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    IGN: MicoMeex Server: Asia Rank: Platinum II I came across with a program named "SHIFT WINDOW" as I searched online of how to adjust application size manually to adjust my screen to small size so that I can play while I do some work on my pc my 1st game I got DC due to connection lost I got back and burned and died so I start another game I ride some vehicle then game crashed then when I login again account was permanently banned. hope using program to adjust screen size is not illegal or something... if it is... then my sincere apology but hope its not cuz its the only way I can play comfortably while I do work stuff in pc and play a little while getting bored the game is great and loved it. looking forward to unbanned my account and I start playing again. Best regards, MicoMeex
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    I think there are fair arguments on both sides of the fence but at the end of the day it comes down to time and money. There are warriors around who have spent so much time and money on this game and are completely neglected/surpassed by classes with half the time and money spent. It’s just the nature of MMOs but I guess this one is just a bit slower with class balancing compared to others I’ve played. It would be great if they worked harder on the balancing of classes instead of releasing more and more pointless dailies and pvp content which is fun for a while but ends up becoming just another thing you have to do everyday to remain relevant.
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    Good Day my IGN: AcnoRND I was banned using wallhack and i dont have to do with it coz i was playing on a PC which wall hack program is running i dont have any idea about it.. I was surprise i was ban after that game... i hope i can unbanned my account.. hoping for your kind consideration.. ROS loyalist...
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    after i saw what happened in china servers i'm against class swap
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    Thanks for trying to help, but we try to play when we are all online. We don't have set time for it. I will quit when "new" event comes anyway. Compliments to the company. Great game ruined to oblivion. Demise that has started with servers merge was like a human on life support, now the game is buried six feet under, without a bell rope, if it accidentally wakes the f up, no chance to show someone it is alive.
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    Passed like kidney stone? Lol.
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    Why be happy? Few months wait for an event makes you happy? Event every few months is like: "hey, lets see how long will these idiots play the game without events, then give them one and leave them without an event for months again." It is very repetitive, disrespectful, second class citizen treatment. Very bad. I see games getting updates, events and all kinds of things monthly. Games 3 year old or more. You should be sad, bewildered, enraged and shoot all kinds of complaints or just quit like many already have. I don't know why I am still here. There are better and more active, updated frequently games that I play on mobile, between my computer and playstation gaming.
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    lol make the market free? That would break the game. The alt armies would get even worse than they are now and the prices would drop cause of the people that need fast gold and put everything as low as they can. The people that would benefit most from this are the ones that want to transfer gold from their alt farming armies. Are you one of them? No one is forcing u to buy ingame currency to buy the stuff u want from AH. Also people are not just bying from AH but also selling things. You buy high but u sell high too.
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    i get masks from shadowveil way more freaquently than survival. Could have something to do with the fact u get 3 chests for 1st place opposed to 1 chest u get in survival. For the rest i just agree with @0rih4z4rd
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    They already selling bunch of items via real world money and gaming prices irrelevant to real world fast food prices. He's not saying make Lucky Tickets free or lower any p2w items prices. He's telling there's a way to do it and it might help a lot of people if we can set our prices in market.
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    Maybe you should take the time to read the list of comments which serves to further support what I originally claimed between the 2 and not to contradict what you stated about how windwhisper is a play-it-safe-to-win, even that isn't a guarantee.
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    Hey @FerrocServer! Thanks for the feedback. We'll have to check this with the team. TinyDragon
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    IGN: TearHerePlease Server: America Rank: Grandmaster i was playing last night when suddenly my account got banned permanently. why would you even ban my account? what kind of banning system are you using? did you check my rank stats? i've only won 30 games out of 300. your ****ing system sucks. i wish you would consider this. you should make a better banning system that detects cheats. please review my account and be considerate to real players. thankyou
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    Hahaha No one is whining about survival or assassin on here. Just stating their opinions about which one is better basically. I dont enjoy none of their little game modes but i do enjoy their rewards (sometimes)
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    You need 81 purple books to get the lvl 46 and 51 skills to 55. If you can do torturous 3 every week you get 6 books which means it'd take you roughly 3 1/2 months of runs through mystica to get that amount. Double for maxing both skills. Getting 12 books a week cuts that time down a lot.
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    IGN: Milkcandy Server : Asia Please unbanned my account i didn't use any illegal hacking i play with a fair game.
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    In-Game Name: ⓅⓔⓔⓝⓞⓘⓢⓔⒼⓞⓞⓓ Server: PC-Asia Date of Ban: 2018-05-28 Hey Ros I'm Playing with my teammates then I got banned My kills are always 1 to 6 only why I got banned for no reason I hope you respond cheaters doesn't ban? GoodPlayers always banned? You Can Also watch my game #MorePowerRulesOfSurvival
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    Please any news about the hero of the event? Or any generic news about the event... Are we really sure it will happen for real? Thanx...