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    Hi Blink Rest assured that we read every comment and every topic in this forum. I don't always comment because often times like in your case, I don't have anything that I can say that would add to the conversation. I could comment on everything in this thread and reply to everyone saying "I read your comment", but that doesn't really mean anything. Usually I only would like to respond if I have something I can add that brings value. I hope you understand.
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    Also in pvp i dont think your strategy of "4 button smash fest" would work. There are lots of combo, set items that you can mix up with even just 6 buttons to press. If you dont know what im talking about, then I guess you need to explore the game more rather than complaining about whats its lacking. Its you whos lacking something. I still dont know lots of thinggs here but Im pretty sure decent players would agree to this.
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    Enough is enough... Every other game that has ever experienced game breaking bugs the servers get taken offline. Take those servers down and don't bring them up till it's fixed and re ompensate the playerbase. I've spent almost quadruple figures of real life money on this game and the game right now is broke and unacceptable.
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    These bugs sure do seem extremely sketchy on the last day of the competition. It seems to me that one of the following happened 1. The game was hacked (unlikely) 2. Netease wants to pull the competition 3. Netease what's to extend the competion to make more money 4. Someone inside Netease (a dev) is having friends and family run a team and they noticed their team isn't winning so he played with code a little bit to create a glitch just my thoughts above. I don't think it's 1 simply because how stupid and obvious the glitch is. Also a hacker would have made it something that benefits himself such as unlimited XXXX or a buff to himself or a debuff to enemies in raids. Which I haven't seen any of. Regardless of what happened. If this isn't fixed by tonight and the competition doesn't continue as planned I am selling my NTES shares and establishing a short position. I can't even calculate how much money is going to be refunded if this competition is delayed or even canceled. I was talking on a Reddit sub about this and supposedly one of the team leaders in the completion is a lawyer and intends on starting a class action against NTES If this alters the competition in any way. This sickens me. @RedPanda I don't want anything bad to happen. Please help everyone out. I am a shareholder and I do not like when things like this happen. God forbid someone in the media like Reuters got news of this and made it public. It would send share prices down 3~5%. PLEASE HELP PANDA!
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    So after the latest daily reset there is a lot of really buggy things going on (might have something to do with most people getting to path lv48) 1. I saw a lot of people complaining about the Champio Trials, unable to enter (afaik if all team members follow you - you can't enter) 2. Elemental Lords being... overpowered. Getting hit 15x the normal hits you get by the N1 (not exaguratting) by its' normal attacks. 3. Attack, defense and various other bonuses and character statistics not working properly > Skyblaze bosses overpowered, defense doesn't work at all sometimes, damage drop since the latest daily reset. There must be a lot more that I don't know yet. This is another let down and I hope you are looking into these problems right now and gonna fix them as soon as possible. ***Those that faced these problems or any other problem that occured since the latest daily reset PLEASE do post here and describe what the issue as I am sure for us players - this can't get more annoying than what's currently happening. Thank you.
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    Hey everyone, we are still looking into this bug. I don't have an update at this time but I will update you all as soon as I hear anything.
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    Best comment I've seen netease should take your advise shut game down players are getting wrecked by this bug I'm already out millions of silver on repairs. Shut it down Netease Fix the dam problem
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    They need to take servers offline it's been like this all day. Take servers down fix the problem recompensate everyone with gold and silver and also reset all raids. Game is broken right now especially for warriors
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    I stopped doing arena after I got the title ( King of Arena ) like a month ago from now. Well it's true this game is not for players who loves PvP. The arena rewards it self shows how bad this game is for PvP. Don't worry nothing will change PvP based in game but trust me the raids will be nerfd over and over again.... This is a PvE game....
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    I did not yet, Red Panda. I was trying to get other Sheppards' feedback to make sure I wasn't just wrong before I added another potential bug report. I still think there is a bug... Seems like at least every other shield should heal 30% of Target hp if the path specific shield heal ability has a 20 secobd cooldown, but when applying to myself I only see the light green shield healthbar add but once shield is up hp drops right back to original level, there is no 30% heal applied. I'll submit bug report
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    I don't think any of us had problems with the skill button layout of order & chaos 1. It gave you the simple button layout just like COL does but with a press of a button you could expand to a much bigger skill bar that could even be swiped up. This made the game actually feel like a full sized pc mmo on mobile. Players that wanted the simple button layout never were forced to use side bar but the majority of players loved it. We just didn't love the greedy p2w mechanics and the fact that there was basically one useable weapon that required a lot of money to constantly upgrade in order to stay relevant. Oh well, if the majority of player base would rather have 5 skills only instead of 8-12 usable skill buttons then May the majority decide. Saw black desert mobile is coming
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    I'm a 38k Executioner warrior and I'm bugged as well.. 14+ hp and 1200+defense getting 3-4 shot in faction. Doesn't change when I switch paths. Tested a little further with my buddy.. 39k tank. He has it WAY worse - I one shot him in a duel with almost every skill I have. No changes when he switches paths. Both pvp and pve severe damage bug. Warrior DPS is not phased. Onset estimated around 22:00 server time.. Not uniform across warriors as it seems tanks have it WAY worse. Lots of questions and concerns regarding the source of this... No effect on other classes. Why tanks affected drastically? Progression concerns? Competition is wrapping up today so this is a scary/sketchy time for this to happen. Please fix!
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    I've had to spend a million on equipment repair just to do my dailies I hope we get some compensation these guys are literally hitting me for 16k 1 shots
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    Forget potential potion... much more needs to be done. This is a HUGE bug. The only "tank" In game atm is useless.
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    In my opinion, i think the 480 crystals for a change name is fine. You don't really need to spend $50 for it, all you need to do is do your dailies and spend your stamina by gathering level30-40 materials in that way you can earn around 10k a day from everything so you can change your name in a week just save it and buy crystals then change your name to something you desire. About lowering the price of it might be good and bad at the same time. The good thing about it is people can change their names for a cheaper price. The bad thing is those people who do stupid stuffs will just change their name over and over. I know that the chance of getting the rare stuff from loot boxes is low but we must understand that NetEase is also a company who needs to make profits. Let's just be glad that paying real money on this game are just almost for cosmetics. PS: 1 Free change name wouldn't hurt anyone though so not bad.
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    It is not the same. As healer you can apply the shield to yourself or another player. The base skill is just shield, when using Sheppard it should also apply a 30% hp heal every 20 seconds. After testing it doesn't seem to be applying the Sheppard specific heal or at least not consistently
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    I thought about that too , the system is kinda bad..
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    Lol, I don't even have an alt right now but if this was implemented do you think I will just stand by and let everyone get an advantage over me? Oh and btw, I'm what you call a "p2w". I myself will cr8 as much alts as I can to abuse this. This will ruin the game. RNG has always been part of MMOs and people quitting because of bad luck is understandable but shows immaturity. A big part of it is because this generation is so used to "instant gratification". Too many impatient people in this game. Even with the current economy system, you can easily farm 10k+ gold. More on reset days due to the share you get from bidding. All these people quitting wants to get the best gear in the game FAST AND EASY. LMAO. Not even going to comment on this.