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    IGN: MicoMeex Server: Asia Rank: Platinum II I came across with a program named "SHIFT WINDOW" as I searched online of how to adjust application size manually to adjust my screen to small size so that I can play while I do some work on my pc my 1st game I got DC due to connection lost I got back and burned and died so I start another game I ride some vehicle then game crashed then when I login again account was permanently banned. hope using program to adjust screen size is not illegal or something... if it is... then my sincere apology but hope its not cuz its the only way I can play comfortably while I do work stuff in pc and play a little while getting bored the game is great and loved it. looking forward to unbanned my account and I start playing again. Best regards, MicoMeex
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    this is a new feature. the new update says: "What's new? Better user data protection" they just protect our data so well even we can't access it now
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    It looks like they are just gonna push a new update to version 6.0.4. I just finished testing the new client and had no issues. Assuming the other testers didnt run into issues there should be a fix in the next few hours.
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    You can watch now everyday Crusaders of Light videos. Pvp Guild Battles and Team Raids. And helper build class videos coming soon..
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    @Shinichi May i remind you that the gem bug was not a cheat or a 3rd party program but a bug and people who abused it still got a temporary ban? So would it not make sense if that were to happen again? i believe the way @FerrocServer is trying to expose the problem is not the right way, but blaming it on the developers only and saying it's not the player's fault isn't the right way to go at it either. It is true the developers are at fault for the bug, but the players can choose not to do this. Since this problem was exposed, i have seen no one in my guild attempting it and i'm sure several other guilds and players are the same. If you do abuse it, is it not unethical to do so? does it not deserve to be punished? Crying about it is wrong but ignoring a problem or shifting the blame is wrong as well @Shinichi.
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    Please help... my main is PoundTown on the Thundercall server and this is the 2nd time in 2 weeks that Netease has put out an update on Google Play that isn' working. I had to download a previous version on Apk.pure last time to get on and now that' not even working. I luv the game and spend abunch of $$, but will have to start looking for another game if this doesn' get fixed right away. Please help and tell me how to resolve this issue.. already Uninstalled and reinstalled so that's not the issue.
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    and your argument is to whine whine whine til you get what you want and the irony is that if types like you get your way, you would think everything will get better but sorry you're as wrong as it gets if class-swap is implemented, that would further destabilize what is already unstable and guess what, you would be in a worse off state
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    Looks like a translation issue.
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    this is bull****, this aint login problems, this is an app's problem. If you were on CoL version 5.0.0 it forces you to update col on playstore which is more or less 1.5gb! and hooorraaa if you did update it, CoL force closes every time NetEase loading screen appears. This isnt the 1st time that CoL got ****ed up update on PlayStore, but this one is WORST, you cant play on older version and at the same time you cant play with newer version. ***CoL older version apk download doesnt work coz it redirects you to GooglePlay to update ***Uninstalling and Re-installing it via Google Play doesnt work
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    Are all players cant play bcos of this update or just certain ppl? This update requires alot of data its like redownloading the whole game again and I have only limited data. If this update isnt working its like wasting my data for nothing.
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    LOL, same exact problem. The games forced me to update the game to newest version (6.0). After the last update, I cant even come in to the game. Apps immediately closed after 'netease' logo screen. And you know what? this it not the first time that this is happened. The version before this (5.2) also has same problem, but at least the (5.2) version didn't forced me to update, So I could still downgrade back to (5.0) version. Now, I can't even used the (5.0) version because that sh*tty developer forced me to update it to broken version (6.0) FIX IT ASAP or make the (5.0) version work again. I know they won't ever read this but still, Developer test your work before forced user to update to the last version. Stop uploading the unworked version on the play store. This game is great, but has shi*ty developer.
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    LOL you should be removing that "contact us" button because it doesnt do anything at all. Or if you wanna keep it there try changing it to "false hope" button. Fits it better.
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    Hey folks! To resolve the login problem, please visit https://netease.helpshift.com/a/crusaders-of-light/?l=en, hit the CONTACT US button, and send a ticket to the Customer Support team. Hope they help you reach a resolution soon. TinyDragon
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    Same issue here, i already reinstall the game now it wont even run the game. They havent even fixed my log in issue and yet another one pops in. This guys are hilarious. All they do is get money from us and aint do a **** about their game. Fcking clowns.
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    Same issue. This company makes me lol