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    Played full healer(shepherd) for half year, here are some personal exp i want to share if you would like to start play a healer or trying to find direction about healer. Healer could be the hardest role in this game, you have to heal the whole team, the tank, yourself , also need to dodge boss skill while healing, so it need some skill to play it. The first thing about healer : play on your phone. This is not necessary but play healer on your phone or any other device with finger tap will so much easier to choose teammates to heal or use skills, also healer need to pay attention around , and even save people who’s not in your team (if you have a 40 man squad.) so play on pc is kinda hard for healers. Another personal opinion: as a healer , the first thing is you have to be “tankey”, when you are trying to heal teammates don’t let yourself die, for some of the situation, you have to tank red circle and make your teammates alive (cast pb,), and you can’t do it if have low hp and defense. If you don’t have to Abilities: Healing abilities and usage: 4 Primary abilities and 2 additional abilities for healer You can read what the skill does but here's my version: Mystic Galaxy: Most powerful single target heal Arcane Shield: To be used Pre large hit by boss or when Mystic galaxy on CD. Ideally to be used before Mystic Galaxy Purifying Blast: The largest and most powerful AOE healing skill to be used before Consolation Aurora: Shield :+ % healing should be used to protect before large aoe or topping up raid Light Sigil: Your Healing Over Time ability. Should be used with Aurora for large AOE heals if Purifying blast is on (CD) Cool down Consolation: your not so powerful AOE but instant AOE heal Runes: Academic(enhance mystic galaxy) Propriety (enhance normal healing) Prowess(Enhance Arcane Shield) Order (Enhance Aurora) Insight( Strengthen healing). Healer stat working on (ranked by importance) 1. Hp: this is important because healer need to alive first, then heal others. 2. Spell damage : this will affect your healing ability , norm heal, galaxy, pb, and not effect shields. 3. Spell def : most of the boss do spell dmg aoe ,so spell def is important for halers. 4. Spell resist/evade : also help healer to survive. 5. Spell crit: haler also need spell crit in order to heal more. 6. Physical def : for everlush 2nd boss, foundry 2nd boss, they deal physical aoe, so make sure to swap spell def gem to physical gem before start. Gems: Attack gem : 40 diamond with heal% effect. Some people says healer need spell crit gem but heal% gem is more useful over all. Lets see if healer basic heal is 1000 , and heal for 10 times with basic 20% spell crit. If you get lucky enough and get 20% heal or 20% crit on total of 8 attack gem. It will be 20% extra heal and 20% crit , or 40% crit. So we can calculate that if 2/10 of healing gem crit, the total heal will be 1000x1.2x8+(1000x1.2x1.5)x2= 13200. With crit gem, if 4/10 is crit , it will be 1000x6+(1000x1.5)x4=12000 Which is big difference. Because col crit rule is 1.5x not 2x, so healing gem will be much better. Defense gem: lv40 diamond with spell def with spell resist. Hp gem : lv40 diamond with dodge/evade. Comment: heart of sea is very useful for healers even lvl 20 one, it give 1.6% healing effect and 1%/1.5%/2% dmg reduction from all source. If you have 8 of them, will again extra 12.8% heal which will be very useful. Gears: well, legendary is good, but also high grade gear from mystica. But nowadays legends are not expensive, so try to get them and at least upgrade defense part to 320(or 335 if you can), also craft is a good way to get legend. Using your skills This is what your mindset should be like if you’re planning to be a Shepherd 1.Know whether you will healing just the tank because he will be tanking everything or everyone, either way always be aware of all your teammates' hp and the boss’s patterns so you know who's taking damage and prioritize them as well timing your AOE heals in accordance with the boss's AOEs. 2.As soon as you see that boss AOE skill charging up, you can either straight go to your Purifying Blast into your Consolation or pop your Aurora first before the mentioned combo to give a mini shield to everyone plus the about 4 seconds of regen. Some of you may be asking why you use