damage of this skill can be increased with the rune Deep Breath. The skill has a 15-second cooldown that can be reduced with the rune Dragon Soul. Wind Wall A self-shield that also has a small reflect. The quantity of HP shielded can be increased using the rune Favor. The reflect can be used during unavoidable AoE damage to reflect some damage back to the boss - the amount of reflected damage can be increased using the rune Recoil. When using path skill Echo, if Wind Wall is shattered it will apply a small damage shield to you and nearby allies for 3 seconds. Most importantly, Wind Wall reduces mana costs with path skill Mana Shield. In most situations, Wind Wall should be used to prevent excessive mana drain prior to using high mana-cost skills.
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    @Shinichi May i remind you that the gem bug was not a cheat or a 3rd party program but a bug and people who abused it still got a temporary ban? So would it not make sense if that were to happen again? i believe the way @FerrocServer is trying to expose the problem is not the right way, but blaming it on the developers only and saying it's not the player's fault isn't the right way to go at it either. It is true the developers are at fault for the bug, but the players can choose not to do this. Since this problem was exposed, i have seen no one in my guild attempting it and i'm sure several other guilds and players are the same. If you do abuse it, is it not unethical to do so? does it not deserve to be punished? Crying about it is wrong but ignoring a problem or shifting the blame is wrong as well @Shinichi.
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    Hello we are aware of these bugs and our dev team is working on fixing the problem. Ty for your feed back. Hahahaha thats all that would have been posted if they were going to reply. So thought i would have done it for them. Also its prolly gonna be fixed when the next big update comes is my guess.
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    This one requires u to get 6 stacks of energy overload while facing liador and it gives u 10 points as u said. Pretty easy to do in normal mode if tell the party not to kill him very fast.
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    I know many people have already raised the issue of the skills bug, but just recently Ive experienced some others and Ive submitted photos as proof. Latley, my characters that are on auto attack, arent attacking. They are standing there frozen or dont even equip weapon at all, meanwhile the text “Attacking” is on the screen below my toon. Their health is dropping because they are taking damage, but no damage output is being done. Another bug in game is when on auto-follow. The group leader is riding to the next objective in trial quests, yet the other four members arent following, yet again, the text underneath my toon says “Following”. In addition to that, we started an encounter with a violette elf elite and not everyone was placed into the encounter, two were left out! Today our group was in faction and when we completed that we zoned back out to non pvp and we all died zoning in. Not as big of an issue, but it still adds tomthe cost total on repairs. Whats with the damn Rift of Demons? You clear a wave of demons and then the encounter gets stuck, no more demons come out of ghe rift as the text says and the timer expires and the encounter ends. If thats not bad enough, sometimes the mobs get stuck underneath the encounter and you cannot target them. @Ocho and @TinyDragon whats going on with all these bugs? Can you at least address the issues to the player base and let us know when we can expect a playable non frustrating game?
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    There are some here:
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    I would suggest that you focus first on gems rather than gear. Get your gems to epic then diamond. If you are F2P, forget about legs at the early part of the game because even if you get them early, it will cost you a lot to upgrade them. For your gear, just use the best epics you can get from raids that you can handle. You don't need to rush to higher difficulty mystika, just do it at a level that you can handle. Even at Vicious levels you can get decent gear that you don't normally get from team raids. If you are already at a point that you're no longer getting any upgrades from the difficulty you are doing, then go higher. Small improvements is still improvement.
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    Nope cant gift it to your alts because not online which is completely retarded. Like seriously retarded. Gotta get another device and another account to be able to use it. Im not 100% sure about gifting it to some1 to gift to your alt. So i cant comment on that.
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    Can we get a mac version
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    @RedPanda @Ocho Bring back the momentum and new content! Its almost been 8 months since this post.
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    and your argument is to whine whine whine til you get what you want and the irony is that if types like you get your way, you would think everything will get better but sorry you're as wrong as it gets if class-swap is implemented, that would further destabilize what is already unstable and guess what, you would be in a worse off state
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    You can watch now everyday Crusaders of Light videos. Pvp Guild Battles and Team Raids. And helper build class videos coming soon..
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    LOL you should be removing that "contact us" button because it doesnt do anything at all. Or if you wanna keep it there try changing it to "false hope" button. Fits it better.
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    Same issue here, i already reinstall the game now it wont even run the game. They havent even fixed my log in issue and yet another one pops in. This guys are hilarious. All they do is get money from us and aint do a **** about their game. Fcking clowns.
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    Who says you can't help others with their runs; that's one thing. Getting an additional reward within the same session period however is not justifiable.
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    That didnt seem to work with godhand's video of speedhacking , did it? He actually made a video about it, posted it on youtube and reported it here.....that was last June!
