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  2. Game still crash on my android LG G5..fix it please
  3. Other healer class is not needed. Healing power nerf is needed for Magellana's Judgement path.
  4. Ok, so uh I've been trying to get the pc version of ros to work but for some reason when it updates, the update suddenly stops at whatever mb then goes back to 0 mb, I really don't know where to get any help so I'm posting this here, yeahhh.
  5. Would be amazing if they could provide some sort of way to recover for lost progress from this crashing once they, IF THEY finally fix it, that would be really encouraging on multiple levels, in the company, the devs, and just plain desire to want to keep playing, because at this point man like what IS the point, alot of people are so far behind now its like why keep playing anyway. This will not happen. Make a liar out of me netease. Please.
  6. Yea, the "good luck on heroic pulrik if you try again tonight" Im interpreting that now as, you're screwed but good luck lol. Basically all anyones heard from them is, "we're investigating the issue", and "goodluck on pulrik if you can manage to not crash" el o el. Sweet!
  7. Hello, im full tank paladin i want to know what is the rune upgrade ill should use? I have been triying to get a guide with that but they are too poor, if someone can help ill appreciate 🙂
  8. LMFAO 😂😂😂
  9. somehow.. when players went above 50k gearscores.. and stats went higher and higher.. game balance went poof!
  10. Yeah... ok and they respond as they always do for the last 9 days .... Hi Crusader. Our technical team is working on the problem you report. Please understand it may take some time to investigate and fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you very much for your feedback which helps to perfect the game. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us again here. We will be much appreciated if you can rate on our service. Thank you.
  11. still not available on tablets in play store
  12. still waiting to see if it comes back up for google play store...
  13. @RedPanda stated in another thread that Gylfi is intended challenge. Fair enough. Are L46 Guild Goblints also intended challenge? What about L46 and higher monsters in regular daily reputation quests, like Elemental Skirmish, Wine Expedition, Trial Quest? All of above are significantly easier to do if monster level is L45 or lower. It's like there is a huge difficulty gap when monsters scale to L46. It is very trivial to test and verify with Guild Goblints. Create a L46+ player team of 3 players. Test one group of L46+ Guild Goblints. Add a low level player, for example L40, so that Goblint level is scaled down to L45 or lower. Test one group of L45 Guild Goblints.
  14. Disgusted, absolutely disgusted. 9 days of no gameplay for those of us using pc/laptop palying through fb gameroom and all we get is... were working on it. BS
  15. Yes the website for pc is and they need to make it for mac
  16. Where are the moderators for this website why isn't there a rules of survival section
  17. Why didn't we get a mac port
  18. Yea its disheartening, they might as well be throwin middle fingers to all the thousands of users experiencing these problems, it doesn'tmake any sense to me that they would allow such a problem to exist on such popular devices, i mean its not like im the only person with a samsung, theres thousands, and for them to just not make any real statements or try to do any sort of damage control is basically like them saying youre fked and youre on your own fix it yourself.
  19. The challenge is how to not t get on shotted on a (seemingly) single player quest line?
  20. I would like to create an app that evaluates player gear/stats and provide reforge/gear recommendations for optimization.
  21. A challenge? You cant kill him without dying over and over and over. Guess ill just level by trials again. Oh wait i cant do that because i keep crashing over and over and over again...
  22. As far as I know he is intended to be a challenge.
  23. We pushed out a number of fixes as quickly as we could with the maintenance. If you are still affected by the crashing please submit a ticket so we can continue to investigate, you can reach our team here
  24. Hello, i'd like to know where's Rules of Survival official forums and sections and is it available w/o emulators to play on PC ?
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