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  1. Last week
  2. Hey folks, When posting stuff like this, it's really important to include when you lost things. That helps us understand when things are happening, and how to properly let the dev team know what's going on. A lost gem last Wednesday is a known issue that occurred, as opposed to say a gem lost this morning. Ultimately, our CS team is going to be the ones who need to take care of these things. That's their area of responsibility, and isn't something I can typically directly help with. My role (and TinyDragon's) is more to funnel feedback about issues (such as bugs or our CS team's responsiveness) to the team and management so we can improve. Hope that helps clarify a bit, Ocho
  3. Someone messed up. We've identified how and why, and will prevent this specific issue from occurring again in the future. We've looked at the scope of the error, and fortunately we caught it fairly early before too many folks could mistakenly receive a box.
  4. Hey Crusaders! We're happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Community Team - TinyDragon! She is super cool for a variety of reasons. Not only is she bi-lingual in English/Mandarin...but she's a big Crusaders of Light fan. Ask her about her Paladin. You'll be seeing TinyDragon jumping around on all of our communication channels soon engaging and getting to know you, but be patient -- she's brand spanking new and still getting up to speed on well...pretty much everything. So give her a little time and then she'll be right up in the fray before you know it! Welcome TinyDragon. We're so happy to have you! -EMpulse
  5. Earlier
  6. We're currently working on a way to disable faction chat. I'll see about the reporting people in pvp zones. Language filters are fairly easy to evade unfortunately, if you have specific requests for inclusion I'm happy to consider them.
  7. Gems should mostly have been returned, we're finishing up the last few people now.
  8. LoD are for anyone who was level 55 with the appropriate gear score.
  9. Missing Gems, Legendaries, and LoD should all be in process of being sent out now. If you haven't received them yet they are on their way.
  10. LoDs are a bug. This sounds like it may be another bug. We're investigating now!
  11. LoDs were sent out but not received. It's a bug we're investigating. I've brought this new issue to the team's attention for investigation as well. Thanks, Ocho
  12. So this is a difficult one. Our team sent out the LoDs last night as scheduled, but no one has received them yet. There's a bug here that we've got to find, but we definitely want to get you all your LoDs!
  13. I'm in the office now and investigating.
  14. In order to access your character on multiple platforms, you'll need to bind your account. If you're coming to Steam from another platform, make sure to bind your account to Steam on that device before logging in via Steam. 1. Go into your mobile device and tap on "Account" (in the upper right hand corner.) 2. Tap on "bind account." 3. Tap on the "Steam" option and follow the directions given. You should then be bound to Steam. 4. Now log into your Steam account and you should be able to play Crusaders of Light on Steam! Similarly if you have started on Steam and want to play on a mobile device, make sure to log in to your Steam account on your mobile device before starting to play. Good luck and good adventuring Crusaders!
  15. Level up boost potion bug and gem loss have both been fixed.
  16. This issue should now be fixed. Thanks!
  17. We certainly recognize the issues with faction chat and are looking at possible solutions.
  18. We're looking at a fix for the gifting issue now. Thanks, Ocho
  19. We've got the list of names for those receiving Lights of Dawn, and we'll be sending them out tonight. You'll have them by tomorrow.
  20. We're looking in to it.
  21. Steam and the new Server are targeted for later today.
  22. Gems should be safe to remove now. We will be returning the missing gems shortly.
  23. I've sent a message to the team this morning inuring about this issue. We're looking into it now.
  24. Thanks for your patience, everyone. The servers are now up and the Surge of Elements update has been released. -EMpulse
  25. This downtime maintenance is for the new Surge of Elements content. The game releasing on Steam is not related to this update. We'll let you know separately when the game is available on Steam. -EMpulse
  26. Hi everyone. The server downtime that began at 2AM GMT and was expected to last for approximately 6 hours has been extended for approximately two more hours. We appreciate your patience during this time and look forward to bringing you the new Surge of Elements update as soon as possible! -EMpulse
  27. Over the course of the entire lifespan between now and the heat death of the universe? It's certainly possible. Not likely at all in the near term. Fertile Gorge is doing quite well, no worries there either.
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