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  2. thats goods news, higher chances to get epic gear/equipments with normal forge.. now i need to look for the materials needed for forging...
  3. Your right since im currently at lvl 45, then ill go for the raids (loots), hunt and forge.
  4. Visit the link below for more:
  5. I didn't mean DATA usage as a wifi/mobile connection, I was talking about data usage on actual storage disk. Anyway, it could be as additional file, if you want you can download it, if not just don't download it.
  6. That's right, any class that lvls the aoe path is wrong, but then its their gameplay not mine. There's alot of nooby players which we cant run from. Might as well in brace it 😆
  7. The new update has made forging more appealing now higher chances to get epic with normal forge even greater chance to get epic with enhanced forging and of course higher chance to forge legendary equipments all of my items are forged and i'am doing pretty good, forging allowed me to enter any heroics where hopefully some even better gear will drop. just reached 45 last night and i'am sitting on 9,5k hp Keep forging guys *_^
  8. I don't agree to most of this , yet you can get the golden war horse , tundra silver war tiger from heroic raids. I agree that would be awesome if there were mounts to fly in the Sky , yet mounts should be unlocked from hunting, dream keeper boxes, as well there are some mounts that have been introduced to the game , yet cannot be achieved. Overall support to most of the things you have said.
  9. wow that's... very elaborate. they might implement one thing or two ;]
  10. I love your idea about flying mount but I wouldn't recommend it. Flying mount require alot of work done. Remapping the whole map, designing, increase resolution, increase RAM processing, more bytes and more more work. Its not an easy process plus adding this much data to devices will surely 100% lag. Pets on the other hand doesnt use up much work cause the desgning is much more simpler, movement scripting is already there (just need to copy and paste from char movements) and im very 100% sure netease already has thought of some kind of pet system in the future of this game. Pets are cute and awesome to have. I am also very sure they will add more classes, more profession jobs, smithwork, alchemy, tailor, costumes and other stuff in future. This game is in very early stage. I just can't wait what netease has install for us.
  11. I was thinking of getting the V20 at the time I got the S8+. I had a G2 for years until just last month it started crapping out on me. I couldn't pass up the the S8 due to the cpu and I have never had a Samsung.
  12. I wasn't concerned about data usage. I was concerned about the file size of the apk once adding voiceovers. If I recall correctly, Dragon Quest 8 had to completely remove voice acting from their port because of how big it made the game file. Not everyone has 6-8 GB of free space on their phone.
  13. In the future you guys should add flying mounts you can ride then on the ground and you can free roam the sky. You guys should also add pets that give us special stay and also help us in combat please remove world boundaries for us the players to enjoy the world even more by exploring this gigantic world.When you guys add pets please make it that we can feed and upgrade them by feeding them and evolving them into mounts/flying mounts Example you will get a enigma dragon hatchling and you can feed it and it will become a mount make the food more accessible like giving us ingredients to make it or get them by duegons or vendors.In the future make mounts/pets drop from duegons mobs world bosses raid bosses and different vendors thought the world. Please add even more skills to each class like each spec has 15 to 20 skills each like a frost warrior fire warrior and a earth warrior. Each class should have there own halls add class mounts like a flying wolf for archer a Griffin for mystic a drake for warrior. I know you guys can do it!! From annukai to Netease crusader of light dev team
  14. Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 5/24 Forging Normal Forging now has a better chance to grant Epic quality items. Enhanced Forging now has a much better chance to grant Epic quality items. Forging from levels 30-39 now has an increased chance to grant Legendary items. Forging just got a lot better, and we've mailed you some materials to get you started! Raids Fort Desolation (Heroic) now only allows the most experienced of Crusaders access, as is proper. It's just a little farther, a couple more days of quests; we know you can do it! Goblin Merchant The Goblin merchant now has new and interesting offers. He's capricious and easily distracted, so don't wait to grab these before he changes his mind again! Translation Translations of various text items in game continues to improve at a rapid rate. Translation ranking gone from B+ to A. We're climbing the leaderboard and aiming at S rank! Thanks, The CoL Team
  15. yeah that doesn't work because you can only see two pages of each listing. I tried to just start one alt so I can trade some gold to main and it's almost impossible.
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  17. that boss level thing only gets it to the minimum level - which sure makes things easier but doesnt break the game you cant really do that trading thing you mentioned because it's too hard to find the right person to buy from, considering you can only scroll 2 pages of the lowest price and there is a tax on the selling - very hard to abuse i play a few alts myself, it's pretty difficult to try and move any gold from one to another even if i wanted to. if you dont believe me, try it. obviously i would LIKE to have free trading, i just dont see how it can be done without people exploiting too easily
  18. Fine let autoplay function stay, but you really think the current system with trading only via auction house it's not abused? If you have several devices or half decent PC example some quad core processor with 2.6ghz speed, 4gb ram and some gpu with 1GB vram, install nox emulator then set up multi-drive for 2 devices, install CoL on both, create new account for the game on each drive, set up gfx to lowest setting on both and let autoplay do the work for you, while you play on your main toon, those 2 will level up, of course you'll have to click sometimes but it's no biggy, you'll get to level 20 in no time with "at least" 1k gold on each, now back to your main toon, put some crafting equipment on sale. Buy it with your farming toon and job done. Same proccess for toon number 2, after that delete toon and create again, you know the rest. And "It's no obstacle to people who do it for a living". I get that you want fair play on the game, but it's in people's nature to cheat, no matter how good you're, there's always some dude trying to find the easier way. Just look how people abuse the boss level difficulty, making entire squad full of lowest level toons required for raid, then switching them for their main ones after they're inside, that's like what? 10-15 mins of work just to have easier kill. Wall glitching in pvp as well, no one is complaining about those things but trading system is off limits.
