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    The Paladins arrive October 25th! Crusaders of Light's next huge update, Arrival of the Paladins, includes the long-anticipated arrival of the Paladin, a brand new class with the ability to tank or deal damage. But the fun doesn't stop there! Also included is the brand new Star Circle system, giving you a whole new way to use experience to grow your Character's power. We've also got tons of new content, with a revamped quest system that makes exploring the world of Milura more rewarding, and the final 2 Bosses of Heroic: Burning Skyblaze Village. If that wasn’t enough there’s a ton of other features, including new levels to upgrade Legendary gear, and the return of the Champion’s Trials. Get ready Crusaders, October 25th and Arrival of the Paladins is almost here!
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    if you dont mind looking ugly then u can get forged legendaries. You only need 4 leaf legendaries to get the L set. The rest can be crafted since there is no difference in the stats or upgrades but maaan the crafted look sooooo ugly. Make sure u get chest and pants not crafted cause they basicly determine your whole look.
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    I also quit the game for the same reasons mentioned. At start i thought i would suck it up and keep playing "for fun" but unfortunatly there is no fun when half of ur friends quit the game over this gem fiasco. its not fun when u meet the gem buffed players in arena and bf, its not fun when u no longer have a chance to compete for first kills in high raids cause some people got months worth of progress in their mail, its not fun when i struggle to save silver to make 1 lvl 40 diamond to slowly progress while others got 100 of them for free, its not fun when u listen to the devs and dont mess around with the bug while the ones that abuse the bug get rewarded for it. The same amount of support i have shown to this game from before it even launched the soft launch the same anger and dislike i feel about it right now. I am trying to think WHAT made them think that its ok to just leave it like that. Is there a lack of understanding of how much that breaks the balance of the game? The amount of people quitting doesnt make u think u should do something else about it? Do you expect it to just "be forgotten"?
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    What I’m expecting ? How about actually fixing the game first. The squad bug still hasn’t been fixed since who knows when.. More then half the player base still can’t even open the game unless they’re connected to wifi. New content would be good. But what good is that when you can’t open a “mobile” game when you’re not home and on wifi.. And I notice server maintenance finishes incredibly fast and it seems like nothing is fixed after any maintenance.. I’d rather the game be offline for couple hours and things getting fixed.
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    There's a big live stream this Friday, we did say an update was coming this month...so as long as we make the big update before 10/31 we're technically correct
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    in latest update mystics got a big spell crit damage buff with path spell, i think that makes spell crit be more effective for mystics than spell penetration. spell resist remove 40% of the dmg from a spell, but at path lvl 60 mage gets 30% more crit dmg so it more or less evens out. not to mention crit gives u better dmg anyway vs elemental lords since they don't parry untill ordeal level. and in normal team raids. for rangers i think accuracy and crit are more or less even in terms of dmg on heroic bosses
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    This is gonna be ResidentSleeper, more bugs incoming PogChamp
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    Seriously, it is very easy to tell legit from farmed. Legit you receive honor because you are killing different people. Farm you are not receiving honor because you kill the same person over and over again. After 10-20 (forgot exact number) you stop receiving honor. Anyway, so what? I view this title the same as mob farming titles. Just farming. It's not even purple. Meh.
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    In other mobile Chinese games, the biggest events are around the Chinese new year. But they do some around other holidays as well. Definitely need more lucky ticket events. $5 for 2 is a slap in the face. They really need to also update the goblin deals and costs for items. No one ever buys $30K items anymore. I'm surprised they don't have a $10/mo elite goblin deal like older mmo's. That is reasonable imo and would provide a steady cash flow to the developer. Not paying the current value for a faster mount and gems that have better deals on the goblin. You guys need a better marketing department for in game deals. You are losing on a TON of cash flow. Do you even monitor the percentage of deals purchased and replace them?
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    The only thing we changed in this update that I am aware of is disabling of the cross server battlefields. Our team is aware of the Laverlan Lake situation and we are investigating it.
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    Cross Server Battlefields have been temporarily disabled. We are working on the issues with Cross Server Battlefields and have temporarily disabled the feature for the time being. We will update you as soon as we have an update. More translation fixes
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    Based on what people are saying, legendary craft is around 1%... so keep crafting, you'll get it!
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    I think the change class is coming i saw it on YouTube
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    Current requirement to enter a Heroic Raid is 7 players in team minimum. I hate asking help from guild/alts to enter a heroic raid that I will solo. As players get stronger these raids are becoming trivial. At least lower the requirement to 3 players in team. Thanks.
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    Spell Crit all the way - I understand some bosses have Parry and Dodge and in PVP spell def - Spell pen will just ensure the damage isn't filtered through as much. You can get spell pen but don't sacrifice it for spell crit.
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    This is something we're aware of as a request and we're looking into it.