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  2. Joking dont do that. Lol
  3. I found its best to sell crystals at 10g a pop to avoid the bots and only at 19:45 on the dot. Wait can only do that on skyblaze server though.... hahaha
  4. Does this means after March 26 , its going to be old style Lucky Draw or its going to change the rewards like it drops at this time ?
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  6. On Fertile Gorge (-5:00), many people are experiencing an issue with receiving any level blueprints during raids. For example, since the last update, I have received a total of 4 blueprints. I had been receiving 4-6 every day before this last update. Some people are still seeing that volume of blueprint drops, but I, and many others, certainly are not. What is going on? Has this been happening to any of you as well?
  7. I have not used cheat with this web site for this game or I did not commit any crime please open the bananas unfairly
  8. So, basically, every now and then when i try to log in, i should be able to or, does the red bar where the server is mean maintenence?
  9. Yes, there are bots running on some servers monitoring crystals page and buying when price is 50 gold/crystal. Which server are you from? You will need to increase price to 60 gold to work around the bots.
  10. Really? Is that true, afraid to dismantle my lvl30 diamonds got from Lucy draw.
  11. sad =( no more referal wards etc. . . expecting for nothing. . . </3
  12. Hey folks! Glad to see that you love this new lucky draw! This round's lucky draw started on March 14 and will end on March 25. Starting Monday, March 26, we will update the items in the lucky draw. Please be aware that beginning March 26, items in the lucky draw will be updated every Monday (server time). Thank you! TinyDragon
  13. I don't see why not? You can mount Android OS on Raspy already. In my mind this might work, but of course there *will* probably some limitations right off the top my head such as: Hardware acceleration issues, will the game recognize the new Broadcom VideoCore? Touch screen will probably not be supported, therefore playing CoL might be difficult, unless it recognizes keyboard. This brings a whole new issue, of being an mobile OS and recognizing a full keyboard. I'm sure there are work arounds. Ultimately, it might be too much effort to make it work considering CoL game support is abysmal as it is already. It would be a fun side project just to see if this would work.
  14. like the title says Not receiving my daily crystals from 3 month membership, how do I go about getting the daily crystals?
  15. It is merely a symbolic illusion in this game unfortunately.
  16. yeah its bugged af thats why u shouldnt get it
  17. In terms of cosmetic i would recommend either not care about it or get a transmog... Why? Because when you are gearing up, you will get both crafted legendaries (cheaper most of the times) and exquisite legendaries( for L set or for accessory slots). This will lead to your character having for example, offhand tunic from crafted set (looking like lvl 30 equipments or lvl 40 if emerged) and get pants and helm from exquisite legendary set( that will different before and after emerging) This is only an example but it shows that necessity in sets will lead to a disruption in your set's looks if you want to look good, either get a full exquisite legendary set (they look nice but will be really expensive) or you get a transmog (most classes, having only crafted legendaries would hurt your dps / heals / tanking as L set can only be rolled in exquisite legendaries) I just dont care enough about cosmetics to do so, but you can also try getting the main pieces (helmet, tunic, pants , offhand and weapon ) from exquisite legendary as they are the most visible equipment. Cheers
  18. Finished all unlocked faction quests for me and faction trade, went out of pvp then entered again and same happened after I killed some people and went out of pvp! IGN: Avaclone ~~~ S/N: 2896421 ~~~ Server: Forest Valley UTC+3 ~~~ Server Time: 17:53-18:11-18:17 3/19/2018 I think the little amount that remained is the amount gained from killing mobs by my AoE damage. (24 reputation=4 mobs)
  19. Could try praying, or sending pigeons some say a sacrificial Sacrifice is needed. others say a cursed relic might help.
  20. I would choose the “Cursed” title to wear but why give the rest of the server the chance to say “Look at that idiot who bought 60 LoDs” hahaha.
  21. You me both well done and guess what 61 LOD got a legendary....
  22. today I was informed that I can not log in to the Knives out by using illegal software since the launch of Serven Americano I want proof I want proof that I did not use any kind of software
  23. today I was informed that I can not log in to the Knives out by using illegal software since the launch of Serven Americano I want proof I want proof that I did not use any kind of software
  24. A lot of players are tracking Crystals... just to get them for 50/60 gold They are faster as You during selling on twinks
  25. Just reduce min price for it to 100k-150k. IMHO, 250k is too much... On our server, You can buy legendary for Paladins cheaper as 250k... just to get Essence.
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