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    Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 5/24 Forging Normal Forging now has a better chance to grant Epic quality items. Enhanced Forging now has a much better chance to grant Epic quality items. Forging from levels 30-39 now has an increased chance to grant Legendary items. Forging just got a lot better, and we've mailed you some materials to get you started! Raids Fort Desolation (Heroic) now only allows the most experienced of Crusaders access, as is proper. It's just a little farther, a couple more days of quests; we know you can do it! Goblin Merchant The Goblin merchant now has new and interesting offers. He's capricious and easily distracted, so don't wait to grab these before he changes his mind again! Translation Translations of various text items in game continues to improve at a rapid rate. Translation ranking gone from B+ to A. We're climbing the leaderboard and aiming at S rank! Thanks, The CoL Team
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    I love your idea about flying mount but I wouldn't recommend it. Flying mount require alot of work done. Remapping the whole map, designing, increase resolution, increase RAM processing, more bytes and more more work. Its not an easy process plus adding this much data to devices will surely 100% lag. Pets on the other hand doesnt use up much work cause the desgning is much more simpler, movement scripting is already there (just need to copy and paste from char movements) and im very 100% sure netease already has thought of some kind of pet system in the future of this game. Pets are cute and awesome to have. I am also very sure they will add more classes, more profession jobs, smithwork, alchemy, tailor, costumes and other stuff in future. This game is in very early stage. I just can't wait what netease has install for us.
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    I play on a lg v20, has 4gb ram. Normal play i do not lag but sometimes in the higher raids there are some lag spikes. Also play on a teclast x98 plus 10inch tab, 4gb ram and normally runs super smooth just a bit more awkward to hold and play.