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  2. I was actually discussing this with a guildy today and I would say that most players who have experienced this would agree that drops from lods should be class specific. Idk maybe one day they will make it this way but for now I'm just going to dismantle the warrior sash I got for essence because even at the minimum no ones going to buy it.
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  4. Can I know what server u play on?? And how do I make epic gems?? Can I just buy it from item mall?? 1.6m silver?
  5. Same with this one. Please try to add me at: Farissa #8031
  6. Currently, the standards available do not give stats.
  7. Scout and Magellana are the best dps choices since they can easily get invited anywhere. However, execs are now getting popularity since it can serve as tank (semi) and top dps at the same time.
  8. Sorry. Aricall #5854
  9. Hi Leon, Accessories drop in the higher raids but at your level you should get some from reputation and some forged. At your level you can start forging level 30~38 blueprints (these will either drop from raids or you can purchase them from the market) Rating isn't the most important thing. For you it is all about getting that M.Att, spell crit and HP up. focus on making epic gems. They will pump up your rating. Buy gear from the reputation store. I see now they have added new Epic gear for level 30s using the medals. P.S forging doesn't come cheap so make sure you prioritize. weapons will be the most expensive but your best result output. DO NOT waste your time and gold on level 40s blueprints. they will not yield legendaries.
  10. You might wanna read the patch notes first before posting nonsense stuff here and going back to the topic mystics are so overpowered now with these recent changes they have so much cc skills + heals which makes them the most imbalanced/overpowered race.
  11. When starting at end game AKA lvl 45. it is good to equip yourself with reputation gear. then you will be able to start equipping with dungeon gear.
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  13. That name doesn't exist. Can you try adding me instead. That name doesn't exist. Can you try adding me instead.
  14. Your life skill level can't exceed with your character level, is your characted above level 35 now?
  15. I will put something together for you guys/gals and try to have it up on here for you by tonight.
  16. As somone who got 3 legendaries from LoD... none of them were for my class. I am sheppard Mystic, I got a legendary ranger accessory, gladiator axe, and gladiator waist. As for your comment about max price, I can tell you personally that the "minimum" price is even too high, and we as sellers can't change that. When I went to sell those legendaries that I can't use, it made me sell the Ranger Acc for 1.5m "minimum" Glad Axe 1m Glad sash 500k Guess what, no body is buying it because they know like I know, you can just buy leafs and pick what you want for that kind of gold. I now have transferred all the legendaries back into my bags and am just holding on to them in case they A. Make an account warehouse or allow you to give things to your alts. I have alts of each class, so one can hope. B. They allow players to set the economy on Trading House so we can make affordable prices. I actually dont think they will ever add account storage or warehouse because they use the fact that your alts don't share xtals/money/gear as a way to get money for those that want to invest in shop items etc. It's kind of annoying, but I fully understand it from a business perspective.
  17. Yeah, Raids like EverLush can be a bit more tedious for mellee roles. But a well played Exe can still contribute and even outshine in other scenarios. IMO just pick the playstyle/class that you like most and invest time into learning and mastering it. All the dps roles have their place and reguardless of dps output "potential", it still takes a skilled player to know how to achieve that potential.
  18. Ascension is a raiding guild who is recruiting for its core raid team. We have nightly groups for heroics and hunts including Fort Desolation. We have a mandatory discord requirement for raids and just general banter. Discord has been pretty active and the guild has a great vibe and good management. PM Ayden for information or invite ( There is no where for this spam so I hope general is ok
  19. Me W4nts dat L33t C0de Nao!! SLICKZ#2308
  20. Me W4nts dat L33t C0de Nao!! SLICKZ#2308
  21. Yeah I've tried. It is bound on CoLs end.
  22. Ok try and log on Facebook and go into your account setting / Apps and then the top option games logged whit Facebook.. Remove this game from there.. See if that doesn't do the trick
  23. Just keep gathering plants, or making items from the material. What does it show on your progress page for the life skill?
  24. Hey, sorry if it's a really easy one but I cannot figure it out. Been stuck on 35 plant gathering now for 2 days, any idea how to get past it? is there a quest or similar I must do to be able to progress?
