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    Hi everyone, i didn't want to create a topic for each mode/issue so here is a global one. The new forum is really cool by the way. Game's balance Like the mythic gems, rough ore (ingredient for mythic jewel) is very rare. Only the 1st of the top MH get it, for now it hasn't appear in any event i think. I think the main problem is with the MH, 1st get great loots and the other useless gems. At lv70+ we are starting to have all our epic stuffs 5 stars, in th MH 81+ if you're rank 2-5 you get 4 epic gems which are useless. I'm probably saying this because i'm in those ranks but i'm sure other feel the same. Once you get 1st of the top MH you have an everyday bonus that gets you a step ahead other players,mythic gem + rough (to craft mythic jewels) which keep increasing the gap. There should be at least a recipe for mythic gems and maybe less epic gems. Or create a forge for gems (i think someone talked about it on the last forum): 5 epic gems -> 1 mythic gem at 30% or 10 epic gems -> 1 mythic gem at 100%, something like that (same for rare gems, most HL players have hundred of those). PvP Concerning PvP, it's sad that we don't have any news about Stony Gorge update. At first i wasn't happy about doing my points in Twilight Forest because it lasts too long but now i'm used too it. Still, sometimes i'd like to do my points in quick games. Omaeus is still an issue, i find it funny that almost every people using him are ranked players, maybe they don't know how to play without him anymore. Oma kills the balance, with a good tank hero or a hero like Raijin you can be 2v3 easily. Only way to counter him is to use oma or have a very good team. I also have an issue with the teams. I don't like being with low level, not saying i'm a better player but just the runes are a problem. Under a certain level, they don't have good runes for pvp, somes they don't even have runes or they put "useless" runes. Not all low level are bad players, i met some good lv30-40 who where ranked but most of them lack of experience. Maybe separate pvp by lvl or by rank, i don't really know how to fix it.
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    Thank you guys so much. I'm been bugging community team about forum recently and you put this out a few days later, I'm not conceited enough to think it was just for me but it's nice to see a update. I can't wait to post content