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  2. Nice one @myths7k I'll be sure to watch later tonight and hopefully learn some useful info I don't know
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  4. Thanks yotam, thanks for the tips and correction
  5. you can do map events together, run normal and heroic raids go kill irratable and lord elementals even run normal quest line together almost everything is doable amd better in a team in this game. very multiplayer oriented much more than other games.
  6. tnx myth i liked and commented, im yotam stern
  7. well im against using apple products as a principle as i wint have any company dictate to me how where and when i can use my own device. im playing on OnePlus 3T android phone, its already a year old but i only ever lag on 40 man raid on ultra settings. the oneplus 5 has just hit thr stores for 500$ its a beast gaming machine u wont lag probebly. alternativly the xiaomi mi6 should have similar performance and you might like thier os as its more like ios. and then theres samsung galaxy s8 which costs newrly double as the previous 2 and offer slightly less performance which imo is a gigantic waste of money.
  8. I'm currently using an Iphone 5 and it lags so much that its unplayable during a 15 vs 15 pvp match. It also slight lags when there's a lot of players around me at the towns. Is it my phone or the game to blame? I'm using the lowest settings available. I'm looking at upgrading to an Iphone 6 but I'm not sure if it'll fix the lag during large pvp battles. Any suggestions? Also, if you could tell me what device your using to play this game and if it lags during massive pvp that'll be appreciated
  9. Server merge is quite possible because of the 40v40 war. And it would be more beneficial if merge will come. More raid mates to come.
  10. Hope it's helpful for you guys
  11. I am staying as well but I'm concerned about the future of the server, too.
  12. Thank your for quick response Panda! Also i love he forum! Anxious to hop on the EU server at official relese. Now im getting used to the get on AU server! Pretty beautiful game, runs smooth with high settings on Meizu MX5.
  13. How do you get your blood achivements? Can you explain please? Thank you!
  14. Since few weeks from now the global release will come. So, I am looking a good guild to start on a new server (Hope NetEase will release new AU server). I have played the game about a month from now but sadly my character was a Verity Spirit and nobody wants to team up with me I ended up to stop playing for a while since the global release will come. Any people will transfer whenever the new AU will be release? Pm me up people. Thanks
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  16. Maybe you should have started with your reasoning rather than asking a question that would come from a 12 yr old girl. As for spending time together this game can help that as there are team raids and you can quest together too. This game is very multi player orientated. If you'd like the right answer ask the right question.
  17. First step would be trying to relog back into the game.
  18. What exactly do you mean with "partner up"? Its a mmorpg so ofc u can spend time together by being in the same guild or joining party to do tasks together. You should know that saying "marriage system" would trigger us and if u judge a whole game by 3 random comments then good luck. Its not like you are doing us any harm. 🤔 And next time try to give out more details on ur questions if u want the right answers...we couldnt have guessed what u meant. Peace
  19. So I just downloaded the game and I only saw an AUS server? Were the others taken down or was their launch delayed? I'm asking because my ping would definitely better on an Malaysia (Singapore) server.
  20. I'm military and deployed away from my fiance, we're looking to play a game together where we could partner up as a way to spend time together. Appreciate all the smart ass comments, a simple no could have worked. Definitely decided not going to bother with this game if this is what the community acts like in response to a simple question. ✌️
  21. I think you need professional help. 😂😂🙈🙊
  22. The comments bahahaha. 😂 Anyway I sure hope Col never goes in that direction.
  23. Hello, what timezone na and eu will be use? Do we have to wait for the launch or can any developer let us know before the launch? Thank you ^^
  24. I agree. The loot system is garbage. Your daily x6 runs not worth ur time. Your weekly heroic raid not worth ur time. Your weekly team raid not worth ur time. You have to be uber super lucky to get an epic item. And there should be badluck protection for drops and blueprint procs. Loot system needs rework
  25. I never got the chance to enter the Guardians Canyon in Battlefield because I've been waiting for too long and just give up.. I register between the time as well. How long do you guys usually queue for? This game needs an anytime PVP arena...
  26. Lol i meant we dont need google play
  27. Hahahahahahha. Lol Dont me niel. Your a guild leader 😄😄
  28. I don't even want to think about the boy to girl ratio... and the fact you will be "married" to a other boy lmao. Think it wouldn't be a sight most people would want to see. But I do get what you mean and why you want to have it ;). Think have a side game which does have it if you need it. Neil that sounds interesting what you said there ^-^.
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