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    Hello team! I'm here to talk about Raid Loot Distribution. What's wrong : As we as players are progressing in raids and forming core groups with guild members and friends we see that people are having to bid against their newly formed friendships and guildies to get gear they they all equally helped in downing and achieving. What we can do right now: Core groups are now realizing and sharing the loot as needed. We find people let one person bid on said item that way to not cause a bidding war between guildies and needlessly spending gold. As with our guildes and core 10 man what we like to do is use a "ROLL" command on a program such as Discord. This way lets say all the rangers that need the item, all roll for it, highest one then bids on the dropped item. However, the timing of of the auction goes so fast its hard to be organized and quickly find who needs what and have the people do their rolls in a 10 man let alone getting 40 guildes in larger raids. Suggestion: I understand a big way to get money is in these bidding wars with random groups. But honestly it just seems wrong, we fight and work together to progress and to down a boss together then after fighting and accomplishing the raid. We then have to have the gold to spend to get an item, oh and hope no one has more to out bid you. (farm everyday and hope those materials sell) Though I understand its part of the gold sink in the game. My suggestion is we keep it to randoms and that's fine. However if you have a group of players all in the same guild there should be a master loot option where the party leader can then distribute the gear to the correct players. You would all be in the same guild and trusting of the leader. No gold would then be profited, but then also no gold would be lost. ( if master loot is to much, at least add a guild roll option on the gear where players that need it roll for it. Highest roll = item in bag // Think guild bonfire end event ) If your guild has a better way to gear distribution on a timed fuse to make sure correct guildes get the right gear without battling each other with gold please share! Thanks for reading! @RedPanda
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    I also quit the game for the same reasons mentioned. At start i thought i would suck it up and keep playing "for fun" but unfortunatly there is no fun when half of ur friends quit the game over this gem fiasco. its not fun when u meet the gem buffed players in arena and bf, its not fun when u no longer have a chance to compete for first kills in high raids cause some people got months worth of progress in their mail, its not fun when i struggle to save silver to make 1 lvl 40 diamond to slowly progress while others got 100 of them for free, its not fun when u listen to the devs and dont mess around with the bug while the ones that abuse the bug get rewarded for it. The same amount of support i have shown to this game from before it even launched the soft launch the same anger and dislike i feel about it right now. I am trying to think WHAT made them think that its ok to just leave it like that. Is there a lack of understanding of how much that breaks the balance of the game? The amount of people quitting doesnt make u think u should do something else about it? Do you expect it to just "be forgotten"?
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    There are currently no plans to add new servers. If that changes we'll let you know.
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    Whhhhaaaaattttt!!!!! Now I really feel like an ejeet. Thanks dude. Seriously, didn't know that feature was there, lol. My bad.
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    go to Char -> Info tab at the bottom -> bottom right there is an exclamation mark next to Altruism Medal which shows for that day from which source how many medals you received and also how many more can you acquire out of the daily cap /1000
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    Maybe you don't see the irony in your own statement.
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    We will let you know ahead of time when it resets and will have the details then.