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    We have no plans to bring back these blueprints.
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    IGN: MicoMeex Server: Asia Rank: Platinum II I came across with a program named "SHIFT WINDOW" as I searched online of how to adjust application size manually to adjust my screen to small size so that I can play while I do some work on my pc my 1st game I got DC due to connection lost I got back and burned and died so I start another game I ride some vehicle then game crashed then when I login again account was permanently banned. hope using program to adjust screen size is not illegal or something... if it is... then my sincere apology but hope its not cuz its the only way I can play comfortably while I do work stuff in pc and play a little while getting bored the game is great and loved it. looking forward to unbanned my account and I start playing again. Best regards, MicoMeex
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    Will the crystal bots problem (people buying low price crystals automatically through automated keyboard and mouse with image recognition) be fixed soon or should i address it myself to the community? It is annoying and it should have a serious (EVEN PERMANENT) ban for the people using it as it goes against your rules. After all, this guy is getting access to thousands of euros worth of items in your game by paying a 38€ subscription to a 3-rd party software There are 2 choices now, either you make them unable to do so, or i make a tutorial for all people who decide to invest in this game to use it. After all, it is a smart investment of a 38€ to another company for thousands of euros worth of items in your game n.ever having to spend another penny in it So, bottom line, will you fix it or should i give the knowledge of how to do it to all players so it it becomes standard and fair for all? @Ocho @TinyDragon
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    Dude warriors would prefer a class balance than a class swap. Can u blame them because they dont want to throw 1 years efforts to trash and start over? Are we gonna restart everytime they bring a new class out? Cause the new classes always come out OP (thats in every mmorpg) but later they usually balance them out by nerfing them or buffing the rest of the classes. Warriors is the only class that has been left as it was when the game started and dont tell me they buffed him with those nonsence adjustments they did at some point. Even fangs buff is kinda useless in most raids because of the minimal range it has. I still use my warrior and wont start another class cause as i said i dont want all my efforts and grinding to go in the trash but that doesnt mean i will not keep asking for what is only logical. Their main goal is to make more profit and its not wrong so thats why some people request class swap. Buffing a class to keep it alive has less profit than making people spending on a new class cause the one they play became dead and useless. So people say bring the class swap where u will still make profit since people will need to spend for it and at the same time they wont quit cause their toons became weak even after all their efforts.
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    Buy level 30 pvp equipment at medal store - adversary chamber - Military rank store, don't equip it yet. Find the pvp equip at your bag, choose more - upgrade - forge legendary. You need the exquisite legendary bp to forge it though
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    @Ocho please, still any news about the date of "upcoming event" on june?
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    I hope the june event will not become the jule event and so on since someone told us that it should have been happened on may first. Please are we still sure about upcoming event? It will really happen ?
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    @Ocho please... don t troll us too much... we know perfectly that netease don t care a damn about supporters, even less about their feedbacks... please give us events and it will be ok.
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    Thanks all for the feedback. The Class Transfer Management NPC is a bug and will be fixed in the next update. TinyDragon
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    Story quests is the fastest source of alt medals if u know how. I get 500 everyday and it takes me max 10 mins. DONT TOUCH THE STORY QUEST MEDALS!!!
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    After the recent big update or regular maintenance updates each week you would think at least a few if not all of these would be fixed. That is certainly not the case as all of these bugs are still present.
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    They aint gonna show any proof because they aint nothing but a pos money grabbing bull**** run company. Give REAL hackers a 30 minute suspension and then F@&# REAL HONEST PLAYERS WITH THIS SIX HOUR MOTHER EFFIN NON PROOF BULL****! F&#$ YOU, IM TAKING MY TIME AND CASH TO BLESS ONLINE! Ive dropped OVER $3,000 US dollars since January and these pieces of excrement suspend me foe NO GOD DAMN REASON! Hey @Ocho and @TinyDragon try adding a hack program to a GOD DAMN IPHONE U MORONS!!!!!
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    Old guild war system means one captain with 5 KageOma teams. Boring as hell. Smells like 5 draws. Lol. Pitfight sucks.