Consolation after Purifying Blast, some of you may just be thinking because it’s another heal right after another one, but there’s another purpose why you do it in that specific order. If you go read your path skill: Consolation, it says normal healing and purifying blast will give the target the Enlightenment state and what it does exactly is it increases the hp restored to allies with the Enlightenment state when Consolation is used. If you use Consolation by itself you can tell it’s a pretty weak AOE heal skill, that is why we do Purifying into Consolation to heal everyone in the area as much as possibly can. Remember you’re the healer, without the healer, no one can do anything without you keeping them alive. Healers are the real carries ladies and gentlemen. You may not feel any special right now but much like the Tamer Path, Shepherd and Tamer are late game path skills. Tamer can buff an Archers’ damage by up to 5k at the highest levels and healers are the ones that make sure we don’t die to the inevitable AOEs and surviving the cc that’s being thrown at the team. 3.Read your skills and runes carefully and understand how they interact. Just because something’s confusing doesn’t mean it’s not important to understand. 4.Quick fingers, if you want to be a top tier healer you’re going to need some insane awareness of both the game, what’s going on (raid, battelfield, etc), a healer MUST adapt to every situation they are put into. If you know you will never be going to use your purifying blast because everything’s in the moment, replace it with a void walk to dodge cc (you can dodge warrior chains, jumps, etc) or Dread Blast to fear a high target damage damage dealer or just a front line tank to free your teammate, or Dread Blast for that AOE cc if you know they have a lot of tanks. You need to make sure you are spamming your abilities before they come up, or just putting a shield on someone you know has low hp and quickly get to casting that purifying blast. It’s all about making the most and being efficient with your abilities. Make the most out of everything. 5. Keep in mind that your Mystic Galaxy does reduce healing so if you notice your team is having trouble killing a target because they’re getting hardcore healing, throw a Mystic Galaxy at them to reduce healing on the target. 6.Something I didn’t originally do I saw some healers do is that whenever we entered a team raid or guild hunt or battlefield, what they did first was put down a sigil then immediately followed by an Aurora, what this does it provide everyone with a shield, damage boost, and healing. 7.Pay attention to how much each person is taking, if I know someone in my team has lower hp than my other teammates, before AOES, I will shield them and still have time to cast my Purifying Blast. Always be catering to what you’re being given to deal with. 8.If someone is too deep, DO NOT go in to heal them. If you get too close, you will be hooked in by a warrior and hardcore cced. Even when you’re just healing people, always be aware of where some of the enemies are so you don’t get focused. People will actively look to pick the healer out so always be alert and aware. 9.If you are someone to look at stats and compare yourself to others, just don’t look. You might feel pressured and or even like you’re bad because your healing is not #1 but remember, that it’s about staying alive and keeping your teammates alive not just being #1 on the stats, someone could easily overheal everyone with the Ligh Sigil and Aurora combo and spam heals on tank and be first in heals. Don’t compare yourself to others, focus on improving yourself by keeping everyone else alive, that’s your priority nothing else. 10. Always be moving, there will be skill shots against whichever boss you face and you must always be moving so you can prepare yourself to move a certain direction once you see those red circles and since you're already moving anyway, it will be much easier and also give you that practice. ( this part from rainy and i agree with most part of it so i link it up.) Star circle : swift , flourish, roar, agility . work on swift for dmg/def/crit and roar for hp first , and if have extra silver put them on agility and flourish also. Sets and personal opinions about every set.