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    Penalties are escalating. The initial 30 minute suspension is a way of saying "Hey, we're watching you." This gives people an opportunity to realize they made a mistake and correct their behavior. It does not stay at 30 minutes if the user keeps making the same mistake.
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    Hey folks! Thanks for the feedback. The team is looking into this issue. It would be super helpful if you can provide details such as screen shots. TinyDragon
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    Im not a veteran player, but in my experience comparing scout and fg with mid tier stats (40-45k gs, 30-35% crit) FG will pull ahead a little bit. Plus, they buff mystics, elementalist and other rangers on squad/team and they are more fun to use since you actually have to pay attention on your skill cd and rotation. You will know what i mean when you try both. BTW, if you should ask at Lvl 69 path FG, moonlight will increase your Agility by 103% and buff teams main stat by 51%. Although scout can increase crit of relentless and blessed arrow plus their own crit damage but will not provide buff for other teamates. If youre good at doing math, you can make your own side by side comparison between FG and scout.