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    Hi Everyone, One of the most common requests we've heard is "What does each stat do?" So this post will help explain it, please feel free to use this information in your guides or your sites. Overview Strength Increases Warrior Physical Damage. 1 Point of Power = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Rangers and Mystics Vitality Affects Maximum HP, 1 point of Endurance = 15 HP Agility Increase Ranger Physical Damage. 1 Point of Agility = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Mystics and Warriors Intellect Increase Mystic Magic Damage. 1 Point of Intellect = 1 Point of Magic attack. This stat has no effect for Warriors and Rangers Spirit Affects Maximum MP, Physical Armor, and Magical Armor. 1 Point of Spirit = 50MP + 1 Physical defense and 1 magical defense Movement Speed Affects movement speed when not mounted Physical Damage Affects Physical attack attributes for Warriors and Rangers. Weapons, Leggings, Boots, Wrists, and Acessories can increase your Physical Damage Attribute All gear will have a chance to roll the attribute for increased Physical Damage For warriors 1 point of Power = 1 point of Physical DAmage, for Rangers 1 point of Agility = 1 point of Physical Damage Defense The higher the defense the less damage you take from Physical Attacks Piercing This value counters physical defense Crit Affects the Critical rate for physical attacks and skills. This stat can appear when reforging an item. Weapons, Secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings can have this stat. Fireworks Diamonds can have this attribute. Physical Crit is countered by Physical Crit resistance Crit Resist Reduces the rate of Physical Critial hits from happening Hit Rating Increases the chance of hitting with Physical Attacks and Skills. This affects Warriors and Ranger skills and attacks. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, neither Strength nor Agility increase Hit Rating. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Hit Rating to have all attacks hit. Against targets with attributes such as dodge or parry, it will vary. Dodge When targetted by a physical skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Hit counteracts Dodge Accuracy When attacking with a Physical attack or skill, this reduces the chance of a Parry, the higher this value, the lower chance of a Parry happening. All heroic mode bosses have 15% Parry. Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessoires, and earrings can have this stat Parry When targeted by a physical skill, a sucessful Parry will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Parry, not the amount parried All bosses and monsters in raids and team raids have a base Parry value Skills(Spells) Spell Damage Affects Magic attack attributes for Mystics. Spell Defense Reduces the damage taken from Spell skills and attacks Spell Pierce Counters Spell defense Spell Crit Affects Magic Attack and Magic Skill use critical rate. When reforging this can appear on Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings. Moonlight Diamonds can have this attribute. Increasing Spell Crit Resist prevents Spell Crit from happening Spell Crit Resist Reduces the chance of Spell Crit happening Spell Accuracy Used for Spell Attack hit rate. If the target has Evade your attack may miss. This stat only affects Mystics. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, Intellect does not affect this attribute. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Spell accuracy to have all attacks hit. Evade When targeted by a Magic skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Evade counters Spell Accuracy Spell Resist When targetted by a magic skill, a sucessful Resist Skills will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Resist Spell Penetration When attacking using a Magic skill or attack this helps negate any Resist Skills your target has.
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    Allow users to view beyond page 2 in auctions. Allow users to control market economy. Placing a gold max on an item is fine but do not enforce minimums because items like Legendary Essence become difficult to sale without doing gem trading to compensate for undercutting market. Account-wide achievements. A user should be able to complete achievements in all categories including class/profession/faction based as well as achievements for alternate subplot outcomes Inspect player from team applications screen Display path depiction icon on players in team application screen Expand damage meter to show filterable results with detailed logging similar to Recount DPS Meter plugin for WoW. This will give players an accurate way to evaluate the effectiveness of set bonus and path configurations Eliminate the need to create secondary accounts to stimulate market with obsolete blueprints by allowing the now rare level 55 patterns to sometimes create level 30 variations of this equipment which can be upgraded and then emerged. Allow players to transmog new dungeon, divine and legend items. Improve UI for chat interface as typing in game is often frustrating. Allow users to advertise the difficulty of party requests such as "Lord Invasion (Hell 3) [Request to Join]" Reduce difficulty of level 55 Mystica by tuning the damage of RNG elements (Chef Skar'vid Hook 1-shot for example) to eliminate the need to manually scale these instances with secondary accounts. As a player in the top 100 rankings I still find myself being a victim of RNG even with the aid of food buffs and flourish circles. The fights are not mechanically challenging. However, the damage is not proportional to the difficulty of the overall encounter and requires team compositions which include a minimum of two mystics in most cases. Completely remove the in-game voice chat features. It's a UI nightmare and would free up memory in-game Integrate PC controls into emulators such as Bluestack so that OSX users have access to the game via desktop/laptop Release a public facing API to gather real time data to allow community to build robust tools such as item databases which include titles, achievements, server progression, etc. This will really boost client immersion Provide more transparency for success rates on crafting legendary items to eliminate useless rituals and speculation within the community Please review the entire list of achievements currently available in-game. Adjust any achievements which are unobtainable by hiding them or correcting the requirements. (Example: Obtain items from the [Malum Crystal] set in all equipment slots. This item only drops for specific slots) Implement a system similar to transmog for "enchantments" which unlock set bonus swaps for slots once you have obtained it for that slot. For example, If I roll D1 - Secret set on a vambrace then Secret is unlocked for vambrace in the enchantment panel. If I obtain a new item upgrade which has a set bonus, D1 - Grace attached to it, that set bonus is unlocked as well. From the enchantment panel I can choose to swap Grace with previously discovered Secret set. The price to "Unlock" these sets could cost currency such as 3x the amount of the normal swap (4 scales for D1-D2, 6 scales D3-D4, 8-12 scales for G & L sets) More to come
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    Crusaders of Light 3/21 Patch Notes Refer a Friend Rewards Return You can once again collect your earned rewards in game for spreading the good word about Crusaders of Light! Like us on Facebook Low Level characters will once again receive an invite to like us on Facebook. Lucky Draw UI Improvements The UI for Lucky Draw has various improvements. PC Client Optimization UI elements for mobile have been removed on PC versions of Crusaders of Light.
