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    With all the complaining that's going around in regards to class-swap, I would've figured the dev team wouldn't cave in to the idea and let each of us "own" the class we worked so hard to bring up. @Ocho, @TinyDragon, why in the blazes should I continue my renewed progress on my ele after scrapping my warrior with this being a thing? I took a year's effort and found after lots of wasted gains, I decided to make the best of the new class on a whim and whether or not I would do well or not wasn't a "thing" in my book. I wanted to own my new stride and embark on the new frontier that is the ele. If this is going to be a "thing" in the future, then I have no reason to invest my time to a company that caves in this easy better yet, what's it going to serve guys like me who made the ultimate decision to start anew: should we just give up on the idea to making a class our own when someone can just pay their way to a new class just because their last class doesn't offer any value compared to the newer class? On the day the patch notes include this, if there's no incentive or something will make me overlook this, I will certainly take my leave.
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    Motivation 2nd layer was always magic basic attack, not their fault you didn't ask around. Also you didn't notice that your basic attack doesn't increase after upgrading the aux? lol
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    "Anyone who is willing to cheat is also willing to lie." Agree completely. Also, COL has had a few bugs fixed since I have been a player. It is reasonable to assume the speed hacking detection method is flawed. Please review and resolve appropriately.