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  2. If you forge a attack or hp or w/e diamond that is below 1.1% you can dismantle and exchange for any diamond thus giving you all achievements.
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  4. Let's keep the discussion on point
  5. Only seem to get paladin bps, which of course never sell. Lol
  6. anybody know why this is happening or if there's some other way to abandon these quests until I can get back to them and accept them later?
  7. a que nivel y como se hace la quest par habilitarlo
  8. hola podrias explicarme mas o menos como habilitar el circulo de estrellas muchas gracias
  9. drop rates haven't changed.
  10. Hello, Been attempting to abandon about 7 quests. When I hit the abandon quest they disappear from the list but then they are still on my screen. I log in and out but they are still there. I've abandoned these more than once. Are these like forever on my screen unless I get a team and complete? Guide: Scar Plains <- I've been invited into teams that do this one but I for some reason am still stuck with this even after completing like 5 times. Guide: Dire Galleon Guide: Chimeria Guide: Ancestral Altar
  11. Ain't nobody's business I got caught out in the rain !!!!!
  12. Was lucky enough to receive the accessory as a drop from everlush this reset. So realistically, just need earring for a complete set - which i've seen auction for like 130k. Is there a huge power creep from 2/3 armi to 3/3?
  13. I am hoping for a ranged true elemental mage or for a warlock something like that. The current mystic doesn t look that good in my oppinion plus the rotation is pretty lame if u ask me 🤔 That's why i hope for a ranger as next class
  14. Hey csubi in my guild and I can say he telling the truth. good guild help. Not sure how your guilds are but we gear people and help them and a lot grind in game wish I could but I can’t.. Wasted money on this game only to be insulted time and time again. By I cannot say anymore apparently.
  15. We checked our server other day it why I know they are . and they was in top ranking list.
  16. Well done. 👏🙏 you would think it’s tested. but your be surprised if you try china server you have less bugs. Yet it seems to take forever to fix European servers. Also lag on guild battles why not move times for each flag. Less people playing at same time. (The servers must be going through hamsters like no body’s Business)
  17. All great ideas but unfortunately should they fix the bugs first. lets face it more bugs in game then we can count. its to far forward thinking. (It’s flight or die and this bird is diving.)
  18. So my reply was take down from this post Shame. Seems no humour is allowed of forums. Oh well onwards and upwards.
  19. Either you are p2w or are being carried. Ashfort and chimera/lush are the only ones that can be done heroic wise. Arunas is beyond a major p2w unless you get carried. At upper ranks, progress goes slow. Even ashroot is tough wothout having two tanks in the 50s. needless to say, it gets boring. On Friday, we knock out everything in one evening. Then it is just the dailies and helping friends out and carrying lower guildies.
  20. Makes me cri... Anyway, im hoping the devs are watching this thread as like redpanda said that they are. Im not wishing for damage buff, I'd be even happy if they just give us more tool to deal more consistent dps. Speed buffs, anvil cooldown or something. And please give the Burning blessing old effect!!
  21. I love how players deem this as fun, In every map I spawn in, I get gang-rushed by 2 upwards to 10 people and then I get nothing. I heard there's supposed to be a minimum prize and I don't believe the guy. Game modes like that are just an absolute terrible idea because there's no skill but rewards only seem to favor the lucky and I can't side with a system that heavily rewards luck.
  22. I wonder how much attention this post has to get for us to receive some sort of assurance or legit response.
  23. It works the other way.
  24. A couple of Fang warriors in a 40 man hc helps. But agree that warriors (outside of tanks) aren't ideal in raids.
  25. Not unless you play it on your Mac using a Windows virtual machine.
  26. Is there a mac version Crusaders of light??
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