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  3. @Amateur they are unbound leaf legendaries, i got that achievement yesterday (for 200 failed crafts) and got lightning rage breeches. @God Like has fooled you PS: and i already sold them
  4. I will keep you guys updated once I have news to share. TinyDragon
  5. @TinyDragon Can You confirm fix for this issue in new patch (30th May)?
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  7. Wow - Sorry but either you don't understand what I'm saying or you pretent you don't. My argument is that DPS paladins are dying. You reply to me saying that templars are OP. Thanks, we know that. Can I ask you what gear you have to output 40k dps as a path 50 templar ? I'm curious! Look at videos of the paladin tank called "Papa", he can pull out 40k sustained DPS but his gear is INSANE. What do you do if you don't like the tanking gameplay then if you have a paladin? A character that you bothered levelling up, gearing, and spending months farming to get a decent stuff? For HL raids, basically, you can reroll mystics or elem... Every class has a DPS path, a support path and something else (pvp or other). I'm saying the DPS path for paladin is shyte. It got nerfed somehow, it suffers from boss mechanics heavily and isn't good at all these days for hl raiding. I can tell you I struggle to get in a core group even with a 70k GS character... For dps, everyone prefers a mystics or a ranger than a pal. Fangs and tamers get spots very easily which is understandable. Even elems with 20k GS less than me output almost the same dps and will enter as assists. Class swap will never be implemented, so this is either rerolling or stopping the game... I'm probably not the only one in this situation. I'm not even asking for a DPS increase for paladins as long as Netease could work on something that would make DPS pals relevent to HL raiding, like a group buff or sthg (same as tamers or fangs for example).
  8. IGN: UnitE3 Server : Asia Rank : Platinum II Date: 5/23/2018 ============================================== Dear Netease My account was ban for no common reason, I was playing with my friend and suddenly my account got band i want a explanation why my account got ban, please help me unban my account Player: UnitE3 ================================================
  9. IGN: Hero1FromYT Server: Asia Rank: Diamond V Date of Ban: 5/21/2018 Dear Neatease Dev's My Account Has Been Banned For Permanently Because Of H@cking Why Little Brother Was Using My ROS Account My Account Was Saved On My Game Always You Wanna How I Find Out I Ask My Mom Who Used My Computer And My Mom Said Ur Little Brother And He Started Downloading H@cks I Bought So Many Skins And Lucky Hammer It Cost Me Alot Of Diamond Its Not My Fault To Have A Naughty Little Brother If Your On My Case I Only Have 1 Computer Me And My Little Brother We Share On The Computer I Play Every 5 Hrs Then He Will Use The Computer After Then And I Go To Sleep He Will Just Play The Computer All He Was This Is Was His First Time Downloading That H@cks I Never Used A H@cks Check My Report For H@cking Pls ITs Hard To Get IRL Money To Buy Cool Lucky Hammer And Skin I Dont Have A Job Im Just Asking If U Can Reduce My Ban For LIke 30 Days I Would Accept My Ban But Its Not My Fault I Shouldnt Get The Permanently Ban -MCHero1 Pls Its My Account i Worked Hard On This Account I Made Platinum 1 If Was My Brother We Only Have 1 Computer Pls Read Ban Appeal I Sent Some
  10. NetEase I understand you are a mobile developer and don't expect you to have a game at the standards of a console game. However, I do expect you to have a functioning game with VERY MINIMAL bugs and issues. If you can't create a functioning game, can't polish a game, have poor customer service, have poor feedback, and ignore player feedback you DO NOT belong in the video game industry.
  11. 6. Ever since the May 17th maintenance update patch every time we login we have to switch 5 skill bar to 10 skill bar and configure our settings back from default settings. Configuring our settings each time we login is really annoying please fix.
  12. Hi @talaxis, I'm sorry that Thompson's reply to you is not accurate. I've already passed along your feedback to the CS team. Hope they help you reach a resolution soon. TinyDragon
  13. How do you do double mystica in other servers without DST?
  14. IGN: Rebisco® Changed: NanCy♦ Rank:GrandMaster Server:America Banned Permanently My Last Game I Played Duo 2 player left my friend and my then our enemy is a hacker/cheater then i spectate my friend then i got banned Why I got banned Our Enemy is a Hacker/cheater Plz Unbanned my account Or I got Banned Too being Good?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Can developers create bots for normal pvp? It is hard to find a match in normal or rank pvp, even if you have a team of three. My team tries every day to collect points and it takes hours to get some points. Not able to cap points or even get any points. Help the players that play to obtain pvp points, so they can use them in the pvp shop. One of the, if not the best thing in the game was the introduction of pvp shop. Now it is kind of going to waste. I don't have 6 devices to play versus myself to get the points. NA server.
  17. Av Correct. All the high dps guilds don't see this because the phase is skipped
  18. yea yea. lets focus on " 4". only thing seem important.
  19. @TinyDragonI took your advice and sent in an email with the CONTACT US button. A very helpful person named Thompson replied to my detailed account of this known bug with the following: I don't see why people always complain about your customer support... that seems like a completely reasonable and relevant reply. Fortunately the bug cleared itself at reset last night so I'm no longer at the mercy of your CS dept.
  20. Your forgot to mention... Get a hack shield to detect outside programs. There are 3 being used. I wont give names of. 1 speed hack program 2 packed sniffing program 3 cool down program witch some speed hack programs have attached in there menus already. These hacks are being sold openly Even Low lv kIds Try Em Please fix Very soon People are ruining the game .com
  21. thx for sharing ☺️☺️☺️
  22. Nope its bound to your character, if you like you can't dismantle the legendary item and sell the legendary essence 250k gold for it or use it as you wish.
  23. does anyone can tell the reward gracious mega box that can obtain from fail to forge legendary is sellable?
  24. The warrior buff was far from minor. Dps paladins arent “dying” it’s just that paladins due to monstrous shields and self heals can be main tanks with 40k+ dps. A tank that deals 40k helps better in end game and new content than a 12k dps tank. Paladin tanks offer more overall utility than dps paladins. As path 50 templar I can tank hell lords with hybrids and not shepherds. While putting up 40k dps. Its just like the argument of magellanas vs verity. Verity isn’t useless at all. And in pvp it’s godly. But for general content a Magellana’s dps and off heals is more useful. Every class has a more useful all around path. And then 1 that just isn’t that great. But there’s random tweaks made here and there that’ll change that eventually. Like how forest guide and executioner are suddenly monsters in the meta.
  25. 1. Final challenge doesnt have a Buttom to start 2. Skills glitch during 3's or Lords 3. Autofollow sometime doesnt work 4. *During a Raid , going to faction hunt doesnt bring you back into the raid after being kick anymore.
  26. No he means pulrik normal, only 1 circle appears now instead of 10 tested it out.
  27. IGN: RERhemin SERVER: Asia RANK: Diamond III Hello I got banned and it's permanent I don't know why I just let my friend to use my account and then when my friend gave it back to me it's already banned permanently. My friend said the he didn't use any hacks/cheat so I just wanna report what happened to my account it's kinda disappointing coz it's unfair and I just wanna get my account back I put too much effort to that account so please help me and please review about what happened to my account. Please unbanned my account...
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