  19. Metal API for iOS is so great, did you hear about that? It helps to reduce the game data. So it's great af, and also usefull. I think the same feature is for android as well. So I wouldn't be afraid of high data usage, also most of the devices nowadays supports SD slot or have high storage capacity.
  20. I'd be careful what you wish for about voiceovers. That may severely bloat the size of the game and make it so some people can't install the game anymore. Voiceover files can be massive.
  21. Beriothien,you have done nice job explaining your opinions about the game. Here i would like to share some of mine: About Auto feature -All i wanna say is, remove auto path but keep the auto attack and follow feature in the game. It makes the game lot better than it is atm. About Looks -Add character customization such as hairstyle, face, body,etc (like in OaC) -Add transmog. About Gameplay -So many invisible walls which blocks us even though we can go in the otherside by another way and also some invisible walls which makes us look like we are floating above the objects. -Add mount hunting rather then buying them using gems as in OaC. -Optimize game cause it lags in good devices in High or Ultra settings. -Remove auto flying to any location at any instance when we are in combat. About Animation & Cinematic -Animation is poorly implemented as Beriothien said. -In Cinematic, voice over of the main characters of the story is missing. Hope NetEase will consider this as a good source of advice to improve the game further.
  22. yes to the point where every game has bot farmers, that's precisely why trading is so locked down. since you cant really sell gold here, there will be no bots - you are not seeing this? level restriction is a joke, if they can bot to 35, they can bot to 45. if you took away auto-play, players like me will probably stop - dont have the time to do 80 trials by hand, let alone other lower level raids etc. auto-play isnt really the problem here, you cant use it for higher end raids anyway - what's the concern? if ppl choose not to read stuff, that's their problem
  23. So you're saying there will be bots that farm gold everyday if they implemented gold trading system? Face the truth every mmorpg has those bots one way or another, autoplay function just enables them to farm for it without installing some third party software, like autoclicker or macro touch. That's why i said they should set up level required for enabling trading system, they can even set it up on level 45, because it needs more then 15 days to achieve it, making it harder to bot farm. As for npcs locations it's was a joke but it is true that not many people are using their mounts and minimap to get to the quest location, mostly relying on autoplay function to get there for them, dunno if you played O&C or not, but there was a quest arrow pointing you to the direction of the location you needed to go, and for COL maps being bigger kinda makes game more interesting to learn where those locations are, hence one more reason autoplay function needs to be gone. I'm not saying that having your toon guided to the correct path it's not useful and timesaving, but it'll make you achieve endgame more quickly that way. I mean if you're casual player and takes you 7-10 days to achieve level 40 then another 10 days to achieve the current level max, what'll you do next? Just farm the last raid and hope to get your hands on that rare equipment and max your talents as much as possible. Then what??? It'll be just like on O&C waiting for the next update to bring more content and hopefully increase level cap nothing more, without autoplay you'll need more time to rise your characters level and have fun playing it.
  24. People can still bot even without auto, auto play is only for proper players, u can program ur own autoplay easy. Anyways, i don't think Netease will allow free market in anyways, because that will really make gold selling so easy.
  25. Hey gang, I've compiled from my experience what I think the best-return routines are, both for not-so-super-hardcore-but-still-want-to-compete players and the full on crazies. The guide assumes level above 40 (since this is where the game really starts) with a Guild The minimal viable routine For those with limited time on weekdays (maybe also weekends) but still would like to not be left behind, total time is a bit over an hour per day, takes 3-4 weeks to reach level cap (45). The difference between the minimal and the complete routine would be the amount of gold/talent/gear accumulated and how soon reputation gear can be accessed, in terms of purely levelling there is probably only a ~20% difference. Daily: Use up Stamina in Guild property levelling Life Skill ( <5 minutes ) 3x Goblint Camp ( ~20 minutes ) 20x Trial Quest ( ~20 minutes ) 5x Irritable Elementals ( <10 minutes ) 2x Elemental Leader ( <10 minutes ) Delivery Quest ( <5 minutes ) 2x Reputation Quest ( ~10 minutes ) Weekend: Hard mode Raid Team Raid The complete routine For those who want to maximise gains and progress the fastest, it goes without saying you need to do everything and this list is more focused on the order of how you do it. The 'full' routine can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, depending on how the runs go - so there is almost always something to do. Daily: Use up Stamina in treasure chest hunting or life skill on world map Reputation farm to limit ( Priority is Cudina first, then Lunarian ) 2x Reputation Quest 3x Goblint Camp 1x Ancestral Altar 1x Dire Galleon 1x Scar Plains Other dailys (delivery quest, elems, tournament etc) 80x Trial Quest All daily events (demon invasion, protect relic etc) All PvP scenarios Guild Hunt Any incomplete Hard Mode Raids Any incomplete Team Raid Any available map events (BBQ, protect the elems etc) Original post is on the wiki here, happy for contributors to discuss and make updates
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