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  2. I think you’re 100% right and am planning to go the paid route as you did, but this means you purchased 7 legendaries. Knowing how much gold that costs, I’m unsure how you generated so much in just 3 months (at the most). Can you please share more details/tips in this regard?
  3. Yesterday
  4. I had same problem and I think it's cause my auto fill out a space at end of name
  5. Yes but only from goblin store bps
  6. Can anyone help me with my gameroom. I can't play in my PC when I log in the said loading and 99.0% and it screen has nothing rether that. Its been 3 days ><
  7. How can i put up items in guild auction?
  8. How about legendary accessory ? All i see everyone used identity legend not forged.. any chance to get legend by forge 30 bp ?
  9. Honestly the argument comes down to, do you take the chance and try and make one cheap from crating BP. Or do you garuntee yourself one by either buying it or buying leafs. Personally I started playing about 2 months ago so far I have 8 Legandary. 1 crafted (while crafting 30 BP at once) the rest purchased with gold or leafs. I decided to go with the garunteed route. Crafting is complete gamble the hit rate has nothing to do with the amount you craft honestly every BP you craft had the same chance to be a legendary, so if you decide to go the potential cheaper (which doesn't always end up cheaper) route, don't complain that you don't get a legendary, it's not like col is treating you any differently to any other player, the mechanics are designed to be complete chance. It's the risk you take by going the cheap route.
  10. Was mainly an over time deal 10 here 20 there 5 here.. just added up.
  11. I can't find an edit button but please fix the white box around the ranger divine breechs, it's annoying the hell out of me.
  12. What happened to the small forge pack bundle? Did you guys completly remove it or what? So far all these new packs seem to be a rip off to me.
  13. try boiledcabbages
  14. No new map content for the 25th. We're opening Heroic Skyblaze for the last 2 bosses, more to come in the future!
  15. is it possible to create a server subscription??
  16. Last week
  17. Success!! You have to die in the poison that comes up from the ground on heroic difficulty
  18. You'll see them next week, have fun with Pulrik!
  19. @RedPanda give us them next 2 bosses so we can go ahead and get them out of the way early
  20. Curios will we see any new content the 25th with the update? I don't know how long the current cap has been in place, but would be nice to see another area opened up.
  21. Yes u can . Just ask him . I spoke with him yesterday . I let me farm his shadow alt 500 times which I needed the most for 1k achievement . U r the best @Midwarsnepal
  22. I agree . This guy killed his alt 10k times for achievement . He didn’t exploit any reputation rankings . I see u r still rank 1 @Alex . So stop crying . If he was exploiting . That should have seriously manipulate rankings and reputation stats . Which didn’t happen . I see midwarsnepal is still unranked and hasn’t affect any pvp zones/stats and has done solely for achievements . Therefore, it’s not an exploitation Grow up bro and let people play in peace ✌️
  23. @Midwarsnepal don’t listen to this @Alexbrat ! He is p2w player who camps with high gear players on light . @Midwarsnepal that would be boring as f killing alt again and again . How did u managed to get that title . Anyway, Congrats !! To both of u !! Mid, u inspired me to play this game more and more with new ideas and tips . I didn’t even knew we can dismantle cast irons and dragon scales and make 1 mil easy silver . n u always help my guild on heroic raids . Thank you so much .
  24. Alex your existence saddens me greatly
  25. just wondering if the damage from a gear set proc will increase as you increase character damage. i.e. will malum hit harder if i increase my damage from 1200 to 1300? or is the malum proc damage a fixed amount? Tig
  26. If you think this character creation bug is annoying - you'd be surprised how many more there are once you are in the game.
  27. I highly suggest you DO NOT start playing this game, believe me. You will regret doing so either way, sooner or later.
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