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    Is that the same column as .... "Our technical team is working on the problem you report".
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    Dear @RedPanda, It's time to take your community more seriously and step it up. We are 11 days into a refreshing type of event, yet you guys are letting it die. Where are the weekly results? Investigating the compensation bug is keeping you busy? Announce it. Respect the people who invest time, effort and money playing your game. Looking forward to hear some news from my "Community Manager", Tom.
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    The people who have quited when the gem bug first happen months ago saved themselves. I should have quited back then too
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    I have an idea about that problem ; If someone create a party like Scar Plains it should set a radius from dungeon zone like 5-10meters , if leader walk away from this zone party info should change to none or something else , im kinda bored to join a lot of wrong things and when you get invite from someone else it should say like INFO: Scar Plains - Normal or whatever the party is about. This is really necessary thing to see in the future. I hope this will come true in no time.
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    Im still slowly getting masks and im over 100 i believe
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    dear @RedPanda Players are waiting for the ranking list to be added for new accounts aye myself am one of those players, i have been playing my new account for almost 7 days and i would LOVE to see where i am in the ranking This weekly post of rankings is getting annoying as we DO NOT see a post yet. The customer service here is non existent and u need to work at it.
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    Hello, i started to play COL not a long time ago , i really wanted to improve my self in game and try to grind hard with others however i noticed its not easy as it looks to farm with Meele character such as Paladin. The problem is everyone letting their characters to some spot in the world and went totally AFK and their ranged characters such as Archer and Mystic killing millions of minions the problem is if i wanted to farm like them i need to be meele to fight due of this issue i cannot farm any Leather/Cloth , its not really fair to use Auto-Play out of Story Line or Raids. Solution in my opinion ; Shut down auto-play except Story Line and Team Raids such as ( Dire,Goblin,Ash,Fort etc. ) except these events auto-play shouldn't be allowed. Multiply the monsters in the world or drops from each creature same drops such as Leather/Silk etc. Its really unfair to farm between classes either you add something like a quest for Silk/Cloth for meele characters or do at least something to fix this issue
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    best thing is still class balance, buff to those that needs it and necessary nerf to others.. but, we all know this is difficult and netease will likely spend forever to do this right, so yeah, class swap/change for the mean time.. when there are no more exes and sheps, devs will be forced to buff em, maybe.
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    Why would you want a chat api? You have in game chat and usage of tonnes of voice/text software/apps both in browser and downloadable to use.