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    Hey folks! I have confirmed with our team that players are supposed to get shards by dismantling a lvl 30 Aquasource Diamond. There is no such "a problem of probability". The customer service guy incorrectly replied to @Bluefish, and I feel very sorry about his mistake. TinyDragon
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    Well i must say we really should be compensated This time around Reason #1 the team failed to send us the regular in game notification that states servers will be down ...etc Reason #2 the maintenance is never actually 2 hrs Reason #3 u can never get in touch with customer service . oh well don't mind me just saying
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    I think RIP. This was my initial thought that they poorly programmed it. I don't think the intention was to give out gem on every 10 tickets. All gems clearly show rare and are lit when you do Super Draw. I'm not going to test it anymore but I tried 15 tickets yesterday and did not get anything. Good luck.
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    When did they fix it??? Still seeing ele mages opening them up. Still seeing mains getting them in their mail box as well after already gotten one from the get go.
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    You sell me your legend essence at the 250k then i buy crystals at a premium from you to cover the difference; it also works with BP's
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    Servers are now open. Thank you so much for your patience. Adventure on, Crusaders! TinyDragon
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    Hi @xxxxxxxxx, Could you please provide your SN, server, and a description about how you lost your gem here or via private message to me for further investigation? TinyDragon
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    I dismantled a lvl30 blue diamond and i didnt receive my 2 shards so i ask the customer support for help. This is what game support replied: ### Do not reply below this line ### Vincent March 17, 2018, 17:52 -0700 Hi, Crusader. Thank for contacting us.Iā€˜m sorry to tell you but this is normal game rule.When you dismantle the blue diamond and above equipment you have the chance to get the shards.So this is a problem of probability.If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us again here. We will be much appreciated if you can rate on our service. Thank you. Does that mean the game new rule is when u dismantle diamond it wont guarantee u get shards anymore? @TinyDragon@NetEase_BigJim @OchoCan u confirm if the customer support is true? Because the game used to guarantee u dismantle diamonds u get shards but you changed the rules without any notice to players
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    No just fixing referral issue and making it to where lower characters can promote their business by liking on Facebook.
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    Hey folks! Today's maintenance is extended. We are still working on bringing the servers back as soon as possible. We will let you know when servers are back. Thank you for your patience. TinyDragon
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    Geez at least keep us updated. Its an hour past estimated time.
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    i always wondered why out of the 24 hours they pick guild event time to maintenance lol.
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    Hi @Cikui, Could you please provide a short description about when and how you lost your gems? Such information would help our team investigate further. Thank you! TinyDragon
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    @Neyaeh personally I think that's going a little too far. They still have a business model based on people wanting to spend cash because of FOMO. That said thank you @TinyDragon for providing prompt, to the point answers, more of this in the future please šŸ˜Š
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    HP/MP bar overlay to include actual numbers within the bar. Show multiple buffs/debuff above skill bar
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    so after recent col updates i realized that after doing all dallies plus the now limited to 2 map events, it is a bit more challenging to get a little of 7 mil silver max per day gold is not that bad as it can be obtained by raiding and selling items such as "food buffs" now really popular but as to crafting people rarely buy bps as they are now super expensive and limited. this my not bother much players as they can just drop big bucks on the game but i rep the people who are "FREE TO PLAY" based . this may or may not get any supportive views but ...i said it ...the game is semi-broken and yet even as i am typing this tread we're having a maintenance break like what are you patching!!!! netease ?