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  2. Thanks for the info but i was actually lookin for community in SEA server to know if the ppl in the server are active.
  3. Anyone else that just did the smaller update and since then can’t log on any server except the server ‘Review_US’? Tried restarting multiple times and even restarted phone but nothing seems to work..
  4. Lost divine upgrade from 208-240 so lost 10 Frost hearts due to bug restore pls Kkthx
  5. Just wanted to check if there is any free to okay way after the patch to earn lucky tickets on a daiily basis? (Lik pre-patch with champion trials i am aware of 48diamonds per ticket but that's pure rip off ..
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  7. Panda?
  8. All good Ridire. Sound like your a huge fan of the game and wizzed off at the bugs. But yeah, lots hope they fix these bugs soon. I feel ya pain.
  9. im having the same problem anyone? i sent a ticket in also
  10. I also had this problem it wouldnt update trough wifi, once i plugged a ethernet cable it did. you can also try to redownload the game. Press windowskey on keyboard, click search, then type in facebook and search. Facebook gameroom pops up and enter it, delete the whole crusader map and open up facebook gameroom, and install crusaders again. Be sure to close the app first before you delete the content.
  11. theres a common one where netease mods respond
  12. its written in the rules but seems like this feature isn't really working yet.
  13. Also, I think that the patchnote said that the new Aldorr 5 vs 5 had some kind of mechanic where everyone was brought to the same level of gear / stats etc? @RedPanda would it be possible to get some clarification on that, or did I just dream it?
  14. @Blink. Its an opinion that some of us share. Game is made up of repetitive dailies with the odd "20" new quests thrown in as you level. How many times can a person do dailies since the start of creating your char. Trial Quest is a beach and a half. Rewards for high level players is pitiful. Limited to how much dungeons you can do daily. If someone posts negative review about a game, doesn't mean they should be ostracised, tarred and feathered. All feedback helps the game grow. Whether it be positive or negative. Good game, needs improvements...
  15. Thank you Sir for your reply much appreciated. I know you guys are working hard toward finding & fixing the issue, but are players gonna get compensated for such Lost?
  16. vs people by just lcicking on them as well. "Duel". Hopefully they will implement pvp area Player vs Player rather then Player vs Bot.
  17. idk who is but i know 100% any changes and fixes now... ppl again and again lost stuff.
  18. Why delete character when you could just delete the whole game...??? Was that a threat you just made here like as if the devs gives a **** you play or not...??? LMAO... Dude grow up.....
  19. Are there any discord community for Cloudburst Forest SEA server to join?
  20. are you referring to the daily event arena which is one on one because I don't think you have control over other arenas which is actual PvP. One on one is actual player vs. Bots.
  21. Your gem is gone like my set switch... And @Lum you drunk mate?
  22. Can I please get the link where I can send a support ticket as well.
  23. Sorry @RedPanda you beginning to sound like a broken record... Instead of your 2 cents when nothing is going for NetEase how about take a day and actually come with some real info on what the **** you ladds are doing. I'm sure you all know of the problems, so when and when are these issues going to be addressed? Wtf
  24. Hi Heal, we are aware of this issue and we are working on a fix. We also sent an in game mail advising players to avoid certain actions that may cause the loss of their items. Thank you for your patience.
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