(3⭐is best) Secret(2/2) ⭐⭐ 2pc : Increase Mystic Galaxy’s damage and healing by 30%. This set is very useful for healers with lower spell damage, 30% of extra healing effect galaxy for single target, once you can heal 30k+ with galaxy , it will be the time to give it up. Flock(2/2) ⭐⭐⭐ 2pc : Increase Arcane Shield’s effect by 30%. One of healer most important set, 30% extra shield will provide 1.5-2k extra shield for tanks, which could save tank’s life. Virtue(4/4) ⭐⭐⭐ 2pc :Light Sigil resets Purifying Blast cooldown. 3pc :Increase Crit of Purifying Blast by 15%. 4pc :Automatically gives Arcane Shield effect and cast an Purfying Blast when HP is lower than 20%. Can only be triggered once every 60 seconds. Healer’s most important set, for 4/4 it give a extra purfying blast, and 15% extra crit heal for pb , also the 4pc set could save the life of our whole team, this set need be 1st to get. Arcane crystal(3/3) ⭐⭐ 2pc : Casting skills grants a small chance to summon an Arcane Crystal. The Arcane crystal will release multiple Arcane strikes on enemy target or arcane halos on ally target. 3pc: Arcane strike deals an extra area damage upon hitting the target enemy. Arcane Halo heals allies around upon hitting the target ally.This set drop from skyblaze heroic 2nd boss, which give extra heals (around 1500) and for 3/3 it also give a small aoe heal (around 1500) around tank. Noctisidious’s Protection(2/2)⭐⭐ 2pc :When your HP is less than 30%, it will be immediately restored by 60% of maximum HP. Can only triggered once every 50 seconds. This set will save healer from dying, but the hp restore cap is 10k, could be use together with virtue, can 100% top your hp once per minute when you are low. Plague infection(3/3) ⭐⭐ 2pc :Have low possibility to produce a Plague pool under feet when taking damage. Standing in Plague pool will recover HP constantly. 3pc :Shield increase by 20% when standing in Plague pool. This set drop from skyblace heroic 4th boss, when you getting hit there will be a pool under you and keep heal your self, around 2k with 1700 spell dmg. Especially works good in Ash heroic 2nd boss, skyblaze heroic 4th boss, core of rock essence 2nd boss. 2 piece is good enough for healers. Nature’s blessing(3/3) ⭐ 2pc : Normal healing or Judgment’s healing has as small chance if releasing a healing mist to the target, restoring its HP. 3pc : Nature’s blessing can launch up to 3 times. Healer set for beginner healers, can provide extra heal ( around 500) for 3 target and 3 times . Conflagrus’s Fire Shell (3/3) ⭐ 2pc :Normal healing’s last hit and Judgment’s healing has small chance of giving a Fire Shield to the target, absorbing a certain amount of damage. 3pc :Continue to deal damage to surrounding enemies while the shield is present. This is a “useless” healer set, but still a healer set, it only triggered with last hit of norm healing, and provide a shield on tank (around 2500) , because you can’t control the time of it triggered, so it is not a good set for healer, also 3 set provide a small aoe near target while shield is active, which deal 440 dmg each second for 8 seconds. Badel’s Destiny(3/3)⭐⭐ 2pc : When gaining a shield , gain Badel’s ursine Essence, which restores HP continuously for 6 seconds. Can only be triggered once very 20 seconds. 3pc : When Badel’s Ursine Essence disappears, gain Ursine Resilience, adding a damage-absorbing shield to you and up to 2 nearby allies. This set drop from Ash 2 heroic, when you shield your self (include aurora, arcane shield and passive of force of will) , this is a good set because it’s an active set , you can active it when you want and will heal you for 6 sec around 1300 per second, the healing effect can also be crit. This set will greatly increase the survival ability for healers. Grace(3/3)⭐⭐⭐ 2pc :Healing effect +2% 3pc :Crit healing effect + 10% This set is same as blood thirst for dps , but it is for healer, will be good if you have many legends, beside the extra 2% heal, 10% crit healing apply on all of your healing skill, (bp , galaxy, norm heal,etc.) a very useful set. So my personal set working on is Virtue 4, grace 3, arcane crystal 3, flock 2, badel/plague infection 2, because you can’t make grace on your ring and pedant, so blood thirst 2/3 is also good for the extra 2% spell crit. hope this guide can help you, if you have any extra question can leave your comment below or contact Evotinana in thundercall server. Thank you!
