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  2. Gotta wait for the daily server reset if you come across the "You are brutally exhausted from to many raids" message.
  3. Im a beginner and would like to know what i need to do if i try to do raids and don't get exp and drops cause "im too exhausted from battles..."
  4. Im not realy looking to make a topic on this but could realy use some help on this: after doing a few raids i get the info about "being too exhausted to fight..." therefor i don't get any exp or drops. How do i not get too exhausted? Cause with mining skill i know i should increase my stamina by doing raids etc... How can i do that if im "too exhausted"? Help will be appreciated.
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  6. Hey guys! I found CoL earlier this month and I have to say on the most part I am really enjoying it, however I do see a bit of a problem with several aspects of the game. One in particular is the Regalian's Magic Stones, so much so that I felt compelled to make a post here and share my thoughts with you all. I see several issues with the stone's in general and I will try my best to detail these issues with some suggestions as to how they can be remedied: First, availability. I have seen a few posts addressing this issue as I have seen a stark decrease in just how many stones get given to players. I understand that this game is run under the F2P model and it needs its channels in order to get players to buy their in game goods but in this particular example the only real option is one that costs the player $100 which is pretty steep. I am all for paying for items like this but that price tag is pretty steep. Second, effectiveness. This is a pretty big issue. The pool of available stats that the stones can pull from and apply to gear is just too big. There is no worse feeling than burning 50+ stones and still winding up with a piece of gear that has stats that don't even apply to your path let alone not applicable to your class. This is related to the issue of availability as well, it's one thing to have the stones pull from the existing stat pool if the availability was much higher but this just is not the case. It's not that large of bridge to build to envision someone spending $100 (or equivalent value in gems or gold) and winding up blowing through all of their stones to wind up with hardly any desired stat increases in their gear. This can be address by also limiting the stat pool that the stones can pull from when reforging your gear. Make it to where it may not be a linear path to being better stats but at least making the rolled stats at least class specific. I would be much more OK with maybe rolling great stats on a piece of gear and it may be for another path than as a warrior having gear with agility on it making it practically useless. If anything if you at least make the stones more effective in this regard I could easily see more players justifying spending money on this. The reason I bring this up is more so than just having a feeling of empowerment when using the stones but also as the game progresses and end game content difficulty scales stat priority will scale in tandem. I can easily see this discouraging players from continuing if there is this large RNG wall with little incentive to spend the stones to try and increase desired stats if there is little to no degree of success. just my 2 cents hope I didn't bore any of you guys too much.
  7. Here we do an addendum to the patch notes as a reply with regards to the changes that were not noted in the initial post.
  8. What server are you all on and what is your character name and S/N? Have you all reported this to our support team as well?
  9. Question 5: e.g. If you need manaflame boots, you can also choose manaflame shoulders or anything else, just needs to be the same set item
  10. IMO Divine set is good when you didn't get any legendary yet (in my case lol), you get them easier, the set bonus is great and you can upgrade and refine them, well you can't change the 'legendary' bonus but honestly, the item is better than usual gear with D0, D1 and D2 effects. The bad thing about is that 1 set you can buy with flowers, the other one with faction medals, and i NEED the one with the medals lol, so i will take some time to farm these. I could use the flowers to buy the tank/fot armor and swap the effect, but i just want the effect of the exe gear. So yes legendaries are better (also because you can upgrade them one stage higher, which makes them 10% better with the stats), but it's worth buying divine gear IMO
  11. Just going to point out, there's plenty of us who can code here and would gladly write proper functioning formula's but this company has a bigger issue. They don't want a balanced game. I think they want a game where their characters (mystics) can be gods and at the same time make a bit of money.
  12. since, resolved
  13. My game is not loading this morning, any ideas? I'm stuck at Starting....
  14. Same, no shadow crystals in weeks, and last I checked, Ore Bags were removed from the item mall.
  15. i can also quote u and copy what u said excatly, look: the set bonuses on the crafted legendaries are not as good
  16. I believe legends are better as they contain more potential in upgrading, legendary bonuses can be changed whereas divine can't. however the soulsunder divine set is recommended for beast tamer paths as it's set is really useful in pve and pvp, also id like to point out your are guaranteed a divine as long as you complete your heroic raids.
  17. Question 5, yes after a few upgrades certain epic items will be required along with frost hearts to upgrade divine gear.
  18. Yes , use Potential potion . Trade> Item mall > New items > Potential potion (5.000 gold)
  19. Hi guys I was wondering if it was possible to reset my skill points? I have made a bit of a mess of them. Thanks
  20. So Heroic Raids should ahve reset today but they haven't for many people.
  21. Hi Guys, What is the most optimal leveling method? To take into consideration the latest exp patch of Aug 9 being slightly confusing I cannot figure out if any of the two options below is viable or a 3rd option I am unaware about is good to follow: 1. Level up to 45 and then dump everything to path? ( I see a disadvantage here cuz lower exp boost i.e. not 900% anymore, is there a benefit?) 2. Going toe to toe i.e. keep dumping exp in path till negative buff and then leveling up. (will this have an effect when leveling 40 to 45? ) Any help is appreciated. Hope this post helps future alt levelers
  22. @Agoraphobia to your last question... No a 100 member guild cant compete against a 250 member one and it shouldnt be able to. As stated before in order to run a 200-250 member guild and and make it work, it requires much more time invested and much better organising than a 100 member guild so its only logical that it should be rewarded more. Its the same with ur game time as an individual. Players that invest more time everyday achieve more progress than those that play casual. To ask from the devs to lower the members limit is like me asking them to reduce the daily activities because i dont have enough time to compete with the no lifers that are online 20 hours per day. Btw building a big and stable guild is not something you achieve in one month. It needs time to find more and more active players with the same mentality and spirit of your guild. A lot of players will come and go and a small percentage of them will stay and steadily grow ur numbers. Most of the "big" guilds you see surviving have core players that play together for a long time and most probably from other games too.
  23. True which is also roughly what they sell for. But let me also assure you, your are talking a lot.. I mean a lot of money to get the leafs required from LoDs alone to get it as well, so if someone is willing to drop the $500+ish dollars it takes to get LoDs and leafs.. More power to them on that craziness. The thing about LoDs is, you might get lucky and get a legendary drop... Only for it not to be for your class. So it's not like they can outright "pay" for a leg... Its more of a gamble... An expensive gamble at that.
  24. yeah Varking, yer right. I got it the next day.....thanks
  25. P2p players in my server sell their crystals for gold, that's how they get their ratings skyrocket. In a sense, it's p2w. Tho I don't really mind, it's just that I'm still half way saving my az off to buy legendary bow and here they are getting their stats right on their 5th legendary equip..
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