  25. Me W4nts dat L33t C0de Nao!!! Arical#5854 Thankd
  26. I'm not a pro scout. I can do around 6-7k damage without tamer buff and I only have legendary cape. For the Advice on gems I will list all equipment and their gem slots so you can see it at my perspective and to simplify it I will arrange this according to color of gems. NOTE EVERY EQUIPMENT HAS 2 GEMS SLOTS (Assuming we wont get Sparkling diamond at the moment): Main weapon: Physical/magic gems ( Fireworks diamond + Crit/ Fireworks diamond + Crit) Secondary: Physical/magic gems ( Fireworks diamond + Crit/ Fireworks diamond + Crit) Necklace: Physical/magic gems ( Fireworks diamond + Crit/ Fireworks diamond + Accurary) Ring: Physical/magic gems ( Fireworks diamond + Accuracy/ Fireworks diamond + Accuracy) Helm: Dfense/SpellDfense (Aquasource diamond + HIT/Aquasource diamond + HIT) Armor: Dfense/SpellDfense (Aquasource diamond + HIT/Aquasource diamond + HIT) Shoulder: Dfense/SpellDfense (Aquasource diamond + HIT/Elemental Diamond + HIT) Pants: Dfense/SpellDfense (Elemental Diamond + HIT/ Elemental Diamond + HIT) Earring: Dfense/SpellDfense (Elemental Diamond + HIT/ Elemental Diamond + HIT) Boots: HP (Dazzling diamond + Crit resist/Dazzling diamond + Crit resist) Gloves: HP (Dazzling diamond + Crit resist/Dazzling diamond + Crit resist) Tasset: HP (Dazzling diamond + Crit resist/Dazzling diamond + Crit resist) Cloak: HP (Dazzling diamond + Crit resist/Dazzling diamond + Crit resist) Bracelet: HP (Dazzling diamond + Crit resist/Dazzling diamond + Crit resist) Accessory: HP (Dazzling diamond + Crit resist/Dazzling diamond + Crit resist) Pendant:HP (Dazzling diamond + Crit resist/Dazzling diamond + Crit resist) Every player has a base stat of the following: Crit 0% Piercing 0 Hit rating: 80-90% Accuracy 0% For scout Player you would want a stat of the following: Crit 40-50% (with the base of 10% because of path) Piercing 10 (I really dont know my hunch is this ignores some of the defense of the boss/person) Hit rating 110%+ Accuracy 10%+ Thats the proper set up for ranger scout, Hit makes all auto attack to land while Accuracy makes all Skills land while crit makes auto attack and skills crit. So for my gems set up I choose 5 crit rolls on gems and 3 accuracy rolls because Crit is the main stat you want to get and accuracy only needs 10%+ to make sure all skills land. Hit stats for for blue and green gems because auto attacks are a must for every dps character. Crit resist for life gems because I dont think you can dodge all of the skills thrown at you so better yet reduce their Crit chances. Note: 1. If you are forging diamonds always take the highest stat roll if you already have (5) 2.5% crit on gem and (3) 2.5% accuracy (which is the highest btw) anything you get below will be dismantled. 2. Diamond gem can be polished to a better stat gems (Lets say your gem has 1.9% crit or accuracy, you can make it 2.5% by spending 2 sparkling shards but remember it will only increase 0.2-0.5% refine) CHeck at diamond gem and above you will see there is another option for it that makes their stats increase. BTW this is in-game knowledge I can be wrong so feel free to correct me. 3. All + crit gems and + hit gems should be replace with sparkling diamond because sparkling has crit stats on it but it doesnt have accuracy stats so better replace them with sparkling diamond. 4. Diamond that has a stat of below 1.1% dismantle it to get sparkling shards and you can trade them to the gem npc with a stat of fix 1.1% 4. This gems are based on the fact that equipment and weapon rolls are not reliable to give you the stats you need, thats why this is my set up. 5. Faction stats are a great boost on stats but every 3 months they will reset the faction and the given stats, so I wont rely on their stats. Feel free to correct me so far this is my set-up and mind set towards the game.
  27. How about the Es equips something in reputation store? Is that a good gear for you to wear? Or if you want a high character rating, you have to forge?
  28. Ohhh okay thanks!
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