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  3. I myself don’t even want to class swap. As one of the few remaining pure shepherds left I’m in high demand. I just think it’s pretty poor that it was implemented in the Chinese version but they thought to themselves: “Hey we can make a tonne of money by not giving this to them” As it stands the game isn’t balanced; MMOs seldom are but the flip side to your coin is that you rolled a new class which was proven to be more powerful than others. If they nerfed whatever it is that you rolled and buffed the rest of the classes to the same level I’m sure you would be pretty pissed. Especially after sinking some cash into this new one you’ve made. At the moment this is pretty much how warriors feel with no real balance implementation on the horizon.
  4. Forge any lvl 30 - 39 bp that isn't ring or pendant. If it fails to be a legendary you'll get credit toward the achievement.
  5. who are the ones whining about this: the ones who have put a lot of time an effort into their guys and now you want to cheese your way to another class Why should a person like me who have made the choice to make the change get screwed because you guys choose to whine to get your way instead of making the choice to work hard on the new class? I will say this: if class change gets implemented at this point on ward, I will not only walk away from the game but I will ask for a full refund off both classes and if that closes my accounts; so be it I hope everyone who has done the same follows suit should this be a thing cause if a company has to cave in to whiners for something like this, how far will this company stoop to keep the whiners happy
  6. yet there are confirmations of ele's (who are indeed F2P) who are as high up in lords as hopeless with a few teetering on hellish which is close to the impossible lords and that one itself cannot be doubted no offense but whining about class swap just so that one can get your 80k+ character to another class just to cheese one's way to doing more damage is about as sad as it gets
  7. To clarify this heinous lie. Our elementalist is not F2P (obviously) and had spent plenty on his warrior main before he switched to his elementalist which now also has a top up of more than that. Class swap in the eyes of the devs is lost revenue and they fail to recognise the positives of adding it as opposed to the negatives which include inevitable game breaking bugs. Not adding it in is a money grab but the main excuse they have to fall back on is that it didn’t work out very well in China. They released 2 new classes. Both stronger than the previous 3 but in order to compete with them youre going to need to drop some serious coin on a game where character progression is limited by time played. -Poyo
  8. credits go to falcon
  9. I'm confused on the reqs for this achievement I randomly got 10 but what am I trying to do in the first place. To try and get this achievement
  10. Hi @Nerveuzen, Please send me your character, server, and device info via PM. I will ask the team to check it. Thank you! TinyDragon
  11. It's a tradeable legend, I had the sash from my first box.
  12. Hi @TinyDragon I've been 4 times re-downloaded the update via google playstore page, but everytime i try login, after netease screen it will bring me back to go update page in playstore again? How to fix this? I've already clear cache and data, and restarting my phone also, but still cant fix it yet.
  13. hahahahahahahahahahahaahaaha good joke, show me one F2P elementalist doing impossible, even impossible 1 and i stfu.
  14. @TinyDragon i up this cause it just happened to me too. No names/titles above any of the players or npcs including my own. Tried reinstalling and everything but its not fixed. Any update on that?
  15. Please unban My Account Im Not A Cheat IGN:WarveyScoField PC:Asia Rank:Plat II
  16. please unban my id KILLERSang. i play at cyber cafe and forgot to clear data and when i open the game again its have been banned.please
  17. then you might as well recommend players the idea of trading in 3 divine essences for 1 legend essence; then you have the option of not wasting gold at all
  18. Nah survival is where its at. Will get more masks from it. Assassin only good for star shavings/reg stones
  19. The other alternative is forging. 3K for blueprint + 2K for stones + 1.5K for plant and ore materials = 6.5K per blueprint forge. At 2% success rate that legendary essence will cost you 325K in materials. Of course you get rune essences and achievement in process. But 250K is not that extreme if you are paying market price for materials.
  20. most of the ones whining the most are the 80K's and up
  21. that's soooooo 2017, 2018 is assassin
  22. wellit will be good if devs turn off names in survival though. coz people from same guild teams up always. sometimes it becomes 4vs1 in survival which is hilarious
  23. its been ages people crying for class swap. if they started playing with the new class already instead of crying, it would be at least 50k or over. my ele now is 58k
  24. @TinyDragonIt worked fine for me after the newest update. Thanks for the responce
  25. Hey folks! We have finished a hotfix. Please download the latest app version to play the game. Please let us know if you are still experiencing the login problem. Thanks so much for your patience! TinyDragon
  26. Finally got to log in after 17 hours of waiting
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