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    I'm really trying to find someone to help me. My account was banned this morning for having "unusual gems". My equipment score is only a low 25k and I have 3 nice epic hp gems I purchased from Goblin merchant the other day. In 2 months I created and have only one patk lvl 20 diamond on my gear and polished 1 level 30 epic patk last night. I have no sparkling nothing else nice like that on my gear or in my inventory so how is it possible I got banned? Really hoping there is someone here to help me with this and go over my recent purchase history to see that I bought crystals and sold them for gold then exchanged for silver to help with minor gems and also 3 epic hp gems from merchant. Very upset by this and was really looking forward to playing on global but feeling discouraged from doing so now.
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    Hello devs. Is there any chance that we can reset our path someday? So we can explore on other paths and not wasting our previous path level. Right now crystal items on shop isnt that interesting anymore (goblin merchant deals are good tho, kudos). Maybe path reset would be a good reason to buy crystals again. even change name or change gender option isnt a bad idea to spend crystals. Thanks
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    Exactly. RNG is annoying. The strongest warrior in our guild is still trying to make a legendary for the nth time. Meanwhile, another warrior we just taught how to forge crafted a legendary right off the bat. We got so annoyed. The forger don't even know how to link items in chat and we spent a few minutes to teach him how. Luckily (or unluckily) it was just a B class legendary so we just shrug it off.
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    Since we'll probably get fashion options once the global server launches, I thought I'd request something else. If the devs would implement a housing/village system with new lifeskill options, like cultivating plants and raising animals for food (for making the meals for reserve hp/mp, for example, which would have bonuses bc you made it with effort), it would be pretty great. Obviously, the town would be large instances with 25-50 houses each. It would give us a break from grinding/raiding all the time. And, er, can we please do something about the 50 char chat limit and maaaaybe make the typing window float so you can type while fighting? Thanks.
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    This. Would the devs consider implementing a "Tickbox" option into settings for Invites? Basically: Can accept invites from: A: Anyone B: Friends C: Guild D: Do not accept team invites