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    Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 01/10/2018 New Life Skills Fishing/Cooking Fishing and Cooking are now available at level 55 once you complete a series of quests from the Fishing Master at Terles Lake and the Tavern Chef at Ironfist Tavern. Once you have learned these skills you fish at all sorts of locations throughout Milura, and cook delicious dishes that provide buffs! Team Assist System Team raids can now include up to 2 additional team members of lesser power, to help get them geared up and ready for harder content. Players who are eligible for this role are shown in the UI. These assistants do receive drops, but are not able to bid in auctions. All Team Raids now utilize the 40 person Raid UI. For 40 person raids, the maximum number of participants remains 40. Windwhisper Survival A new map has been added to Windwhisper Survival in addition to Cloudburst Forest; do you have what it takes to battle in out in the badlands of Surgewind Wilds? The “Reach top 50%” Quest has been made into a weekly quest requiring 7 top 50% finishes. Rewards have been adjusted appropriately. Team Raid adjustments Decrease the difficulties of Kothas' Foundry, Core of Rock Essence, Fort Desolation, and Fort of Desolation. Heroic Skyblaze: Heroic Skyblaze Village Pulrik Plague Spike rotation speed decreased by 33% Heroic Skyblaze Village Pulrik Diseased Mutant HP decreased by 33% Heroic Skyblaze Village Pulrik Poison Bite Being HP decreased by 33% Heroic Skyblaze Village Pulrik Mutant Being HP decreased by 33% Kothas Foundry: Kothas Foundry 2nd boss Leray Kothas and monster HP and damage decrease Core of Rock Essence 1st boss Todt and monster HP and damage decrease Increase Turtle Whirl skill duration Decrease the damage of Turtle Whirl Core of Rock Essence 2nd boss Sam and monster HP and damage decrease: Decrease the effect of Enhanced Sever Soul Decrease Beacon and Hostile soul HP Star Circle Level 7 of the Star Circle is now available, and provides a new skill upon unlock. Skills Forest Guide Path bonus damage for Blessed Arrows reduced to 40% from 80% Quality of Life Changes You can now polish multiple gems at once. The number of available gems for purchase now rolls over, up to 3 days worth. One-click dismantle for normal and rare gems and blueprints. Players can now discard multiple items at once. Illusionist Lord Illusionist Lords now have special buffs that can be countered by use of the correct Star Circle. Quests Adjusted the level requirements and difficulties of some quests in Sardar Highlands, including Demonic Influence. Faction events. The tasks Mining Crystals, Gathering Intelligence, High-Energy Crystal Nucleus will now only reward the same quality or better of the items collected. For example; if you pick a blue crystal, you won’t get lower than a blue level crystal from further mining attempts. PVP “Batch Matching” function has been added to Windwhisper Survival, Arena, and cross-server battlefield. Players can register for multiple battlefields when they are available. Daily Quest adjustments: Reduce the experience and talent rewards of single player reputation tasks. Increase the rewards of trial quests. Agitated Elementals has been removed, its rewards have been rolled into Lords Invasion. Minor changes and Bug fixes Players can now earn different frames for their avatars. Players can purchase gender transfer potion from Madlen at Aerial Island Fort Plaza. Improved PC visual quality. Self-cast is available on PC in the Settings page. Alt、Ctrl or Shift can be set as the button for Self-cast. Press and hold this button to target yourself while casting. Festival items can be dismantled and exchanged for a certain amount of Gold. Star shaving and star flowers can be purchased in Altruism Medal store. When the limit of guild hunts has been reached, players will receive silver in place of tokens. The Arena award requirement changes from participating in Arena 10 times to 5 times per week. Battle for the Relics: If players do not finish picking up after waiting for 1 minute, the event will be completed automatically in the final process of picking up the chests. Fixed an issue where the new rune skills did not increase your HP. Sardar Exclusive Package returns to the store at 50% off! You are still limited to 1 package. Lucky Draw Updated
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    netease please reconsider. having too many servers will spread the game community thin. thr game experience relies heavily on big population for all 40 man battlefielf and raids and world pvp. having so many server with small populations will be very very bad. its also extra bad since ppl can't change server and if one server dies the remaining players there will have no choice but to quit the game since they wont find a team for anything......
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    Netease please reconsider this plan. Sit again with Devs or whoever you need to. It will really create a big loss for the game. Just open 1 server per region and add only if demand is high and gets too populated. Fewer servers mean more fun and activity.
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    Can we get it on mac I really wanna play on desktop but I have a mac
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    In patch notes, it says it is available but I can't see in Trade.
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    Hi I am not able to swap in 10 skill bar. Is this a bug or am i missing something. I confirmed i am not the only one having this issue. but its not happening for all . i am using iphone.
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    Forget all the gem fiascos, the Android meltdown, recent crazy lags .. how did you find time to revamp a previously absolutely terrible ranger path ( forest guide ).. that genuinely nobody used, into a flipping powerhouse. Meanwhile there’s a post on your forums with 200 replies and 7k views .. 8 pages of people complaining and expressing their frustration in countless ways of how PATHETIC AND USELESS EXE WARRIORS are .. For over 3 months we have been begging for some sort of hope, or attention to our problem .. while watching paladins get all the love, then rangers getting a 30% Dmg buff to two major skills, now rangers get buffed again, we can just sit here in ****ing despair and get absolutely 0 love, nothing .. just pure ignore. It’s getting to the point of beyond comprehension .. what do we have to do to get a flipping buff or revamp of some kind .. ?? If you are so lost for ideas go and check the discussion I mentioned before, there’s countless ways we have suggested to make executioners more enjoyable and useful, all we asked of you is to pull a finger out and adress it.
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    There is definitely a bug, I got mine to work by using the troubleshoot option o the bottom left of the screen. Using that fixed mine and I can now edit them again.
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    was it to put resurrection button in the exact same spot of attack..... seriously ... so when u are attacking and die and constantly accidentally res in base when u want to res on the spot ... ROTF
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    I think this will hurt mystics less than the palas did to warriors.. assuming , this wizards has no heal path., i have always viewed mystic as priest type class anyway.. so we need a true wizard. ..also i paladins may not have killed us off yet.. but they're almost there
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    ?? I just dug out my old Matricom g-pad XYBA, connected it Bluetooth to my Google pixel XL and fired up ROS and it works perfectly. Run, aim, shoot, cycle weapons, pick up, scope, lay down, pull up map, pull up inventory. The only thing I think it didn't do was have a dedicated reload button.
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    OMG its GYLFI my nightmare coming to haunt me again
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    You obviously have no clue if you could say that warriors are on par with other classes interms of dps. I did have fun playing exe before 10 skills implemented. Exe was so good for pvp, especially with Fire set back then. But now with 10 skills, we dont have that advantage anymore since fang can use anvil too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that 10 skills slot is bad. It's definitely a good upgrade for everyone. Exe sucks period.
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    I get that data migration is complex, but it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that Netease is unable to do this. When you add this to the gem compensation debacle, it clearly points to the fact that they don't understand their data structures!
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    Still no answers, already called Apple to issue a claim/refund regarding this issue.
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    My heal and mana pot usages has gone through the roof when playing on my phone because of 10 skill. lol
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    With the 10-skill bar, my thumb keeps drifting and I accidentally keep using heal potions.