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  2. We'd certainly love to see something like this too!
  3. There are no plans to remove this functionality. In Dungeons, Raids, and PvP it is very obvious who is using it as they can't perform to nearly the same level.
  4. Not yet, sorry! We obviously want to share Crusaders of Light with as many people as possible however, so we won't wait too long. Enjoying your responses on YouTube btw!
  5. Last week
  6. If anyone has any issue with pre-registration, please contact our Customer Support department so they can get you all taken care of. http://crusadersoflight.link/support
  7. 1) When new servers are launched players will be able to stay on their current server or migrate to a new server. Since characters are bound to the server they are created on, migrating to a new server would require starting a new character. 2) Can you give me more details? Thanks, Ocho
  8. I've reproduced the display issue and am investigating if it's anything more. Thanks, Ocho
  9. UI Changes The Goblin Merchant is again available. If he pops up, you can utilize him to get crystals, items and more. Time displayed in-game now properly reflects the time zone setting of the server. Entering time gated content is now much, much easier! Minor UI Translation Changes Several changes to improve the display of various UI elements. Thanks, - The CoLTeam
  10. We're working on getting there, but we're not there yet. Right now we're over 1 million points, but each user is not one point. Definitely tell your friends to pre-register there, 1 million preregistrations is an awesome goal!
  11. We'd definitely like any more info you come across on this. I'll mention it to our QA as well and maybe they can take another look.
  12. 2) We're aware and working on this issue specifically. 3) If you have any details, please send them to me privately. We definitely want to crack down on this sort of behavior!
  13. I haven't heard specifically about plans for gamepad support, but it is a topic we've seen feedback on. We'll be sure to discuss it with the game team and see if it is a possibility long term. Thanks!
  14. Please be aware that Crusaders of Light will be down for a scheduled server maintenance on April 25th at 2am GMT/12pm AEST for approximately 2 hours. We appreciate your patience during this time and will have the game back up and running as soon as possible!
  15. FAQ

    No problems at all.
  16. Characters are limited to the server they are created on. Future servers will require you to create a new character if you wish to play on them. Thanks!
  17. FAQ

    Can you do us a favor and remove the portion about evading country restrictions in game stores from the forums? It's between you and the app/game store, but we prefer that discussion of that topic be kept to other venues. Thanks! To give more information about release, we are aiming for a global release this Summer (northern hemisphere).
  18. GPU

    I'm not a technical guy, so it's hard for me to answer that question. Maybe one of the other players on the forum can help though!
  19. What determines P2W is ultimately a personal decision, as no two people on the internet seem to agree what that means. Heck, I sometimes even disagree with myself. That being said the best way to evaluate is to look at what is for sale and form a personal opinion.
  20. Nice job! Another bit of good advice too is to make friends with a good Mystic.
  21. We haven't announced anything yet about a potential PC version. That being said we are aware of the interest and will keep it in mind.
  22. There is a quest guide system in place that helps with normal quests. It's not super effective in combat, but it can get the job done for fairly easy fights. Mostly it helps with getting to the right place and finding the objectives, super convenient for me when I'm in a distracting environment (I may have been playing during a school recital recently while waiting for my daughter's class to perform). For Dungeons and Raids, I would not recommend using the Quest Guide. It might get you to the right spot, but it won't keep you from stepping in the fire. Sounds like a lot of people I've raided with over the years now that I think about it. Ocho
  23. We have plans for a larger release this Summer, we're just getting started now!
  24. We had a brief period of downtime this morning (US time), but everything is back up and running now!
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