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  2. It's cool that your family is going to play with you , wish my family were interesinterested in MMORPG's .
  3. To awnser your question about a PvP area, yes, there are areas in the world where you can fight random players in non-instanced PvP. PrimeSasuke made a video showing this off, which I will link here:
  4. I enjoy making progress in the game even when I'm at work and semi distracted. I like the feature being in.
  5. Sounds like you did it right. Should give you a thanks for registering message under where you can register (not sure if that's exactly what it says, I pre-registered a while ago). The point total determines the amount of things unlocked, and you will be able to redeem your prize when the global launch comes :).
  6. I'm playing until I hit the cap and then waiting for the US servers. I have family that will play and it will be good for me to understand the game better before I have to help them.
  7. I can help if somebody starts one.
  8. Hello everybody! I am Korrupt, you may recognize me from the youtube comment section . This game caught my attention over a month ago when the only person making regular videos on it was Godhand L.O.G. I was very excited, as the game looked quite promising, and I decided to make my first youtube account so I could talk with other people about this amazing discovery I had. Soon after, the hype took off and I have since resorted to being the troll living under the bridge that is the CoL videos comment section, awnsering the constant "why can't I find this in the app store" question . In all seriousness, I'm glad I stumbled across this game and excited for the future and what it holds. Cheers!
  9. Hey, I was wondering about the Demon Hunt Dungeons. Can you explain them to me?
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  11. Hi, I am trying to buy some gems but it won't let me. Normally when I buy something iTunes login window pops up. "Buying Crystals. Please wait..." Is this a bugged? How do I fix this? Thank you.
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  13. Greetings Heroes, It’s been an exciting couple of months here behind the scenes on the Eternal Arena team, and we have a lot of exciting news to share with you. Since the start of the year, we’ve been working on a huge project that is just now starting to bear fruit, and we can finally tell you all about it! Eternal Arena was initially developed in partnership between the North American office of NetEase and one of our development teams in China, but as time went on we began to see that placing full developmental control under the NA office would have enormous advantages. It allows us to make changes to the game faster and more effectively. I’m happy to say this has been accomplished, and you’re about to start seeing the results!! So what does this mean for YOU? Well we’ve been gathering feedback for some time on changes you, the players of Eternal Arena, would like to see, and over the next several months we’ll be rolling out some modifications to EA that we’re very excited about. Double Gold One of the most frequent requests we get is for more gold. After all, every hero you level up needs gear leveled up to match right? As a result, we’ve decided to schedule a double gold event once a month for the next couple of months. Servers Similarly, we’ve heard that some of the older servers are getting lower in population as people have migrated to newer EA servers, so we’ll be looking into server population and combining some servers that have become less utilized. Heroes The biggest bit of feedback we get on a regular basis is a desire for us to look at improving some of the less used Heroes and making them more competitive. Hero balance takes longer than the other changes mentioned above, but it is something we are actively working to improve. It won’t be right away, but in coming months you’ll see older heroes getting buffs. What about new Heroes? I’m glad you asked. We like new Heroes too, and we’re going to continue to roll them out every other month. In between, we’re giving people the opportunity to get some of our most popular Heroes that they may have previously missed. In May we’ll have Kagemasa, followed by a brand new 4* Hero in June. July will see the return of Bane! Also – I don’t want to miss this opportunity to thank you for enjoying and playing Eternal Arena; it humbles us that so many of you continue to play this game that we love creating and supporting. Cheers to this new direction and the role you will continue to play in it! Regards, Alex Liang Eternal Arena Producer
  14. We'd certainly love to see something like this too!
  15. There are no plans to remove this functionality. In Dungeons, Raids, and PvP it is very obvious who is using it as they can't perform to nearly the same level.
  16. Not yet, sorry! We obviously want to share Crusaders of Light with as many people as possible however, so we won't wait too long. Enjoying your responses on YouTube btw!
  17. GUIDE IS NOW COMPLETE! Table of contents<<<Page1>>>~Login~ ~The Binding~ ~Character Creation & Class Introduction~<<<Page 2>>>~Controls~ ~Questing~ ~Stamina~~HP & MP~ ~The Reserves~<<<Page 3>>>~Titles~ ~Rewards~ ~Mounts~~PvE~ ~Auto Matching (Team/Party/Raid)~~PvP~<<<Page 4>>>~Equipments~ ~Skills~ ~Paths~ ~Guild~<<<Page 5>>> ~LEVELING GUIDE~ ~EVENTS GUIDE~ ~TRIAL QUEST & STRANGE EVENTS~ ~ Suregewind Valley & Guardian Canyon~ ~Preparation Quest~ ~Thundercall Academy Q&A~
  18. Some players want the auto combat to be removed from the game, and my question is why use it in the first place if you don't like it? They don't force it on you, you choose whether to use it or not. I do hope they keep it in the game as it is useful to many other players who are busy doing something while playing (answering a call, the door, cooking, dealing with their toddler). IMO this in no way destroys the game. This in fact must not be used for pvp and boss battles
  19. So sad. Maybe Ocho will bring good news.
  20. Hi All, I'm ZeusPH been playing this game as a Mystic and loving it, now at level 30.. cant wait for level 45... The game needs some improvement but so far so good.. See you in the game and add me up guys...Lets help each other... Thanks
  21. I think the idea and implementation of CoL's auto-path/auto-fight system was executed very well, for many of the reasons stated above. However personally, I dislike autoing in any form, however as I said that I just a personal thing for me, and I think they made the right decision by implementing it the way they did.
  22. I have seen multiple posts saying global launch will come this summer, but "summer" is a very broad term, and encompasses a large amount of time. Do you have a more specific time period for your release? Say... 1 month, 2 months, ect.? If so, would love to hear it. Thanks!
  23. Hey guys, I have seen lots of people playing on the AU version, and was wondering if anybody else is waiting for global launch to play the game? I'm waiting because personally I don't like having to repeat quests, ect. and don't want to get burnt out on the game before global release. So what are your thoughts? Are you playing the game now, or waiting for global launch, and why?
  24. Estou com os amigos acima, é sempre bom oferecer os dois caminhos, auto/manual cabe ao player fazer a escolha ao seu gosto.
  25. Fiz o pré registro e gostaria de saber se tem data prevista para abertura no Brasil ? Desde já obrigado, quanto ao jogo parece ser muito bom.
  26. Olá boa noite. Sou o Nagato, brasileiro e por hora apenas acompanhando gameplay do exterior, espero que seja liberado o quanto antes em nosso território.
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  28. Awesome guide, Protos! I've read through it and as a new player I'm quite impressed - covered everything I need to know as a new player, thank you! Maybe formatting differently? Having a whole bunch of different segments on one page got a bit confusing when I wanted to find something straight away - just an idea though! Thanks for your hardwork
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