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    Our current thinking for the Hero for the next event is Bane.
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    Yeah, I thought the punishment would be too severe with D0, but that's certainly an option. For "D1 - Rekt!" there are caveats. Should only replace sets that are D1 or higher. Don't want to change D0 crafted legendary jewelry to D1 for cheater. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that the punishment should be such that resources are taken away from cheaters. Giving out temporary ban is not a punishment. It's a joke. I don't see why not. -10 achievement points seems appropriate.
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    Tamer is a low DPS and high support role, you boost the damage of certain number of players in your team to compensate your lack of damage, support role basically. If you want full DPS role (easy) go Scout. If you want higher DPS and support (hard) go Forest.
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    maybe we need a merge, not a new server
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    Equipments are good but they do not have the greatest importance in the game. In this game, you can get stronger in 2 ways: passive stats from stars and diamonds that you increase with silver and equipment that you can obtain from gold. By doing higher difficulty raids you can obtain higher grade equipment and much better sets, that is true. But no matter what raids you do, the amount of silver you get compared to a newbie would still be about the same. So don't look at raids as a must but as something you should aim for while they still are hard so you have fun playing and access to the best sets possible taking into consideration your actual strength. Look at your gear as something that slowly gets better and reforged to the statuses you need over time, but only in a small amount. In my opinion, what makes you the strongest is, with no doubt, the amount of silver you get and how wisely you spend it. The main thing to be concerned about are diamonds (getting level 20 diamonds will seriously boost your strength). Once you have full lvl 20 diamonds, time to start focusing on stars. High level stars will give you more statuses than a SS legendary 368 grade and they will do so permanently and on top of your equipment which means you can have mystica gear with 2/3 of the legendary gear strength but, with good stars, multiply this strength by 2/3/4 x.
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    Man, I'm just getting transmong, diamonds, forge Stones e casts. What happened to the another loots? I want to know why I'm still getting same thing. I will take a screenshot from my daily loots by a week and post here. If you strong or spender, you gain ****, but if you are weakly and poor, gain awesome items. Reversal Robin Wood?
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    Well, nobody do aldorr coliseum for fun, the only reason someone tries to do it, is to get the weekly medals! I'm for 5 hours trying to find 5 matches in aldorr coliseum (3x3) and I only found 3 matches (ranked Gold 2)... Delete aldorr coliseum and just give the prizes in the coliseum and everything will be less frustrating (both are almost the same thing now, after the last update)
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    and sometimes people changes names so they can leave their old guild so they can join high guild. coz old guild players will mail ya "why" and u wont be able to answer coz they were ur friends for long and you will feel bad when trying to answer so
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    For the love of God, Netease, please do something with the speedhacking. The record feature that was added on the gear in the bottom left isnt present in Shadowvale Assassin game. Besides the speedhacking, some players have managed to get on top of features in the ui where they are unhittable but they can hit you. Why is this game so full of bugs and cheaters?
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    I have seen this too, cant see or target anyone, chained death in the room
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    Next week.
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    So let me ask.....is YOUR character at 80K rating? Im aware there are 80K rated toons on servers, but its not as many as you may think. Secondly, if you played a toon that you didnt like up to 80K rating, would most likely mean you also opened your wallet, well, wouldnt that be considered stupid on your part?
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    Crusaders of Light May 2 Patch Notes Final Challenge This game mode is once again available. Achievements Forging Added new tier for Legendary Bug Fixes A number of minor UI Bugs were addressed
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    Trial Quests: (other than being way too boring and long to run) are always bugged. Always a Quest Failed pop up to click and zoning in issues. Supply Delivery Quest: also bugged. You go to click the finish quest and it back tracks with you either running on the ground or on your mount super fast and back to the quest giver.
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    Yeah, deals randomly appear. It's based on purchase history, the deals you get, for example, if you've never topped up, you'll likely see 0.99 or 4.99 offers. Whereas people who top up fairly frequently will mostly see 9.99 -> 19.99, occasionally 48.99. Whereas those who top up often will likely see 99.99. Edit: You can purchase the offers you like, if without purchase for a while, you may find the better value deals for less, as mentioned the golden goblin deals
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    I doubt that , i've never bought anything from Goblin Merchant yet , same deals appears to me like other else.
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    Earring and Accessory L30 blueprints are not rare. They drop in Heroic versions of Scar Plains, Dire Galleon, Ancestral Altar, Goblint Camp but with one condition - your character level has to be 30 - 39. So if you are playing the alts game, you will see them very often as drops. Crafting legendary from that of course is another thing. But no different than crafting legendary from any other L30 blueprint. Bracelet and (now) Necklace blueprints are indeed rare because they don't drop in raids for anyone. The only way to obtain them is with in-game purchase. They drop from Goblin boxes.