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    1. Paladians more specifically tank paladians ARE generally stronger in pvp and pve especially early and midgame. However, end game everything pretty much evens out. 50,000 fear score with d0-d3 isnt end game. 2. An evenly geared (with proper sets) of opposing classes player dps mage for example can roll down a pally with things such as fast ticks with crit, skills like sleep, but most importantly keeping seperating. Similar with a ranger. 3. You have to be moving, rolling, TIMING sheilds TIMING shield removers, stuns, blinds, ect. As a ranger if you block a pallys jump, you should have plenty of time to dps him down. "But his sheilds!" TIMING. TIMING. TIMING. 4. Warriors vs Pallys. You have to try harder than other classes ill admit. A well geared fang is the real only threat followed by the executioner (has to have insane burst dps with with a very high crit, crit had to land, stun, chain the pallys shield he panic throws away and you won. Of course you could miss your crit and the pally have enough health to do his rotation and you lose BUT thats all apart of pvp it could go hid way or your way. 5. Warrior tanks are useless. NO. This is a common misconception due to early and midgame the pallys heals helps him survive more but endgame for most EG raids a pally is a support tank. Thats why their dps is higher because for most EG raids the warrior tank with a higher parry and crush resistance will main tank and the pally tank pull multiple roles, agro swapping, dpsing and most imortantly healing the main tank weather its from attack skills like divine or you targeting him with judgement. A proper support pally when not with the agro can heal the main tank for 5-10k hp every 2 or 3 seconds. 6. DPS pallys don't need a nerf. Infact they are squisy. 1 v 1 if judicator hits its over. No procs? Well other than a little hp regen his heslth bar is staying down. 7. 3rd tree Paladian. Invite them to raids. Stand inside his jump skill and recieve a damage reduction around 15% at current server levels. "Its only 15% whats that going to do." Lets say the dps keeps getting 2 shot during a phase. Say someone has 19k hp and their getting hit for 10k each time. That now id reduced to 8500. 8500 x 2 = 17,000. That gives the healers extra crucial time to reup their hp or even for a cd to pop for the player for a self heal or sheild not only saving a wipe, but some friendships. Any thoughts or opionions are welcomed. Im not claiming to be right just my opinion. My credentials just incase you dont think im biased. Stared Anriod lauch on July 21st. I have 27 characaters. Related to the topic a 70k pally and 65k warrior. (I know lavern Lake is new). Thanks
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    Just wanted to get this topic ready to go.
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    Sorry about that- the crabs should be spawning now.
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    To ROS developers, Great job stopping these cheaters. I have caught/watched a lot of cheaters walking and shooting through walls, It's frustrating to have these cheaters playing the game, ruins and do not add to the game value. Keep them locked out. Kudos.
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    Update ! Finally, got an answer, 11 days after the first one. Let's compare it with the previous one. And the second : So Vinvent took 11 days to copy/paste the previous answer, without checking anything that I was requesting for and he kept telling that I haven't done Pulrik HC as first on my server because it seeems I don't have the linked achievement. So, @Ocho and @RedPanda, how do you judge that quality of service ? Do you think that is somehting correct, full of professionalism and respectful ?
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    Just go paladin, put $300 in it. You'll be almost full legend as pld legends are dirt cheap.
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    6 days is nothing, you're at the beginning of long way to get a resolution. I've been waiting for 3 weeks to get an answer on mine. Be prepared to get stupid answers. We should create an awards for the most stupid answer possible from the support team. I start with Vincent, who after 14 days of delay because of an intensive search and datas check, answered : You can notice the real investment in the datas verification : Obviously, I wasn't in the team who did the first kill of Pulrik HC on my server. And that kind of behavior is typical, probably less than 20% of the request I made from the beginning of the game have been treated correctly, on the others, either I have to explain to the support team what is the problem like I would if I had to explain how is working an iPhone to my grand mother or to a children, either we don't get answer.