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    Hey gang, I've compiled from my experience what I think the best-return routines are, both for not-so-super-hardcore-but-still-want-to-compete players and the full on crazies. The guide assumes level above 40 (since this is where the game really starts) with a Guild The minimal viable routine For those with limited time on weekdays (maybe also weekends) but still would like to not be left behind, total time is a bit over an hour per day, takes 3-4 weeks to reach level cap (45). The difference between the minimal and the complete routine would be the amount of gold/talent/gear accumulated and how soon reputation gear can be accessed, in terms of purely levelling there is probably only a ~20% difference. Daily: Use up Stamina in Guild property levelling Life Skill ( <5 minutes ) 3x Goblint Camp ( ~20 minutes ) 20x Trial Quest ( ~20 minutes ) 5x Irritable Elementals ( <10 minutes ) 2x Elemental Leader ( <10 minutes ) Delivery Quest ( <5 minutes ) 2x Reputation Quest ( ~10 minutes ) Weekend: Hard mode Raid Team Raid The complete routine For those who want to maximise gains and progress the fastest, it goes without saying you need to do everything and this list is more focused on the order of how you do it. The 'full' routine can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, depending on how the runs go - so there is almost always something to do. Daily: Use up Stamina in treasure chest hunting or life skill on world map Reputation farm to limit ( Priority is Cudina first, then Lunarian ) 2x Reputation Quest 3x Goblint Camp 1x Ancestral Altar 1x Dire Galleon 1x Scar Plains Other dailys (delivery quest, elems, tournament etc) 80x Trial Quest All daily events (demon invasion, protect relic etc) All PvP scenarios Guild Hunt Any incomplete Hard Mode Raids Any incomplete Team Raid Any available map events (BBQ, protect the elems etc) Original post is on the wiki here https://crusadersoflight.info/index.php/Levelling_routine, happy for contributors to discuss and make updates
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    netease please reconsider. having too many servers will spread the game community thin. thr game experience relies heavily on big population for all 40 man battlefielf and raids and world pvp. having so many server with small populations will be very very bad. its also extra bad since ppl can't change server and if one server dies the remaining players there will have no choice but to quit the game since they wont find a team for anything......
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    Hi! For Global Release it will be Summer of 2017 As for Class I started with Ranger, but I'm sure I'll play Warrior and Mystic soon.
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    I quite agree i am a healer and will remain one, but with path36 magellan and few runes in dps part, I dps as much as many high path dps (ok my stuff isn't bad). I cant complain but... it is not fair. instead of nerfing it back to when magellans were useless, why not balancing scouts and exe as asked in other posts - scouts need better starblade. They have to be able to use their whole path. - dps war need be more usefull in pve : more than one Exe in team and we fail. Idk how (more speed ? More range to some attacks ?)
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    Heals, range, shield and now the burst damge? Come on men your making other class completely useless! Got a decent items and gems with 980pdef 12k hp But got 1 hit combo by a magel
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    @Nightlight i have partied with xp befor and her dps is extremely good. For a Mage to now be out dpsing her is a huge increase. I agree that mages needed a buff but I will say in some cases this buff was to much. 2 skills to kill a warrior in pvp. That's imbalance. Though this is speaking only from a pvp point of view. This game is about stats and gear not player skill. Aside from dodging boss skills etc.
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    Totally imbalance this will make oother clases extinct
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    ohh eow seriously? snowfall? i thought itll be legendary stargleam. snowfall is much better due to set bonus.