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    Good point, I can't believe they request a reward for that oh my God ... And @LordReaper, you got the same arguments every time, complaining everytime, dude ... get over it, you won't get nothing back, and I am glad I didn't abused the glitch like you did, if I were you I would be happy of not being banned yet. P.S : Watch your language. Have a good day ! Tsup.
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    We did get the reports on some of the posts that were abusive to others. While we cannot discuss actions, if any were taken, we do appreciate the community's assistance in making this a positive space to discuss how awesome Crusaders of Light is.
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    Your language is atrocious.. Side note: I don't think you entirely understand what an exploit actually is.. Lemme dumb it down for you in steps: 1. Luring a mob to a certain spot is fine. 1a: Unless you are luring to a FGMO (Fixed game Map object) 1b: Making such mob stick to the FGMO so you avoid taking damage IS an exploit. 2: Openly giving a "tutorial" on how the exploit works/is done, is just beyond stupid. 3. You should really restrain yourself with the inappropriate language seriously... 4. Please stop giving the same lame argument every post. Accept the fact you abused the system. Rant over..
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    Make sure to feed and bath your gremlin after midnight aswell!
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    Can't seem to edit last post... If you still believe that what you are doing is legit and can be accepted as 'kiting'. Take a look at how kiting is actually done without glitches, bugs, exploits! The proper way, not sticking a mob to a spot.
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    That only works on full moon and requires 2 bat bones. 😂😂😂
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    Glad to hear this is resolved. Thank you @NeilDGTyson for your answer.
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    You haven't mentioned anything about the orbs, destroy the little lava orbs before they reach Gorghana otherwise you're gonna get barbecued ^^ Tsup.
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    Try the following possibly solving solutions : - clear the game cache/data - switch to different WiFi network - restart your phone - clear Dalvik cache (search for tutorials on Google) - set the permissions for app correctly (setting > Applications > Crusaders of Light > Permissions (tick all of em')) Let me know if any of them fixed your problem. Tsup.