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    So, many of us have been wondering why nothing has ever been done about ppl abusing the game market and running many alts to farm gold, crystals and legendary gear. Well there you have it boys and girls, Netease official response to the community is "MAKE MOARRR ALTSSSSSS" for every alt u make u gonna get a free legendary at the end of the month! hurray! ohh you want more? np, refer 10 of those alts to your main charecter, farm some achivements points on them and in a matter of weeks u will get 2 sparkling diamonds, loads of silver/gold lucky tickets 5 legendary essence and more. still not convinced? no problem, buy a 3 month goblin membership and we will even throw in 5 lvl up potions so 5 of ur alts can hit lvl 55 insta! im sorry but this is no bug, its not a glitch, its not a mistake, its deliberatly rewarding ppl who are abusing the game and this is seriously the last straw for me. i give up officially on netease this has been the worst managment of game and community, i feel like netase has done all the wrong moves handling this game. im out of it as soon as i find something else half descent to play, this is a huge fuking joke.
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    I need to make a correction on the information. While this box gives a legendary, the legendary will not be able to be sold.
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    Why does the game even have to force you to level up character-wise? More so hinders you from actually levelling up by decreasing your exp gain? It just doesn't make sense. The reason some people might not want to level up right away is to increase their Talent levels first as to not feel unprepared and weaker when compared to lower level players with higher ratings. Which anyone would notice with their first character. Why implement a mechanic of spending character exp for increasing paths, when the game does not incentivise you to do so? In fact hinders you from doing so with demon's oppression? This mechanic is broken and just needs to be removed altogether, or at the very least needs to be reworked as to encourage play-styles not mandated by the game. For example, Silkroad Online has a similar mechanic of slowing down Character Exp gain in favor of increasing Skill (Talent) Exp gain if the Skill Lvl is equal or higher than the character level? It encourages the player to play their style and build their character even more before progressing to higher levels. With the aforementioned mechanic of spending character exp as substitute for talent exp, you won't need for a mechanic like Silkroad's or even the implemented one which is the utterly stupid and asinine demon's oppression A huge aspect of an MMO is character building... And the lack of character customisation with the game pushing everyone to reach max is just completely pointless and broken. It feels like everyone of the same class would look exactly the same by the end game. You're just driving away what little user-base you have. And stops potential players from spending more time in the game or even bother playing at all. ----- I'll nip it in the bud as i've seen a patter of replies on older posts which is present in any game forum when someone is complaining or suggesting changing something, really ––– just because "old-players" had to go through it or had a harsher grind does not excuse an ultimately broken game-mechanic. You're seriously just bragging about the amount of time you wasted doing the same thing in the game over and over (times infinity), congratulations. *slow clap*
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    If you have specifics on these changes please let me know so I can ask the team to investigate.
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    Nickname: Gudozada Hour: 17:22 (BR- Brasilian) Date: 04/02/2018 Reason: Banned ---> i got banned after a sniper shot at a guy who was attracted to the tree on the side of a car (Buggy) near the railing, I was using a 8x on AWM, i knocked him down and i entered on a pink house, out of nowhere appears "Banned" on my screen. I would like a review and if you can unban me of the game, to be able to play free. Thanks for listening.
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    Since the last update Paladins get nerfed... 1.Less damage on Templar (50% less) and Paladin of Dawn (30% less)...Less defense on Paladin of Dawn (probably 15-20% less) a)Who is gonna take a DPS which not deal DPS?! Isnt just pathetic as idea? I am asking! b)Do you know it was hard enough to be taken in party as Paladin before update,I cant imagine just right now... 2.Why do you nerfed them when people already have Paladins since months ?! a)If it was from the start, we might not wasting time to level up them and just the game filled still by Rangers,Warriors and Mystics only! b)It's ridiculous to play melee with paper DEF and when just the things became a bit not to die from 1 shot with raising your path and items,NetEase decide to nerfed them... 3.Yeah, we know is not easy to be played as melee Paladins, when bosses do the most damage on exactly melee classes and not even got as range types teleport or roll skills.Hardly to survive and do decent DPS in same time - cannot do damage at the healing field (if it's far from you)not as range type classes since you have to hit the boss as melee (half of time you are not healed because of that fact) .Most of party members watching your DPS stats window and laters kicks you out of the party.Just because you are not DPS for them LOL.How to do decent damage, until you trying to survive running back to the healing field...Well we accept that fact and when just things became a bit equal you decided to screw up whole race... 4.Is it all about because kids are crying on forum for IMBA paladins?! I might say to the players which are whine about IMBA paladins.If you are range type,you've got your range and do decent DPS until paladins walks to you and if you cant do it,is not about paladins,its about your skills on buttons.When the paladins just became equal on gear as old classes QQ started... 5.Do you really want to bury whole race? If you answer to us, it will be good, to not wasting more time on them or just to leave the game because it's pointless to play something which tomorrow might be something else.I mean,If all these stats was from the start,I will not do Paladin as character and just keep on old races.It's about LIE,which you, NetEase made and at least we deserve some excuse or explanation for your OWN decision! Note:I am no whine about it, its a straight facts and If you still want to keep some players in the game, you should think about it or get the result soon or later (no Paladins or emo-quits).
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    if anybody whining about nerf pala nerf pala, pala is op, you should think first about mystic too. mystic mj does dmg, healing, can heals team members, can use shield, can self heal using weapon till opponent's mp drops to zero, can go far using void walk, many op things mystic got in his skill set. so stop with ur nerf pala requests. play the way it is. devs knws what they r doing!
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    Greetings Crusaders, Just wanted to make sure you were aware that we know some of you are missing gold. We are currently working hard to address a bug that is causing this behavior. While we do not have a solution yet we are tracking all the gold lost in this manner, and once the bug is resolved we will refund any gold that may have gone missing. Thank you for your patience.
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    lets see.. hmmm.... when they give free stuffs isnt it usually bound? I think that answers all your questions.. They even made the beginner chest items if u dismantle give less silver than the normal items would from drop / shop (if i remember correct) like the beginner chest mounts and stuff... and if its not bound then prepare to wait 2 more hours extra for maintenance haha